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Episode 68-Is religion a factor in relationships?

Discusses a controversial and hotly debated topic: Relationships and Religion. How religion affects dating and decisions How it affects raising children Should you make religion a part of your dating criteria? How religion can sometimes jeopardize relationships Religion in Marriages (sexless marriages) Infidelity and Side Chicks in Christian marriages Tips on how to keep your husbands pleased and what to expect from him This is a very controversial and hotly debated topic. There are...


Episode 67-Should you date someone you work with?

This episode discusses the ins and outs of dating people you work with, and some tips to help you out. Is it okay to get involved?As long as boundaries aren’t crossed it’s okay. But there’s a whole lot of other things to consider. Find out what they are in this episode. Start the conversation at 2:19 if you want to skip the intro talk. Guidelines on this starts at 7:12


Episode 66-Are you doing what it takes to be a spouse or a girlfriend

The way he treats you has a lot to do with the boundaries you set and therefore sets the stage for expectations throughout. If you don't reveal you want something serious, it will go on without problems in the same fashion until you have "the talk." How are you positioning yourself? A lot of people don't want to shake things up when they are going well. But if you desire something deeper and you're not getting it, when will you speak up about it? Do you want to continue to be a girlfriend,...


Episode 65- The Product of a Broken Marriage

This episode discusses recovering from divorce or an emotionally involved relationship that didn’t work out. It always seems hard to start over but I’m going to help you out in this podcast. is starting over the worst thing that can happen? Is this a bad thing? it means now you have experience. Most experience is hard earned knowledge. But moving forward with that knowledge will help you make better decisions and avoid making the same mistakes twice.


Episode 64-Why Do Women Choose the Bad Boy Types

When we're young we make mistakes. Especially with the people we choose to be in relationships with. In this episode we talk about why women choose this way, the result of those choices and what you can do to make better decisions in today's dating landscape.


Episode 63- Get Your Money Right

This episode discusses the #1 cause of divorce in America. Money. Financial disparities and arguments caused the greatest amount of discontent even more than cheating. In this episode we’ll talk about that and some tips to use and pitfalls to avoid as it relates to money and your relationship


Episode 62-Are you an asset or a liability?

This episode discusses if you’re bringing value to the relationship, or if you’re causing your guy to stress. It also talks about how you can recognize how not to be liability and the difference between the two.


EPISODE 61: Dressed Up But Messed Up

WHAT SOCIETY HAS US BELIEVE On television and social media all the things that are pushed out to us is really a facade. And we talk about how this taints our reality and what we really expect. The white picket fence and the white wedding dress with the nice honeymoon is a dream you can have. But the real work is after all the fireworks. Here’s what we talk about Being equally yokedThe Fairytale we’ve been soldHow there are no rulesHow Christians portray this facade but really need to...


Episode 60- Are you ready to be married?

We talk about some major things to think about when trying to determine are you ready for marriage: Getting the milk for free, what's reserved for marriage,Wifey duties vs girlfriend duties, Gender roles, What you’ll have to give up, Maintain your individuality, Sex before marriage, House deeds before marriage, communication, old fashioned vs. todays dating landscape, Being yourself, Most men want to get married, 3 things to make a marriage work and more!


Episode 59-You Don't Have to be Married to Do Big Things

Some people put boundaries on themselves. They make stipulations based on some arbitrary thing like marriage. Just because you aren't at a certain place you thought you should be at, it shouldn't stop you from doing other things you want to do. We discuss it in this episode.


Episode 58- Don't Lose Your Identity in Relationships

Even after you get married and have kids or get into a long committed relationship, don't forget about yourself. It's okay to be selfish sometimes. This episode discusses how to maintain your purpose, and pursue your destiny, ambitions and goals and how people lose sight of this once they get hitched or in a long committed relationship.


Episode 57-Is Celibacy a Turnoff in Today's Dating?

Discusses what the consensus is for a large majority of the dating pool of eligible daters and what they think (primarily men) when you say I am celibate. Also discusses the realities, the difficulties, and whether its really a turnoff when you tell someone you're not interested in having sex.


Episode 56- Why is My Inbox Dry?

Answers the question: Why is my inbox dry? This phrase is used a lot today and in this episode we discuss the reality of what's really going on in your DM's and texts and inboxes, and how to possibly turn some of that into prospects you could date.


Episode 55- Should You Go Dutch?

Discusses, who should pay on a first date? Also talks about should you not consider a man a suitable date if he offers to go dutch? Find out in this episode how today's daters look at it.


Episode 54- What should you bring to the table

Discusses what you should bring to a dating and relationship situation when you first meet someone, and the standards that go with it, as well as what you should expect from someone else. Check out the show notes here:


Episode 53- Don't Date Mr. Potential

In this episode we talk about why you're starting off dating and relationships all wrong! Instead of entertaining the guy you're with, you entertain Mr. Potential. Find out more in this episode!


Episode 52- Does Your Partner Still Give you Butterflies?

We all get excited when we get those texts and calls at the beginning. don't you remember that feeling? What about 5 or 10 years down the line? Still have that feeling? I'll talk about how to get and keep that feeling long after you've gotten past the fresh love stage.


Episode 51- Are you Obligated to Return Favors for your Partner?

If your partner does certain "special" things for you, do you feel you have to return the favor? Should you be obligated to do the same things they do? Is it really fair to them if you don't? Let's talk about it in this episode.


Episode 50- Dealing With Frustrations in Relationships

This episode discusses ways you can talk about frustrations, and what NOT to do when trying to express yourself. We talk about nagging, arguments, and how to deal when they just get on your nerves. Also a special gift in this episode you'll want to listen to find out!


Episode 49- What Determines Your Dating Criteria?

Talks about what you should use when dating, and also realistic expectations about the current dating pool. Also includes some current statistics about socio-economic status and dating outside your level.