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The home of UK based audio and video podcasts to inform, inspire and entertain anyone interested in self powered travel. Walking, cycling and paddling.

The home of UK based audio and video podcasts to inform, inspire and entertain anyone interested in self powered travel. Walking, cycling and paddling.
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Upton-upon-Severn, United Kingdom




The home of UK based audio and video podcasts to inform, inspire and entertain anyone interested in self powered travel. Walking, cycling and paddling.






No 500 - 14 Years In The Making

This is it, the 500th episode in the long running series produced by me and released almost 14 years to the date of the first podcast release back in 2005. This is a fun, musical chat with some reflection on the last 14 years. In it I look at the past, a few of the many changes to the digital landscape which now surrounds us and speculate over some of the developments for The Outdoors Station for 2020. If you want to get involved in anyway or have suggestions click on any of our Social...


No 499 - Nearly Wild Camping

Every wanted to go (or try) Wild Camping but never quite sure where to start? You don’t want to feel a fool posting on the many public forums to get dismissive replies and you have worries about trespassing and other fears? However you really want to see what all the fuss is about and if it is for you? Then how about Nearly Wild Camping? This is a small helpful cooperative or over 80 locations around the country which are certainly far removed from typical commercial campsites, but...


No 498 - The Cairngorms Strikes Back Pt2

The following morning we woke after another disturbed night. Although all of us slept well we did have one ear open at all times as each gust hit the shelter, or deluge lasted longer than anticipated. Unconsciously I’m sure I put my hand out a few times as I slept just to check if the ground had become so sodden that water had seeped in anywhere. Thankfully I returned my dry hand to quilt and once again turned over crossing my fingers that it stayed that way. The original intention had...


No 497 - The Cairngorms Strikes Back Pt1

Nine years ago, yes NINE, in 2010 I released a short 3 part series entitled Three Men In The Cairngorms which recorded an audio diary of Lee, Tony and myself as we headed into the Cairngorms for a weeks walking and wild camping. They were a very popular series of just three normal guys going for a wander and so when lee called me in summer this year asking if I wanted to join them again for another mini adventure I didn’t hesitate. Once again Lee was in charge of the router and the plan...


No 496 - Recommended Listening - Pt 3

It has been three years since I heard any new Podcasts which really float my boat. There’s been quite a few I’ve gone through which never get past the first 30 seconds. If the audio is rubbish or starts off with heavy metal music and lots of shouting that’s a no-no. If there an almighty intro with a big beefy US voice closely followed by weak thin sounding audio and an equally thin insignificant voice, that’s a no-no too. If the presenter is obviously unsure what they’ve got to say, why...


No 495 - ISPO Outdoor Fair Highlights 2019

This podcast is an extract from the video interview I did recently with our European correspondent Roman Ackl and his impressions from Outdoor by Ispo the outdoor trade fair which has moved from Friedrichshafen to Munich in 2019. If you want more information about the products please see the video on the website and YouTube.


No 494 - Adventure Queens

The world is a community and finding the right one for you can make a big difference in confidence as well as your future outlook. In this podcast I welcome several people to my community before speaking with Emma Frampton regarding Adventure Queens, a non for profit community specifically created to delicately smash down the barriers that prevent women from heading off on adventures. They provide practical information, tips and advice on all things wild camping and the great outdoors....


No 493 - One Hour Outside

It doesn’t seem too much to ask does it? One hour, to yourself, outside, taking stock, breathing in, getting some exercise on a daily basis? But how many of us actually do this? Do you, like me perhaps, tell yourself that one hour in the garden doing tasks is the same thing. Or one hour cleaning the car, doing some DIY, cutting the hedges, cutting the lawns, rushing to the station is actually one hours worth of quality time? Zoe Holmes of Spodzblogz has started this great simple idea in...


No 492 - Tough Soles - Ireland Waymarked Trails Completed

I spoke with Carl and Ellie last in September 2018 when they had 7 trails left to complete on their epic personal challenge of being the first people to walk every Waymarked Trail in the Republic of Ireland. At the time they were tired and almost broke, but still determined to complete the task. They took on Patreon as a way of getting financial support, something they felt uncomfortable doing, but it gave them the financial and emotional boost they needed to set about the rest of the...


