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Financial planning and wealth management cannot be done room-by-room or even floor-by-floor. It’s needs a solid foundation and a clear blueprint before you can begin implementing tactics products. Our Complete Financial Advice considers your entire financial house.

Financial planning and wealth management cannot be done room-by-room or even floor-by-floor. It’s needs a solid foundation and a clear blueprint before you can begin implementing tactics products. Our Complete Financial Advice considers your entire financial house.


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Financial planning and wealth management cannot be done room-by-room or even floor-by-floor. It’s needs a solid foundation and a clear blueprint before you can begin implementing tactics products. Our Complete Financial Advice considers your entire financial house.






Episode 63 - 5 Common Legal Issues That Affect Business Owners in NY State — With Lee Schwartz

If you own a business in New York State, there are five common legal issues you could easily run into if you’re unaware of certain state and federal laws. Today, Larry Heller speaks with Lee Schwartz, the managing and founding partner of Schwartz Ettenger, PLLC, a business law firm located in Melville, New York. Together, they unpack the five most common legal issues that New York State business owners face: employee-related issues, owner-to-owner issues, real-estate issues, not having...



In this special episode, we share updates on how we are responding to the COVID-19 situation, how we’re assisting our clients, and what actions we’re advising investors to take during this time of uncertainty. Tune in now to learn how the markets are being affected and what we’re doing to help clients during this tumultuous time. Resources: Heller Wealth Management | (631) 293-2806


Episode 62 - 5 Ways to Plan for Health and Happiness While Aging Solo — With Joy Loverde

Baby boomers are the last generation of caregivers as we know it. Today’s children are raised to go out and pursue their interests, even if that means living far from home. If having kids doesn’t guarantee you a future caregiver, this begs the question: Who will take care of you when you’re old? In this episode, Larry Heller is excited to be joined by Joy Loverde, a leading consultant in the mature-market industry and a trusted advisor in aging, caregiving, and elder care-related issues....


Episode 61 - Sources of Financial Elder Abuse You Should Be Aware Of – With Jeff Haber

Would you know how to tell if your aging loved one is being financially abused? The signs aren’t always apparent — and neither are the abusers. In this episode, Larry Heller explores this necessary topic with Jeffrey Haber, the co-founding partner of Freiberger Haber LLP. They talk about the subtle, and not so subtle, signs of financial abuse and what kinds of individuals are notorious for exploiting seniors. You will also discover what laws are in place to protect your loved ones and what...


Episode 60 - What do the SECURE Act’s Biggest Changes Mean for You? — With Sal Albanese

The newly passed SECURE Act introduces a host of changes that will impact the majority of pre-retirees. Do you know what this new bill means for your retirement plan? In this episode, Larry Heller unpacks the SECURE Act with Sal Albanese, the founder of a full-service CPA firm called Salvatore Albanese & Company LLC. Together, they walk you through what options the act has given and taken away from employers and employees. In this episode, you’ll learn: What changes have been made to safe...


Episode 59 — Get to Know the Heller Wealth Management Team

Larry Heller is very proud of the team he’s built at Heller Wealth Management. Have you had a chance to meet the talented professionals who will help you retire right? In this special episode, Larry Heller turns the mic over to his team. Meet wealth managers Greg Moss and Belinda Tsui, Joanna Grace in client services, and Megan Harding, administrative coordinator. They share what they do for clients, how their roles have evolved, their best piece of financial advice, and more! In this...


Episode 58 — Top 10 Financial Planning Tips for 2020

There’s no better time than the start of a new year to learn top financial tips. This is the time when many are not only setting goals for the year, but you also have the entire year to implement them! In this episode, Larry Heller walks you through his top 10 financial planning tips for 2020. This is a highly practical and tip-filled episode that will have you taking notes and feeling prepared to boost your planning strategies and savings this year. In this episode, you’ll...


Episode 57 — Your Guide to Year-End Tax Planning — With Accountant, Scott Cheslowitz

December may be coming to a close, but it’s not too late to implement some year-end tax planning strategies. In this episode, Larry Heller speaks with Scott Cheslowitz, a CPA and partner of Rothenberg & Peters, PLLC, who works with closely held entities, estates, and high-net-worth individuals. In this timely conversation, Scott shares year-end tax planning tips that everyone should be aware of as we enter 2020. In this episode, you’ll learn: A strategy for using charitable contributions...


Episode 56 — Elder Law is Really Elder Care — With Attorney Brian Tully

Do you have a plan in place to care for your loved ones as they age? In this episode, Larry Heller is joined by Brian Tully, founder of Tully Law, P.C. and certified elder law attorney, to explain why elder law is really elder care. This discussion covers the extensive service that Brian Tully and his team offer our aging population, which goes beyond traditional estate planning by supporting clients and caregivers as needs shift with age. In this episode, you’ll learn: An explanation of...


Episode 55 — How to Affect Positive Change in Your Relationships — With Donna Martini

Did you know that humans are almost exclusively made up of water molecules? Considering that we exchange energy on a molecular level with people all the time, how can we stay centered, create our best energy, and use it to effect positive change? In this episode, Larry Heller gets to the core of these questions with guest Donna Martini, a wellness activist, writer, coach, speaker, and cartoonist who educates the public about love, forgiveness, and everything wellness. This conversation is a...


