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The home of UK based audio and video podcasts to inform, inspire and entertain anyone interested in self powered travel. Walking, cycling and paddling.

The home of UK based audio and video podcasts to inform, inspire and entertain anyone interested in self powered travel. Walking, cycling and paddling.
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Upton-upon-Severn, United Kingdom




The home of UK based audio and video podcasts to inform, inspire and entertain anyone interested in self powered travel. Walking, cycling and paddling.






No 478 - Latest Update from Bob the Builder

We moved into a very small house a couple of years back near Malvern and after a disastrous start (its on the podcast) we have finally now started to reclaim some of the outside space and build a new storage unit and office in the garden.


No 477 - Tough Soles 4000km around Ireland

Ellie and Carl are walking 4,000km along all the National Waymarked Trails of Ireland. There are 42 trails within Ireland, with a combined distance of around 4,000km. So far they've walked 35 trails, and over 3,000km. You’ll hear how they sacrificed their home comforts, sold everything to hit the road and walk every National Trail in the Republic of Ireland.


No 476 - 40 Days and 40 nights solo on an Island

Katie Tunn is an artist who follows her dreams. First to escape from bustle of London to remote peace of Skye, to reduce the consumerism in her life and absorb the rich island culture. And now this. A personal 40 day and 40 night challenge to live on a remote island, with no one but the wildlife to keep her company. To cleanse her soul of the daily bombardment of information. To seek inner peace and find her inner voice. Something very few of us I suspect will ever be lucky enough to hear...


No 475 - TGO Challenge 2018 - Pt7

The day starts with the unique Dawn Chorus that only Tarfside can provide, before everyone gathers their thoughts and belongings before heading down to the Retreat cafe for a slap up breakfast.


No 473 - TGO Challenge 2018 - Pt5

Although we all had a good social night in Aviemore the lingering tiredness from the previous long days had taken their toll and so when Tony suggested we change our route from Ben Macdui to the lower Larig Ghru, none of us really protested. So after a large breakfast at the Cairngorm Hotel we slowly made our way along the cycle path towards the Rothiemurchus Forest and the start of the climb. Every time we leave Aviemore we suffer the same issues. We’ve had a large breakfast, the food...


No 472 - TGO Challenge 2018 - Pt4

After a good night in St Augustus, a reasonable breakfast in Morags Lodge we were set for the long trek up Glen Doe. There is a new path now heading out of Fort Augustus which leads walkers off the dangerous hairpin road along the much software aspects at the edge of Loch Ness before crossing the road and zig-zagging its way to link up with the construction path.


No 471 - TGO Challenge 2018 - Pt3

It was no good, I just couldn’t take it anymore! Too much enforced hanging about the previous day and dozing while it rained in the morning had refreshed me, but bored me to death. There’s only so many books you can read on the Kindle after all.


No 470 - TGO Challenge 2018 - Pt2

And so we are onto the second podcast from the TGO Challenge series which includes massive disapointment, naked podcasting and boredom. It was an early start for me, once my nose became aware of how cold it was my body naturally followed and well, once I was up seeing to watering the Roses, I was up!. So I brushed the ice off the tent, made a brew ate some porridge and got started hitting the road at 7.30.


No 469 - TGO Challenge 2018 - Pt1

This is the first podcast from a series of seven which covers the TGO Challenge 2018, where some 350 participants walk the 200 miles from West to East Coast of Scotland. It was to be the tenth crossing for both Andy and I and we decided to produce the last podcast series relating to the topic. After all there are only so many questions and conversation you can have walking the same direction for 10 years!


No 468 - Friedrichshafen 2018 Outdoor Trade Fair

Once again our European correspondent Roman Ackl visited the show for us and gave us a complete round up of items he thought would be of interest. Roman is a keen lightweight backpacker and has visited the show with us and for us, for many years. All details on the podcast and more images on our website.


No 467 - Completing The Pennine Way

July 2018 and Rose has now completed the Pennine Way, during what turned out to be the hottest, driest period of weather the UK has experienced for many years. As you’ll hear on the podcast tackling it attached to Pip the Spaniel proved to be one of the many limitations, as the heat meant carrying water was priority and continual checking the dogs health when walking to blistering hot stone paths and tracks added even more to the challenge.


No 466 - The Skye Trail - Pt3

So on the Bank Holiday Monday we decided to crack on from Portree after a good days rest and hit the trail heading for The Storr via Ben Dearg. Although I had done some research on the route before we left, every piece I read spoke of talking the alternative coastal route which on reflection would have been (a) a walk with a view and (b) so much nicer and quicker underfoot.


No 465 - The Skye Trail - Pt2

After another wet night we had a short window of opportunity to wipe the tent down as best we could before packing it away at Cladach a Ghlinne. The path then continued just a few kilometers to Camasunary, however once again there were a few places which troubled us with just a few inches of soil between the path and fresh air to the cliffs below.


No 464 - The Skye Trail - Pt1

The beginning of May 2018 saw Rose and I start the tough but rewarding Skye Trail starting in the south at Broadford and heading to the most northerly point at Rubha Hunish. The reason we chose the start there was mainly due to transport limitations, as the bus from Glasgow gets into Broadford at 9pm after a long days travel (6hr bus journey) and to get the to northernly start, would have taken another 24 hours. So in an effort to get started without further delay we chose Broadford.


No 463 - The Ireland Way

Interview with Caroline Allen author of the new book The Ireland Way launched in 2017, which links together several trails the create the first long distance coast to coast walk on the island. The Ireland Way is a walking and cycling trail over 900km / 560 miles. It covers 14 counties from Cork to the Giant's Causeway.


No 462 - The Photography Show - Pt4

In this the last from the 4 part series recorded at The Photography Show 2018 I speak with the last two brands Canon and Olympus for their good, better, best suggestion for the ideal camera for outdoor enthusiasts. Andy continues his round and has a close up look at Jobi and the Gorilla Pods plus another specialist holiday company who will whisk you away to exotic destinations and help you capture never to be repeated images.


No 461 - The Photography Show - Pt3

Part 3 from the recent Photography Show at the NEC in the UK. Full of useful outdoor photography related information.


No 460 - The Photography Show - Pt2

Part 2 of the 4 part series recorded at The Photography Show in 2018 where we continue our search for the best camera for outdoor enthusiasts as suggested by the brands themselves. Plus a look at some liquid magic from Ilford and a greater understanding of how to get the best Video recording from your equipment for your next big movie.


No 459 - The Photography Show - Pt1

In this podcast (Part 1 of 4) Andy and I visit the 2018 Photography Show at the NEC with two objectives in mind. I had arranged to meet all the major brands to try and narrow from each of them 3 cameras (good, better, best) which would be ideal for the outdoors enthusiast. I’m not talking action cams, or heavy DSLR’s, but those in between which offer remote charging via USB, good weather resistance, and features that appeal.