No 491 - Katie-Jane Endurance - 600km Iceland Traverse

This is a 30 minute extract from our world premier and the first video interview we’ve done on The Outdoors Station. After 15 years of producing audio podcasts for the self powered traveller who better to begin our new video series with than Katie Jane Endurance and her 2019 Iceland Traverse. Katie undertook the 600km South to North Iceland Traverse in June 2019 as self supported lightweight hiking adventure. It wasn’t a race or a speed challenge, but more a trip into the remote wilds of...


No 490 - Jenny Davis Pt2 - Endurance Women In Sport

This is part two continuing my fascinating conversation with Jenny Wordsworth and concluding the Antarctic story which came to a sudden end when she had been Medivaced and received treatment which ultimately saved her life. See Podcast No 489. We talk of training and commitment where Jenny quite rightly states that she doesn’t see it as sacrifice, more the ability to make time for the things in life you are passionate about. Which is an interesting way of looking at it. However she also...


No 489 - Jenny Davis Pt1 - Antarctic Record Attempt

You may recall a news story at the beginning of the year when Jenny Wordsworth (Nee Davis) was emergency air lifted from her solo, unsupported and unassisted Antarctic land ski speed attempt from the South Pole. This may have been the first time you heard her name or became aware of this extraordinary endurance athlete. Sadly she had two uncontrollable events which brought this attempt to an end. Firstly a Bowel infection and Peritonitis which came out of nowhere and secondly incredible...


No 488 - The 82 Island Challenge

This podcast features the effervescent artist Katie Tunn. Katie has a thing about islands and has just embarked on a challenge to bivvy camp on 82 of them around the UK. To explore the character of each location and use it as a platform to educate visitors and campers alike on Leave No Trace and to promote interaction with local businesses. We talk of many things, her acting debut, clearing up human waste at a Skye beauty spot, being a support crew for a recent LEJOG record and life as an...


No 487 - Beth Foot Forward

This podcast is an interview with Beth Wickes. Someone who has given up her home and possessions to walk around the coast of the UK for the benefit of three very important outdoor based organisations. Beth wouldn’t describe herself as a mountaineer, more an average rambler and this is the first time she has attempted anything more than a day walk. She has chosen to give up her comfortable life and hit the road carrying all she may need for the 2 winters she expects the trip to take, on...


No 486 - Iceland - What Went Wrong?

In this podcast we catch up with Dermot Cosgrove who we spoke to back in Podcast No 482 as he was completing his prep in 40C heat of North Africa before walking the 620km trek though Iceland. His route was sorted, his gear was checked, the weather was looking good and as a result of all the tough training he had been doing in the weeks prior to the trip, he was ready too. However just a few days into it, something unexpected occurred which sadly brought the trip to sudden end. In this...


No 483 - Preparing your body for an Adventure

I cant image there are many hikers who at some stage or another haven’t complained about back, knee or ankle pains in some form or another and no doubt we have all just put it down to being just ‘one of those things’. Or maybe you are someone who states that you have weak ankles, but maybe have never thought to ask yourself how, why and when that became a problem for you. Some people train for the hills by just hiking, others mix it with the gym and maybe the rare few actually try yoga or...


No 482 - Trekking North to South in Iceland

Iceland has to be one of the last true raw hiking wilderness experiences there is left in the world. Just a few kilometres south of the Artic Circle it isn’t the most welcome environment with temperatures at their height in the summer just topping 10C with daylight which lasts virtually 24 hours, it doesn’t make for a good night sleep. Which goes to make this forthcoming unsupported 620km trek by Dermot Cosgrove a challenge and a half. Not only that but he’s decide to use a trekking cart...


No 481 - Alastair Humphries and his Adventures

Alastair Humphries is a name probably well known in the UK within outdoor circles and by those who follow professional adventurers. His CV is quite extensive involving cycling around the world, walking across India, rowing the Atlantic and running across the Sahara to name but a few of his better know exploits. However as he’s become older his awareness of what Adventure really is has changed and he has begun to question whether bigger is necessarily better. You may have seen his more...