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The Mitten Dad Show is a podcast about bringing you some of the best headlines in finance, tech and more - with a Midwest touch. Along with both personal and stories from others about being a Dad in our current times.

The Mitten Dad Show is a podcast about bringing you some of the best headlines in finance, tech and more - with a Midwest touch. Along with both personal and stories from others about being a Dad in our current times.


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The Mitten Dad Show is a podcast about bringing you some of the best headlines in finance, tech and more - with a Midwest touch. Along with both personal and stories from others about being a Dad in our current times.






Dads Can Organize The Family Calendar Too!

Over on the Mitten Dad website, I recently posted about a series of tweets that had gone viral, where the original poster had mentioned how every time she would ask dads for their email addresses for party invitations for her three-year-old, they would always provide the email addresses of their partner instead. Why was that? Tune in for more, and be sure to send a voice memo in with how your family organization planning gets handled, and any tips you may have if this topic struck a chord...

Starting Over and Life's Moments

Welcome to The Mitten Dad Show! Formerly known as The Script-Notes Show, since I last published an episode, a few things have gone on, such as a new addition to our family, and the pandemic has put many things in perspective. I switched it to Mitten Dad as an homage to my home state of Michigan, giving the content a Midwest flair. But also because, as many out there know, your perspective on life changes as a parent when you become. While I still expect much to revolve around some of my...

Coronavent - Here's Your Chance

There’s no denying that this has been a trying time worldwide, with everyone having to deal with the coronavirus crisis in their own way. However, one thing that I don’t think gets mentioned enough is the mental toll it might be taking on everyone, particularly those in the healthcare industry. Other podcasts have been having listeners call in with their stories, giving them a chance to vent, and in doing so, it seems like it can be very healing. Yes, this is normally a podcast geared toward...


A New Form W-4 for 2020 and Financial News For The Week Ahead

Welcome to another episode of The Script-Notes Show! We got back into the swing of things with a new blog post about the new Form W-4 for 2020, as well as some financial and business news to get you going for the week ahead. Enjoy, and as always, thank you for listening, and be sure to subscribe wherever you're listening! Also, we are still taking financial resolutions for the coming year and would love to hear them! Our thanks to Audible! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The...


Happy 2020!

Welcome to a brand new year and Episode 50! I know I’ve been on hiatus a bit due to work travel and our family’s forthcoming arrival. So with that, thought this would be a great time to ask for your resolutions, particularly from a financial sense! Please leave a voicemail with the link below, or feel free to send an email to! If you have your own podcast, be sure to leave that as well and would love to feature you with your resolutions! Make sure to subscribe to our...


Using Customer Service To Save on Credit Cards

It goes without saying that a little customer service can go a long way, when employed by the employee AND the customer. Doing just that might be able to save you a little bit (or a lot) on your credit card portfolio according to a recent survey. Another survey is also showing that many Americans are planning on refraining from traveling this winter. Are you one of them? As always, thank you for listening. Be sure to subscribe and share the show, as well as following along at...


Some Common Sense Money Tips for Your Week

When it comes to money, sometimes you just can’t beat plain old common sense. Today’s episode features some good tips to keep in mind for your financial life. Today's episode is also brought to you by, one of the best tools available for helping you to get out of debt! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:


Coming This Fall - Cheaper Gas Prices?

While the economy as a whole may be in question on a daily basis, one thing that may be getting some clarity this fall is gas prices. Have you started using GasBuddy yet? If not, it's a great way to be able to keep up to date on the latest prices at the pump. Now, with their Pay With GasBuddy Card, you can also find additional savings at the pump, including occasional deal alerts like an additional 21 cents off per gallon! And if you shop online frequently, you can also add to your savings....


Stock Market Selloff: The Yield Curve Inversion

Earlier today, the yield curve inverted, which previously has always been a sign leading up to a recession. I wanted to talk about a post from MarketWatch that I thought had some good information about it. Opinions seem to vary about what this might portend to, however, it should still be something to keep an eye on, especially over the next month or so. Always be sure to seek the advice of your investment professional should you have further questions. --- This episode is sponsored by ·...


How To Pay Off Debt With Tally

For Episode 45, I take a deep dive into the app, Tally. You can tell Tally that you would either like to pay the cards manually, or have it pay them on your behalf. Tally will issue you a credit line that it uses to pay on your cards, with its own interest rate often being lower than most other cards available. In some ways it is like a balance transfer of sorts, but can also pay on amounts for you, helping to lessen any potential for interest charges. If you think you’d like to get going...


