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S1E32 - 032 St Patricks Day Special

Episode Notes Enjoy your quarantine with a few laughs from The Pet Factor on our St. Patrick's Day Special. Find out more at This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


S1E31 - 031 Mammary Tumors in Pets

Episode Notes In this episode of The Pet Factor, we discuss mammary tumors in cats and dogs; including diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. We also discuss the best way to prevent them in your pet. In Pet Health news we talk about how the COVID-19 virus is indirectly affecting veterinary medicine and a possible case of a canine infection. Riley is our case of the week and Brittney details the practical reasons to get your cats and dogs spayed and neutered other than the obvious health...


S1E30 - 030 Bladder Stones in Dogs

Episode Notes In this episode of The Pet Factor, our help topic is bladder stones in dogs, the causes, how we diagnose them, and different ways they can be treated. In our Pet News segment we introduce Simparica Trio, the first all in one parasite preventative in a convenient Chewable tablet, available this April and a Ukranian inventor comes up with a way to deal with your pet’s being bored when you are away. The Pet Cube in an interactive device you control with your phone to watch, talk...


S1E29 - 029 The Blocked Cat

Episode Notes In this episode of The Pet Factor we talk about the blocked cat, a life-threatening condition where the urinary tract becomes obstructed and emergency care is essential. We discuss the causes, symptoms and treatment. In Pet News, Purina will be launching a new cat food to reduce allergies in people and Chinese pet owners modify surgical masks to protect their cats from coronavirus; but is it necessary? Our case of the week is Valentino who presented with abscess on his face,...


S1E28 - 028 Glaucoma in Pets

Episode Notes In this episode of the pet factor, we discuss the types and causes of glaucoma in cats and dogs, how we diagnose the condition, and treatment options available to pet parents. We start off with our Pet News segment and an update on the Super Bowl ad for Scout from Weather tech that now has inspired another donation for the University of Wisconsin Vet School. Dr. Hosek discusses a study that tries to determine if dogs get jealous. Our case of the week is Azlin, a kitty who...


S1E27 - 027 Valentine's Day Special

Episode Notes Curl up with you favorite person and pet and enjoy our favorite Valentine's Day jokes. Find out more at This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


S1E26 - 026 Congestive Heart Failure in Pets

Episode Notes This week on The Pet Factor, we talk about congestive heart failure in pets; the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. In Pet News, a North Carolina shelter offers the World’s Worst Cat for no adoption fee and gets hundreds of takers! RenalTech from Antech predicts it your cat is at risk for developing renal failure using artificial intelligence. Cash is the Case of the week and we talk about what his MDR1 gene means for him. Brittney give tips on creating a mixed...


S1E25 - 025 Hip and Elbow Dysplasia - Part 2

Episode Notes In this episode of The Pet Factor, we finish our two-part series on elbow and hip dysplasia talking about treatment options including supplements, medications, surgery and alternative therapies. In Pet News we bring you the story behind the WeatherTech Super Bowl ad featuring Scout MacNeil, a dog who beat the odds with a tumor on his heart thanks to the valiant efforts of the vets at the University of Wisconsin Veterinary School and information on how to nominate a Hero Vet or...


S1E24 - 024 Groundhog's Day Special

Episode Notes It's Groundhog's Day! We tried to find the best groundhog's day jokes out there and threw in some others just for fun. If you're not celebrating Groundhog's Day, why not? Find out more at This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


S1E23 - 023 Hip and Elbow Dysplasia - Part 1

Episode Notes In this episode of The Pet Factor, we start a two-part series on Elbow and Hip dysplasia. We talk about what it is, which dogs are most susceptible and what signs to watch for. We also discuss the best ways to diagnose the condition. We will conclude with treatment next week. In Pet news, the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) releases their first update on guidelines for dealing with FIV and Feline Leukemia Virus in cats in over a decade discussing screening,...


S1E22 - 022 Ear Hematomas in Pets

Episode Notes In this episode of The Pet Factor we talk about Aural Hematomas that result from damage to the ears, including the causes and various treatments including non-surgical and surgical. Our Pet News segments reports on a study that tests if parrots can be selfless; a survey of Millennials that shows they chose their own pet’s health needs over their own, and research showing that childhood exposure to dogs can reduce the incidence of mental illness in people. Our case of the week...