Episode 54 — How I Stopped Working Full-Time to Follow My Photography Passion — With Marc Alter

Have you ever dreamed of taking an early retirement to follow one of your passions? In this episode, Larry Heller is joined by Marc Alter, a client who is officially retired and now spends his days pursuing his passion for photography. This is a fun conversation in which Marc explains how he made the decision to stop working full-time and what advice he has for anyone who’s considering retiring to devote more time to their interests. In this episode, you’ll learn: Which type of...


Episode 53 — Current Stock Market Valuation: Are You Worried? Here’s What to Do

We're hitting all-time highs in all of the indexes, which means the market’s valuations are high. As an investor, you might be asking yourself, “Where do I go from here?” In this episode, Larry Heller talks about the urge many investors are having to get out of the market and “go back in after a correction”— a plan that has all the hallmarks of trying to time the market. Listen to this timely conversation as Larry uncovers what you should know about the current state of the market and what...


Episode 52 - Municipal Bonds: How, When, and Why to Use Them in Your Investment Portfolio — With Jason Stuck of Northern Capital

The Fed Reserve recently lowered interest rates, making now a good time to gain a better understanding of municipal bonds and how interest rates affect these types of investments. Today, Jason Stuck is here to expound on this often-misunderstood type of bond. As the managing director and head of portfolio management at Northern Capital, Jason brings a high level of expertise to this episode as he and Larry answer the top questions about municipal bonds and explain what the yield curve means...


Episode 51 — Here’s What You Need to Know About Your Credit in Retirement — With Guest, Leslie H. Tayne

During your retirement, you might want to obtain different types of financial products that require credit. Because of this, it's important to maintain and manage your credit throughout your retirement. Here to walk you through the importance of credit during retirement is Leslie H. Tayne, an award-winning financial attorney with over 20 years of experience in consumer and business financial debt solutions. Leslie is also the founder and managing director of Tayne Law Group, P.C., a law...


Episode 50 – Looking Back: Celebrating 50 Episodes of the Retire Right Podcast!

Fifty of anything is an amazing milestone to reach, isn’t it? We believe that hitting episode 50 of our Retire Right Podcast calls for a celebration! In this episode, Larry Heller reminisces as he shares his most memorable moments over the past 2+ years of hosting the Retire Right Podcast. We guarantee that this feel-good conversation will have you checking out and revisiting previous episodes! In this episode, you’ll learn: About the personal journey that Larry has taken to reach this...


Episode 49 - 401(k) Plans: What You Need to Know About a Third Party Administrator (TPA) — With Doug Hoefer

As a business owner, do you understand the core elements of your company’s retirement plan and what a third-party administrator (TPA) can bring to the table? Today’s guest, Doug Hoefer, is here to answer your questions. Doug has over 20 years of experience in the retirement planning industry and has worked with Larry on several 401(k)s. In this episode, Doug makes sense of TPAs, including what they do and how they bring value to the retirement planning process. In this episode, you’ll...


Episode 48 -Investing with Dimensional Fund Advisors: Who They Are and Why They Are Unique"

In today’s episode, Larry Heller speaks with Philipp Meyer-Brauns of Dimensional Funds Advisors. As a senior researcher, Philipp conducts empirical asset pricing research, and today, he’s joining Larry to unpack what exactly Dimensional Fund Advisors is all about and why their trading style is so unique. In this episode, you’ll learn: The origin of Dimensional Fund AdvisorsWhat differentiates Dimensional Fund Advisors and how they manage fundsThe three-factor model and how it worksHow...


Episode 47 - How Model Trains and Retiring Right Go Together — With Mike Kmeth

Will your retirement be the ride of your life? Or will you simply chug along, going through the motions? Larry Heller hopes you will love retired life. In this special episode, Larry is joined by one of his clients: a retiree named Mike Kmeth, a shining example of someone who is having a happy retirement. Long an enthusiast of model trains, Mike is enjoying his role as president of the Long Island Garden Railroads Railways Society. Today, he’s sharing his deep knowledge of model trains and...


Episode 46 - Live Your Very Best Encore — With Susan Williams

What will keep you feeling zestful, connected, and fulfilled during retirement? Today, Larry Heller, CFP®, CPA, is joined by guest Susan Williams to discuss the non-financial aspects of retirement. Susan is the founder of Booming Encore, a digital-media hub dedicated to providing information and inspiration to help baby boomers live their very best encore. As an enthusiast for bringing the latest resources to baby boomers, Susan discusses the latest trends in the lifestyles of our aging...


Episode 45 - What You Must Know About Changing Your State Residence — With Karen J. Tenenbaum

Would you ever make a big move to a tax-free state like Florida? Now more than ever, people are leaving New York State for tax-free states only to discover that their residency, for tax purposes, hasn’t changed. Tax rules around residency can be complex and ambiguous, but today’s guest brings clarity to the subject. CPA and tax attorney Karen J. Tenenbaum is the founder and managing partner of Tenenbaum Law, P.C., which focuses its practice on the resolution of IRS and New York State tax...