Capital One Data Breach Affects 100 Million Applications

Hot off the heels of the Equifax Data Breach Settlement, yesterday it was announced by Capital One that a hacker may have compromised information from 100 million applications. This episode covers some tips and steps you can take if you think you may have been affected. Looking for some entertainment for your upcoming road trip? Check out Audible - get a free book and 30 day trial today! Get $100 in delivery fee credit when you place your first order with Postmates! Are there any topics...


The 50 30 20 Budget and Podcasting to F.I.

Budgets can be daunting. It might seem like there is an endless laundry list of categories to keep track of at times. That's where the 50-30-20 budget can come in handy. The goal, is to limit your after tax income to 50% being allocated to needs, 30% to wants and 20% to savings (extra debt payments can count as savings). As a Microsoft Excel junkie, after learning more about this method, I came up with a template that can mirror a lot of the techniques as it relates to this method of...


Picking Up The Wrong Golf Ball

“If you think it’s hard to meet new people, try picking up the wrong golf ball.” – Jack Lemmon I shared this quote today on the blog, and thought it was very appropriate for many aspects of life. Frequently I like to share quotes from the site BrainyQuote, on Instagram, mainly because I like that so many quotes can have so many different meanings to different people. Today’s stuck out to me though. Yes, there’s a bit of good ol’ Jack Lemmon humor behind it, but it got me thinking more...


Financial Freedom Friday

Lately I’ve become more intrigued by the concept of financial freedom or financial independence, and the varying forms that that can take on when it comes to personal finance. I’m in the midst of reading Grant Sabatier’s Financial Freedom, and it has really brought back to life the concept of “a penny saved is a penny earned.” Given Anchor has now made voice messages more accessible to users of other podcast platforms (see link below in show notes), I would love to take this opportunity to...


Don't Let Your Phone Become The Boss of You

Do you sometimes feel like your smartphone has become the boss of you, versus it actually being a tool for you to use? I recently happened upon a Medium article, titled “How To Configure Your iPhone To Work for You, Not Against You.” The post is a bit of a lengthy read, but the author recognized this and decided to break it up into three sections, based on how far you wanted to go. The post was from late 2018, so it is fairly up to date for the latest iteration of iOS. As a bit of a segue...


There's A Card For That - Introducing The Apple Card

A couple weeks ago, Apple made one of its largest forays into services, a change from their usual events regarding new hardware products or OS updates. While the changes to their TV offerings and News app were widely suspected, there was one announcement that raised some curiosity. Apple announced their own credit card, the Apple Card. Our thanks to Audible as well for sponsoring the show. If you'd like a 30 day trial and a free book, be sure to click here. As always, thank you for...


How To Become More Financially Organized

Social media. Bank accounts. Subscriptions. Credit cards. You name it, you probably have a log in for it. Here’s food for thought though. While none of us ever want to ponder what might happen after we leave this mortal coil, there will be those left behind that may have the inevitable task of needing to handle your finances, log ins and more. The question is, do you have all this documented? More than likely not. Enter the My Lifetime Financial Organizer - listen in for more! Also, while...


Bonus: Amplify Your $1.80 Strategy With This Web App

I recently wrote a piece about the web app, and how it can really help expedite your social media strategy, particularly when it comes to Instagram. The main goal is that you're leaving your "two cents" on posts that are within your niche or brand, but nothing "spammy." Actual, meaningful posts. Listen in for more, and how this might be able to help you. Also, the podcast has a new website! I'm really excited about its initial features and launch, with more to come down the...


How To Make Your Weekend More Refreshing

Does it ever feel like you have a “case of the Mondays”? Does the weekend ever feel like it flies by “way too fast”? If that sounds familiar, you’re definitely not alone for one thing. What about though, if it was just a matter of changing your mindset about the weekend, that could potentially make weekends a little more tolerable? Listen in for more. Our thanks to this week’s sponsor – Audible. Get a free 30 day trial, and a book of your choice when you click here today. Finally, have you...


Credit Card Debt is Creeping Back Up

From the blog this week, we shared an article about a recent survey from Bankrate that says that 3 in 10 Americans have more credit card debt than emergency savings. Which leads to the question, what are your financial priorities? Is it saving? Paying down debt first? Saving, then paying down debt? Send an email and let us know! Finally, make sure to follow along on social on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as deals and savings will be shared there that don't always make it to the site or...