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We want to give you the knowledge & Inspiration needed to live an active life full of health, energy, and strength. Living one workout at a time.


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We want to give you the knowledge & Inspiration needed to live an active life full of health, energy, and strength. Living one workout at a time.








Finding your passion in Crossfit with Daniella Agro

The Radix Life Podcast is back and we are kicking off in a big way with an interview to find out what drives Daniella Agro to push herself in Crossfit as much as she does. Daniella talks about how her health has changed since starting Crossfit and how she is meticulous about her training plans. Dan talks about what it's like to coach such a motivated person even through a pandemic.


RPP 12: The Benefits Of Eating Locally

Rachel talks to Andrew (Producer) about the overall benefits of eating locally to your performance and health.


RPP 11: Working Out From Home

Dan discusses the importance of staying moving while you're at home and just because you aren't lifting a barbell doesn't mean you shouldn't focus on moving well and move with good technique.


RPP 10: Working Out As A New Mom With Rachel Thiessen

Rachel is on the podcast today to tell us about her experience working out after she gave birth to her son. She also tells us about her new Moms class at Radix.


RPP 9: Controlling Your Cravings

Dan talks you off of the ledge of the chocolate train leftover from Easter. There are some really great tips in this episode.


RPP 8: The Extraordinary Life Of Martin Thiessen

Dan interviews his Father, Martin Thiessen. Martin has had an extraordinary life and he has had a positive outlook on life.


RPP 007: From Injury To Recovery

Dan speaks with producer, Andrew Lewin, about his shoulder surgery that he underwent 5 months ago. He speaks to the terrible accident that he had when he was 16 years old and how wear and tear over the years brought it to a point to wear surgery was necessary. Dan also talks about his recovery from surgery and how patient he needed to be (and continues to be), but he never stops moving and working out. Lastly, Dan talks about his nutrition regiment while in recovery to speed it up.


RPP 006: 6-Week Challenge Success Story With James Dennison

Dan and Andrew talk to James Dennison, a 45-year-old father who wanted to change his health so he can spend more quality time with his daughter. James talks about the TWO 6-Week Challenges that he participated in with Dan and Rachel. It literally changed his life. Find out how by listening to the episode and then contact Dan to enter your first 6-Week Challenge at


RPP 005: A Guide To Eating Over The Holidays

Are you worried about eating the food at your companies' or family's holiday party? Don't you worry because in this episode Dan and Rachel Thiessen sit down with Producer, Andrew Lewin, to provide you with some tips and tricks on how to approach eating over the holiday season.


RPP 004: Life After Competitive Lacrosse With Coach Jonathan Newhouse

Dan and Rachel sit down with Coach Jonathan Newhouse to find out about fitness in his life, his competitive lacrosse time, and his coaching style. They also find out about how he is able to yell so, so loud!!! Interested in Radix? Check out our plans at:


RPP 003: Feeling No Pain With Tyler Hebbron

Dan and Rachel sit down with Coach Tyler to discuss his amazing squatting technique, how he remains to positive, how he works through pain. Dan also puts him through a game of True and False on some of the crazy rumours that Tyler may or may not have done. Enjoy the episode! If you are interested in the joining Radix, check out the link below:


RLP 002: Working Out While Pregnant With Rachael Thiessen

Daniel Thiessen and Andrew Lewin sit down with Rachael Thiessen (Daniel's Wife) to discuss how fitness and healthy living has influenced her life to the point where she coaches at Radix Performance Centre. Rachael also talks about how she coaches expecting and new mothers who want to continue a healthy lifestyle in their new life situations. Check out Radix Performance Centre to find out more about how you can live a fitter and healthier lifestyle:


RLP 001: How Radix Performance Centre Came To Be With Daniel Thiessen

Daniel Thiessen is interviewed by his podcast producer, Andrew Lewin, to tell the story of Daniel's life of fitness and how his dream of opening a gym came to be even after some devastating news. Find out more by listening to the podcast.


Welcome To The RadixLife Podcast

Daniel Thiessen takes a few minutes to introduce his new podcast and what you can expect from the rest of the episodes.