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39: Expansive Teaching Within Our Scope of Practice with Megan Spears

Megan Spears is a yoga teacher based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Megan teaches publicly, privately, and is also a lead teacher for EveryOne Yoga School 200 hour yoga teacher training. Megan has been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaching professionally since 2014. Megan has passionately pursued additional education with many teachers and mentors in areas of Trauma-Informed Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Functional Anatomy and Sequencing, Private Yoga Teaching, and Mediation. She is a candidate for the...


38: Full Time Teaching in San Francisco with Raquel Scalon

Over the next few weeks we’re doing something really special here on The Mentor Sessions. I’m going to introduce you to five amazing yoga teachers all of whom are engaged in active and full teaching practices in very different parts of the world! These five teachers also happen to be alumni from my teacher training, The Science of the Private Lesson™, and you’ll get to hear directly from them what has happened in their teaching and business since our time together. First up is...


37: Q + A About Private Lessons with Francesca

We are doing something new today on The Mentor Sessions! I’m reading some of the Most Frequently Asked questions I get about teaching private lessons and offering you my quick and dirty answers. Some of these topics very well may need their own episode, so please reach out and let me know what follow up questions you have. In this episode you’ll hear: How to structure a private lesson so that it doesn’t feel the same as a group class.How to deal with the boundaries of showing up for our...


36: How To Teach A 2 Person Private Lesson

Have you ever had a private client bring their partner or friend to a private lesson and wondered exactly what you should be doing? Have you ever struggled to teach private lessons to a couple who had wildly different physical and emotional needs? In today’s episode we are going to cover all that and more! In this episode you’ll hear: how to meet the needs of two individuals who have completely different needshow to do an intake with two peoplewhat to charge for a 2 person private...


35: The State of Yoga Education with Jules Mitchell

In the conversations I have with colleagues about yoga teacher trainings the focus is almost always centered on the idea that 200 hours is not enough time to produce high quality baseline yoga teachers. I brought this question to my friend and teacher Jules Mitchell to get her opinion and very quickly our conversation veered from the serious but simple question, “How many hours of training should foundational YTTs have?” to the much more complex questions of, “Who gets to have the power to...


34: A Creative Use of Props with Guest Teacher Trina Altman

Trina Altman is the creator of Yoga Deconstructed® and Pilates Deconstructed®, which take an interdisciplinary approach to foster an embodied understanding of yoga and Pilates and their relationship to modern movement science. Her book, Yoga Deconstructed®: Transitioning From Rehabilitation Back Into The Yoga Studio is slated to be published by Handspring Publishing in December 2019. Check out our previous interview to get to know more about Trina and her Yoga Deconstructed approach in ...


33: Accessibility and Community With Guest Teacher Dianne Bondy

Dianne Bondy is a celebrated yoga teacher, social justice activist and leading voice of the Yoga For All movement. Her inclusive view of yoga asana and philosophy inspires and empowers thousands of followers around the world – regardless of their shape, size, ethnicity, or level of ability and we are so lucky to have her offering her wisdom and inspiration on The Mentor Sessions podcast today! In this episode you’ll hear: How to make yogaspaces that are supportive of marginalized...


32: Incorporating Non-Yoga Movements In Your Classes with Guest Teacher Cecily Milne

It is becoming increasingly common for yoga teachers to bring movements and practices from outside the traditional yoga practice into their teaching. Are you one of these teachers? Do you want to be, but feel unsure about the most skillful way to bring non-yoga movements into the practices you teach? At the forefront of this cultural shift we find Cecily Milne of Yoga Detour and I am so excited to have her on the podcast today sharing her wisdom with us. An avid Ashtanga practitioner from...


31: How To Work With Pregnant Yoga Students with Guest Teacher Deb Flashenberg

Have you ever had a pregnant yoga student walk into your group yoga class and immediately think, “Oh crap. I don’t know how to modify the practice for her or keep her safe without changing my whole plan!” ? Today’s podcast episode with prenatal yoga expert (and my old friend!) Deb Flashenberg will cover everything you need to know on this subject! Deb is the founder and director of the Prenatal Yoga Center in NYC and host of the podcast, Yoga | Birth | Babies. She is also a certified...


30: Expanding Your Lens with Guest Teacher Crystal McCreary

Crystal McCreary has a true teacher’s heart and if you aren’t already familiar with her work I am so excited to introduce you to her on today’s episode! Crystal has taught yoga and mindfulness since 2007. She is committed to creating and holding safe spaces for people to connect, heal, learn, and build resilience in a world that often takes relentless hold of our bodies, minds, and hearts. Crystal leads 100-hour kids yoga and mindfulness teacher trainings for Little Flower Yoga and Bent On...


