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Balance of Personal & Professional Spheres

Is work everything for you? Do you feel yourself distancing from your friends and family because of work? There is a very high chance you might regret this. Tune into this podcast now to discover how to balance your professional and personal life.


Idea v/s Implementation

Are you and your team coming up with multiple ideas which are exceptional? But you are facing issues with implementation. Or you might not have fresh ideas but proper tools to implement them. To fix this tune into this podcast, right away.


Are You In An Unproductive Environment?

Do you often find your friends incompatible with your work ethics? And the environment is just plain old unproductive. Remember you're the product of your environment. Tune into this podcast now to find a solution to this problem.


Is It The Right Time To Pull The Plug?

Is your passion not giving you enough profit? You really love your work, but you feel like it's end is nearby. When do you know it is the right time to pull the plug? Tune into this podcast now to KNOW what you can do at this stage.


How To Solve Complex Problems, Easily?

"Is there a pile of work to do on your to do list? And most of them are complex. Do you wish there was a way to do complex tasks easily, without beinf demotivated? Tune into this podcast right now to LEARN the trick. "


The Process of Learning

The more you ponder over something the more you learn about it. The best way to figure out what suits you is TRIAL & ERROR. Observe things around you and implement methods that you have read about but, never tried. Listen to this podcast to dive into the Process of Learning.


Is Impulsive Spending Bad?

Do you find yourself spending way too much than you should be while you're just grocery shopping? And sticking to a budget never pans out for you? This is called IMPULSIVE SPENDING. Listen to this podcast to know if this is good or bad.


Financial Security v/s Financial Freedom

Are you financially secure or financially free? Is there a difference to these two terms?It is important for an entreprenuer to underestand these terms. Tune into this podcast now to FIND OUT if there is a difference.


The science of procrastination

Do you have pending work, piling up? Are you the master of doing things last minute? And do you always find yourself deep in the spiral of procrastination? Don't worry, we have a solution. Tune into this podcast right now to discover how you can DEFEAT procrastination


Communication Is The Key

Do you find yourself lacking the right words in a situation? Do you feel unequipped when asking for a promotion or a raise? Tune into this podcast to discover why communication is the key that will unlock new paths in your life.


We Got This Backwords - Income Determines Lifestyle

Do you find yourself running behind money? Or do you make money run behind you? Why is it important to know which side of the spectrum you fall on? DID YOU KNOW? Your lifestyle can become your income. Tune into this podcast to discover the trade secrets of altering your lifestyle to generate income.


Linear Thinking v/s Non - Linear Thinking - Part 2

In the second edition of the compounding effect podcast, the concept of linear thinking and non-linear thinking is elaborated with examples you HAVE TO hear. Tune into this podcast now.


Linear Thinking v/s Non - Linear Thinking

Is linear thinking the right away to go around in a business? Do you find yourself going in a sequential format and reciving the same result, repeatitvely over the course of time? Tune into this podcast to unravel the mysteries of linear thinking.


The Best Investment Young Professionals Can Make Or Should I Pay Off My College Loans ASAP?

Are you out of college? And burdened with college debts? Logically, paying off your college debts seem like the most productive next step. But. Wait. What if I tell you that paying off your debt at the very beginning is an extremely bad idea? To know why it is a horrible idea, tune into this podcast now.


The Law of Receptivity

In the last edition of this series of Laws to Stratospheric Success, the LAW OF RECEPTIVITY is broken down to its foundation. Being open to receiving, is an crucial step to success. Tune into this podcast to discover why you need to be OPEN to the idea of receiving.


The Law of Authenticity

DID YOU KNOW? You’re a gift! Surprised? In the fourth edition of this podcast series THE LAW OF AUTHENTICITY is broken down to its grass roots. Thus, tune into this podcast to discover the law of authenticity and how this is exactly what you need in life.


The Law of Influence

Did someone impact your life to such an extent that you owe a great deal to them? The third edition of the series discusses everything about THE LAW OF INFLUENCE. Tune into this podcast to DISCOVER what law of influence is based upon.


The Law of Compensation

The second podcast of this series addresses how your income is determined. Do you find yourself wondering how much your product is worth and how many of it do you need to sell? And how do earn the desired amount of profit? Tune into this podcast to discover the LAW OF COMPENSATION.


The Law of Value

Do you find yourself wondering if there is a step by step process to success? OR a certain set of principles you could follow? Well, The Mentorship Program is coming out with 5 laws that form that form the foundations of success. Tune into this podcast to discover the FIRST LAW and gain an insight into how your true worth is determined.


When are you ready to quit your 9 to 5 job?

Have you waited all your life to find the right time to do something? Is your 9 to 5 job the least interesting aspect of your day? Listen to this podcast to find out when the it is the right time to quit your daily job.