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Guest Micheal Kline talks about the lessons learned from Hurricane Michael

There are a lot of lessons to be learned from Hurricane Michael. Preppers and non-preppers can learn a lot from studying the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. This week's guest is Micheal Kline and talks about his family members that were at ground zero and his trip to the disaster zone.


Garvin was interviewd on All Hazards Communications Preparedness!

Garvin was interviewd on the All Hazards Communications Preparedness podcast! Show Notes: Everyone with two eyes to see and two ears to hear knows how little (none?) privacy we have these days. Forrest Garvin, founder of Carolina Preppers Network and the newly formed PrepperNet organization is a computer security expert and former intelligence analyst. He’ll discuss various topics regarding Internet communications security (ComSec) including VOIP as well as various encryption techniques. If...


Author and Prepper Retreat Consultant Jonathan Hollerman

Author and Prepper Retreat Consultant Jonathan Hollerman Jonathan Hollerman is a former military S.E.R.E.(Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) Instructor and expert on survival and prepping. Jonathan currently offers his services as an Emergency Preparedness Consultant specializing in Survival Retreat design and has clients all over the world. He performs on-site survival retreat analysis and designs off-grid infrastructure for families working on a budget up to multi-million dollar...


Surviving Worst Case Scenarios

Join us on the Prepping Academy as we talk about Surviving Worst Case Scenarios. Check us out at


Prepping Academy LIVE - Where Preppers Unite!

Prepping Academy LIVE - Where Preppers Unite! Garvn and Tenderfood talk everything prepping!


Nicole Apelian from the Alone Show on History Channel

Nicole Apelian - History Channel's Alone Show - Dr. Nicole Apelian is a scientist, mother, educator, researcher, expeditionary leader, safari guide, herbalist and traditional skills instructor. A leader in the field of transformative nature education, Nicole is excited to share her knowledge and expertise of nature connection, indigenous knowledge, natural wellness and survival skills with the world. Nicole’s first exposure to true wilderness living began while...


Author Boyd Craven on the Prepping Academy

The Prepping Acadmey welcomes Boyd Craven on the show! Boyd Craven has penned over 30 books under his real name. His “The World Burns” Series has hit the top 10 in the Dystopian Genre in the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia. Boyd has made his home in Michigan with his wonderful wife and about a million kids, but travels to Texas to visit family as frequently as possible. He hunts and goes fishing when he’s not dreaming up post-apocalyptic nightmares to put his characters through. Fear not...


Author Angery American / Chris Weatherman

Angery American / Chris Weatherman - Author/TV on the Prepping Academy - Where Preppers Unite!!! Some folks may know Chris Weatherman by another name though. Angery American. Chris is a successful author with more than a few novels under his belt. His “Going Home” series is a best seller and has many rave reviews online. Currently Chris lives with his family in Florida. He is an avid prepper and has been involved within that community since the early 90’s. He is well versed on medicinal...


Author Steven Bird on the Prepping Academy

The Prepping Acadmey welcomes Steven Bird on the show! Steven Bird was born in Harlan, KY in 1973, where he lived until joining the U.S. Navy in 1992. He spent the next thirteen years living in northwest Washington state, where he served on active duty for eleven of those years. After leaving active duty, he completed twenty years of service with the Navy Reserve, retiring as a Chief Petty Officer. While in the reserves, he pursued a civilian flying career working as a flight instructor,...


Author Franklin Horton on the Prepping Academy

This week on “The Prepping Academy” Forrest and Tenderfoot are going to be joined by Franklin Horton. Franklin lives and works from the mountains of southwestern Virginia. He’s a husband, father, and passionate outdoor enthusiast. His works include “Ashes of the Unspeakable,” “The Borrowed World,”, “Locker Nine” and his latest book "Ramdom Acts" Regardless of where you begin, his books are sure to help you evaluate your personal mindset and motivate your prepping. His works are considered...


The Preppers Prepping Journey

On the Prepping Academy Tenderfoot and I discuss the Preppers Prepping Journey... Just two long time preppers chatting...


Tenderfoot is back from traveling to Israel

Tenderfoot is back from traveling to Israel. We are just hanging out discussing prepping, traveling and other fun stuff. Also, some big announcements. Subscribe Now! Web Site


Creating a MAG Group/ Survival Group

Mutual assistance groups, or MAGs, can provide support in the event of a natural disaster, other emergency and SHTF events. Lone wolf preppers will die. You need numbers. You need a group.


Create an emergency plan for your kids if SHTF happens while they are in school

Here are a few ideas on how to prepare your kids to be ready for a SHTF event if it happens while they are in school.


Mark Goodwin with Prepper Recon

This week on the “The Prepping Academy Join Forrest with Special guest Mark Goodwin. In any crisis situation, you will be hard-pressed finding the information you and your family needs to make it. There will be no Internet. There will be no phone service. It will literally come down to what you have within arm’s reach that will help you get through the chaos of Marshall law, having no power for days, weeks, or months, and being able to make it through natural disasters like hurricanes or...


The “Conflicted” card game and a new direction for the Prepping Academy

Coming up this week on “The Prepping Academy” join host Forrest and Tenderfood for a little it of interactive fun. We’ll be taking a small break from all the regular programming to dig deeper in to the minds of the host by playing a little “Conflicted. If you’ve never heard of “Conflicted” it is a card game with a variety of emergency and Prepping scenarios. The objective of the game is to stimulate in depth conversations with family, friends, and potential members of a MAG group. Everyone...


Interview with Glen Tate the author of 299 Days Book Series

Glen Tate joins us on the Prepping Academy Live Monday night to talk about the need for a massive awakening. We discuss how prepper fiction can play a role in convincing folks to get involved politically and start prepping. Check out Glen’s website 299 Days at Mailing List / Newsletter Facebook


Combat Medic

When life expectancy is measured in seconds and help is minutes away, will you know what to do? Like we always say, "The time chooses you. Will you be ready?" Everyone needs to take a trama medical class. Garvin will discus the Combat Medic class he took this past weekend. And yes, Tenderfoot is back! Mailing List / Newsletter Facebook


Prepping Academy Update...

Just a quick update. The Prepping Academy will continue! We are not going anywhere. We just took a little break during Christmas and the holidays. We will be back LIVE next week with Glen Tate the author of 299 Days. In this podcast I discus traveling as a prepper and things to think about and some plans you need to work on. Mailing List / Newsletter Facebook


The Perfect Prepper Christmas 2017

The Perfect Prepper Christmas 2017 Do you have a prepper on your shopping list? The occasion doesn’t matter really. It could be Veterans Day, Father’s Day, Christmas or just because. But sometimes finding the perfect gift for the prepper who has everything can be tough. Why is that? Well, most preppers already have some of the gear they deem valuable and it may never have even crossed your mind that a gas mask would be something they wanted. Well if you are looking for the best prepper gifts...