S1E21 - 021 Hepatic Lipidosis in Cats

Episode Notes In our 21st edition of The Pet Factor we talk about Fatty Liver Syndrome in cats, also known as Yellow Cat disease and Hepatic Lipidosis. We’ll go over the causes, diagnosis and treatment as well as prognosis if your cat develops this serious condition. In Pet News, we have a story warning about the fake CND pet products inundating the market and why vets are reluctant to prescribe these products; Brittney talks about the two breeds recently recognized by the AKC; The American...


S1E20 - 020 Addison's Disease in Pets

Episode Notes In this episode of The Pet Factor, Dr. Jim and Brittney talk about Addison’s Disease in pets, a disease resulting from decreased adrenal gland function. They discuss the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. The Pet Health News Segment includes a story on Facial Recognition App for dogs, aimed at reuniting lost pets with their owner; the approval of a new oral Flea Preventative for cats, Credelio Cat from, Elanco; and a warning about everyday items that can be toxic to your pet’s...


S1E19 - 019 Cushing's Disease in Pets

Episode Notes In this episode of The Pet Factor, we discuss Cushing’s Disease in pets, where the adrenal glands overproduce hormones. We talk about the causes, diagnosis and treatment. In Pet Health News, a Florida vet reports an unusual dental problem in a rescue dog, Pet Health insurance companies report on the most Popular Dog and Cat names for 2019. A behaviorist discusses the main causes of aggressive behavior in cats and ways to distinguish them and treat them. Our case of the week is...


S1E18 - 018 Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Episode Notes In our last podcast of the year, we discuss hyperthyroidism in cats where they produce too much thyroid hormone; the causes, diagnosis, and treatment. In Pet Health News, the CDC has put out a warning about a multi-drug resistant infection apparently contracted from puppies in pet stores. We also report on a study to identify Cat whisperers, and research on how to prevent stress in your dog. Our Case of the Week is a two-fer. We have Scout and Frankie, both suffering from a...


S1E17 - 017 Christmas Special

Episode Notes Your Pet Factor hosts bring you some of their best but mostly silliest Christmas Jokes. Enjoy! Find out more at This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


S1E16 - 016 Hypothyroidism in Dogs

Episode Notes In this episode of The Pet Factor we explore a common hormone deficiency in dogs, Hypothyroidism. What to look for, how we diagnose and treat, and how it can be over diagnosed. Our Pet Health News segment includes a story that warns about toxic mushroom exposure in dogs, a voluntary cat food recall but J.M. Smucker, and a warning from the FDA on the use of Topical Pain medications and pets, especially cat. The Case of the Week is Simon. Brittney talks about using harnesses for...


S1E15 - 015 Pancreatitis in Pets

Episode Notes In this episode of The Pet Factor, find out why pets get pancreatitis, how we diagnose and treat, and ways you can prevent it. In Pet Health news learn about a potential cure for Feline Infectious Peritonitis and why you can’t have it. Enroll you dog in the Dog Aging Project! Learn about Bear, the Koala sniffing dog and how he is saving these endangered animals from Australian Bush Fires. In Tech Tips we talk about things you should know when your pets go...


S1E14 - 014 Diabetes in Dogs

Episode Notes The Pet Factor hosts are talking about diabetes in dogs this week. Why is it different from diabetes in cats, how we diagnose, treat, and manage the condition and the challenges that we face in difficult cases. In Pet Health News we talk about a German Shepherd dog trapped in perpetual puppyhood, an experimental diet to make cats less allergenic to their owners, and a study that is trying to measure the changes in mood in dogs with arthritis. Our case of the week is L’il Bit,...


S1E13 - Thanksgiving Day Special

Episode Notes Welcome to our special Thanksgiving Day show. Loosen your belt, sit back, and get ready for a few laughs as Dr. Jim and Brittney share some of their favorite Thanksgiving jokes. Find out more at This podcast is powered by Pinecast.