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Yin & Yang Yoga. The psychology and philosophy, science and art of yoga. With normal people from around the world for normal people from around the world.

Yin & Yang Yoga. The psychology and philosophy, science and art of yoga. With normal people from around the world for normal people from around the world.


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Yin & Yang Yoga. The psychology and philosophy, science and art of yoga. With normal people from around the world for normal people from around the world.




16. Andrea Boni - The Intimacy Of Meditation

Andrea Boni is a dedicated meditation practitioner of over forty years and a meditation teacher for over twenty. Based in Rome, Italy, Andrea teaches globally to students of all levels. Here Andrea talks to us about his 45 year meditation practice which has been his anchor in a colorful life and what it has bought him in times of trouble, in times of joy. For the last 15 minutes, Andrea guides us through an "Intimacy Meditation", a meditation with our intimate, physical self... Come join us.


15. Bennoy Mathew - Yoga Injuries: A Physio View

Benoy Matthew is a registered physiotherapist, currently working in London, United Kingdom. As a clinician since 1998, he treated injuries ranging from minor ankle sprains to complex multi-trauma sports injury, but now specialises in hip and groin injuries for serious sports men & women. In a recent interview with the BBC, Benoy commented that many yoga teachers came to him with injuries which he felt could be avoided. I am excited to welcome Benoy and explore how we can all be smarter, more...


14. History Of Taoist Thought

I fly through 8,000 years of Taoist mythology and at least 3,000 years of Taoist philosophy like a drunken monkey this episode. Taoism has given birth to Chinese Medicine, art, music, yoga and meditation and much else. But it is relatively little understood and that is a shame. We often draw on its wisdom in our Yin Yoga training program and many students find it mysterious, confusing and inspiring in equal measure. Prepare to lose your head, grow your Qi and be water my friend. Come join me.


13. Suzee Grilley - Yang & Yin

Suzee Grilley is half one of the Yoga world's most beloved Teacher Training partnerships. Together with with her husband, Paul, their "Yin Yoga" has become one of the world's most popular postural Yoga styles.Yin Yoga is non-muscular and non-sweaty. Suzee and Paul always say Yin is only half of their physical practice. Today, we talk the other half: Suzee and Paul have created & choreographed several "Yang" Yoga sequences over the years of their long yoga career. Come join us and listen to...


12. Ali Rogers - Business As Yoga NOT Yoga as Business

Australian Yoga Biz Guru Ali Rogers joins me this week to talk about the contradiction that is the yoga business. How do Yoga teachers sell themselves without selling out? Is there a way of being on social media without being shallow? And how can your yoga business be more Yogic, not more business-like... Come listen!


11. Yoga History - 8,000 Years in an Hour

Yoga students often their yoga history from yoga schools & gurus with specific viewpoints or spiritual takes on the world. This is great but potentially sub-optimal. Because they learn from a certain point of view, Yogis often miss out on a neutral, factual take on yoga, the ideas and the (crazy) characters in the 8,000+ years of the yoga story. Join me to listen to the facts without (so much) dogma!


10. Nico Anders - My Body, My Yoga

Ex-New Yorker, Ex-Yoga teacher Nico Anders joins me this week from Melbourne to talk about her journey into unchartered territory. After sneezing and finding herself with terrible back pain, Nico found herself navigating the waters of what to do when yoga doesn't work for your body. Is yoga only poses and meditation, or are there other paths to happiness and health? Join us!


9. Adeline Tien - Flicking Your Switch in Restorative Yoga

Singaporean Restorative Yoga Teacher Trainer, Adeline Tien joins me this week to help us understand this fascinating style of Yoga. As a teacher trainer of a style often confused/mixed/thrown together with Yin, I wanted Adeline to help us all parse these two styles apart and see them on their own terms. As it turns out, it is all about flicking the switch. Come join us! Find Adeline at


8. Greg Cawley - Yoga For Blokes

This episode I meet Aussie men's yoga pioneer Greg Cawley who has transformed from high achieving business man to getting stretchy and bendy. Greg is passionate about getting men involved in Yoga, something I also feel strongly about. Why don't men come and what do we have to do in yoga to get their beery bums on mats? Come join us.


7. The 500hr YTT Program

So many people ask me about my yoga background and why we run such a long Yoga teacher training. Isn't 200hrs enough? Why so much anatomy? And what is the curriculum? I answer these questions and more in this one hour chat with myself. Come join me and learn how to know more.


6. Ahmed Elaasar - What is Kundalini Yoga?

In this episode I talk with California based Kundalini teacher, Ahmed Elaasar. I have always found Kundalini yoga so different to all the other styles out there and when I met Ahmed, I cornered him and begged to let me (and you) in to their world. Based in Venice Beach, Ahmed is such a relaxed dude, he's the perfect guide to Kundalini.


5. Dr. Aaron Bullington: Health in Chinese Medicine

What is the Chinese Medicine view of health? In this episode, I speak to Dr. Aaron Bullington who has over 17 years of experience in the healing arts. Aaron is a naturopathic doctor, an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. With twin degrees in both Western and Eastern Medicine., he specialises in a holistic view of health. Don't just do your yoga, live it.


4. Amy McDonald: Your Abudant Yoga Business

Amy McDonald is a true inspiration to yogis who want to run their yoga business successfully and happily. With her powerful philosophy that yoga is about sharing and spreading the good, Amy inspires yoga teachers to get out there and burst through their doubts, fears and inhibitions to become the successful yoga teacher they want to be. Join me as I get to hear Amy's backstory and what gets her fired up today.


3. Lucy Ridley: Riding Life's Peaks & Troughs

Yoga teacher and dog lover Lucy has a super inspiring story. After challenges with eating disorder in her teens and early 20s which almost drove her to take her own life, Lucy discovered mental space and the power to heal on her yoga mat. Lucy talks us through her version of healing and recovery and how the shapes of yoga nursed her mind in the darkest troughs of life. Join me and Lucy for her rousing journey.


2. Imran Hashmat: Seeking Yin-Yang Balance

Imran Hashmat is a seasonal martial artist, former emergency service worker, and now a passionate Yin Yoga teacher. In our time together we talk about his quest to discover his Yinside after a decade of super charged public service and martial art adventure. His powerful discovery of how we are all physically unique and not carbon copies of each other inspires him to teach. Find Imran at


1. Matilda Mayne: The Psychology of Mastery

High performance sport is a world balanced between the extremes of under achievement and injury, between the golden moments of glory and the dark psychology of failure. Sports Recovery Psychologist Matilda Mayne joins us to delve into her discovery of yoga and how it relates to this fascinating culture of human achievement.