29: The Power of Simple Teaching Guest Teacher Sarah Capua

Have you ever taken (or taught!) a yoga class that was simple in sequencing but deeply powerful in its effect on you? Maybe you love teaching and practicing yoga in a simple way but you feel like you are the only one? Do you think that all your students want fancier, faster and more exciting asana classes? Whether this describes you or not, I am so honored to introduce you to my old NYC buddy Sarah Capua. Sarah is a yoga therapist and meditation teacher, a student of Buddhism and classical...


28: Hip Injuries and Yoga with Guest Teacher Ariele Foster

Do you have hip pain? Today’s episode is all about the hip joint and hip injuries that are common in yoga practitioners. Many of you may already know this story, but I tore my hip labrum when I was 23 years old and I spent the first two years of my yoga teaching career walking with a cane and was in incredible pain. I had a slow, but amazing recovery from that injury, and now almost 12 years later I am stronger, healthier and more pain free than I have ever been in my life! If you are in...


27: Yoga in a Clinical Setting with Guest Teacher Lara Benusis

Today on the podcast we get to learn from the wisdom of Lara Benusis, a pioneer in translating yoga into hospital environments. She was the first full time yoga instructor at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center where she developed their in-hospital and outpatient wellness offerings. A certified yoga instructor since 1996, Lara is currently an advanced masters student in Applied Physiology at Columbia University and is focused on exploring the efficacy and mechanisms of exercise and yoga...


26: What Real Body Love Looks Like With Guest Teacher Anna Guest-Jelly

I heard my friend Anna say, “telling students to love their body is not enough....” and I responded with, “please be a guest on the podcast so we can talk about this!” I wanted to ask her, “How can yoga teachers better support their students to be in a loving relationship with their body?” Anna Guest-Jelley is the founder of Curvy Yoga, an online yoga studio and teacher training center that helps people of all sizes find true acceptance and freedom, both on and off the mat. Anna is the...


25: Yoga and The Pelvic Floor with Guest Teacher Diana Zotos

If you don’t already know my good friend Diana Zotos I am so excited for you to meet her! Diana is a physical therapist and yoga teacher. In 2006 Diana began her 7 year career at Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC, spending those years treating anyone from inpatient joint replacement patients to professional marathon runners. She completed her yoga teacher training at OM Yoga in 2010. Diana is also co-founder and co-director of Threes Physiyoga Method™ (TPM). TPM is dedicated to teaching...


24: The Myth of the Ideal Private Yoga Client

I’ve got another solo episode for you today and we are going to talk about what I call, The Myth of the Ideal Private Yoga Client... I’ll tell you all about this phenomenon, where it came from, the good intentions of the online marketing coaches who teach it, and the negative affect I see it having on the yoga world. Part of the reason people who teach online marketing are so heavily invested in this idea is because the better you know who you’re selling to, the more specific your...


23: The Support / Challenge Matrix of Private Yoga Lessons

It’s just you and I again on the podcast today! We are going to dive deeper into a topic I have mentioned several times on this podcast: The Support/Challenge Matrix of Private Yoga Lessons. I hear all the time from teachers who are overwhelmed with all the possibility that comes with teaching private yoga. There are so many things to think about! I want to help you drop into your intuition in a grounded way so I created a framework to use as you assess your students and figure out what...


22: 7 Ways To Be A More Confident Yoga Teacher

I am so excited about today’s topic! We are going to talk about confidence and what you can do to become a more confident yoga teacher. I wanted to talk about this because several months ago I asked my community what they were struggling with and overwhelmingly people answered that lacking confidence was their biggest struggle as a teacher. And of course, that’s not a yoga teacher thing. That’s a human thing. It makes sense to me, also, that those feelings are amplified when we take on a...


21: How To Teach Private Clients Who are Yoga Skeptics

On today’s newest podcast episode it is just you and I! I am excited to connect with you 1x1 and answer a question I get asked all the time! “What is the best way to teach someone who is skeptical or unsure about yoga?” I get asked this question frequently because this is something I have done quite a bit of! In my private practice in New York City I ended up with a schedule full of clients who were interested in the benefits they felt were possible with a yoga practice, but felt...


20: How To Teach Open Level Vinyasa Class- LIVE MENTOR SESSION

Today you’re going to hear a live, unedited 1x1 mentoring session! I have been planning to do an episode like this since I started producing this show and this is the first opportunity I ‘ve had to finally record one! I love connecting with teachers in 1x1 mentor sessions because I get to listen deeply and troubleshoot solutions to their biggest challenges. I wanted to record a 1x1 mentoring session (like the ones I have with people in my online training and in my Virtual Mentoring...