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This is a podcast for a special school for the visually impaired in Liverpool, St. Vincent's school The SVOPA is the past pupils' associations which is a very active group of visually impaired people.

This is a podcast for a special school for the visually impaired in Liverpool, St. Vincent's school The SVOPA is the past pupils' associations which is a very active group of visually impaired people.
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This is a podcast for a special school for the visually impaired in Liverpool, St. Vincent's school The SVOPA is the past pupils' associations which is a very active group of visually impaired people.






SVOPA EP41 November 2018. Memoral Service for former staff and past pupils.

Welcome to Episode 41 of the SVOPA Podcast. This time is a little different as Jane and Michael bring you the Memorial service held at school by the SVOPA on the 10th of November 2018, for former staff and past pupils We apologise for the recording quality, however, we hope that you do get a sense of the service at the school. We are aware that when we read the names out of former staff and past pupils we will not have mentioned everyone. We will continue to add these people to our...


SVOPA EP 40 September 2018

Hi everyone, and welcome to the September 2018 podcast. Jo is back with me this time to bring everything together. she also gives us an update on where VI Talk is now This month we have an interview with Heidi who a number of us will remember who is now a singer we get to hear one of her songs and find out more about her time at school and since. Paul Laing joins gives a report on this year's successful reunion held on the 16th June at the school. Danielle joins us again as she tells us...


SVOPA EP 39 January 2018

We are back again with a quick episode with some updates and information. our next one will be the main newsletter CD for the year so we would love to hear from here before then on anything you have to say On here we have audio from Last Mays London meetup with Shaun and Paul doing our famous 2-minute challenge. We want you to try and talk for 2 minutes about school or yourself. We have a video which school have released recently. we include the audio but here is the link...


SVOPA EP 38 CD Spring Summer 2017

Hi and welcome to Episode 38 of the SVOPA Podcast. This is very similar to the CD that members will receive. however we have included an extra track from Marcia at the very end. On this time we have an interview with Colin Evans about his time at school and since, We speak to Jane Readfirn Gray about her book Onions in the Washing Machine which you can get from We have 2 tracks from Marcia, Downtown and Stand By Me from her album which is raising money for the...



Welcome to Episode 37 of the Podcast Sorry its been so long since the last one, but we are back again. This is also the CD that is going out to members too. On here this month we have all the details for the upcoming reunion taking place on the 28th of May 2016 along with the School snap shot with Jennie Armstrong, We catch up again with Jo Fishwick. This month we have Joe Robinson co hosting and we also talk to him about the last 5 months since his Kidney Transplant. Remember...


EP36 SVOPA May 2015

Welcome to episode 36 of the SVOPA podcast for May 2015. This month we speak to Jim Moran about his memories of the farm in Around the school in 10 lessons. We talk about the upcoming main reunion on the 20th of June and give you updates on this. We also look forward at the upcoming meetups in May, July, August and the next weekend break on January next year. So do get intouch as we need your feedback and comments Until next time email website...


EP35 SVOPA March 2015 Spring CD newsletter

Welcome to Episode 35 of the SVOPA Podcast, This is also the same as the CD sent out to members who do not usually listen to the Podcast. This month Jo re joins for as host. This Years School Reunion This is taking place at the school on the 20th of June and you will find all the important details on the Podcast. We have also included the first of our School Snap Shots with Dr. John Patterson letting you know all whats currently going on at the school. As this is going out to so many...


EP34 SVOPA February 2015

Welcome to this months podcast for February 2015 This month we bring you the live recordings from the Weston Super Mare weekend break that was held at the Lauriston Hotel in November. We also recorded episode 10 of Around the School whilst there too. We finish with a the Coffee Break from VI Talk that was done with Jim Moran. We look at the upcoming events in Preston, Huddersfield and Scarborough, and bring you some of the first details about the upcoming reunion. So until next...


EP33 SVOPA, December 2014 Christmas

Welcome to Episode 33 of the podcast. This is the Christmas episode. We bring you the school concert from the 16th December. This month you have to put up with me only as the host. We also feature the upcoming events these are as follows. Christmas Party Skype chat. Sunday 28th December from 8:30 to 9:30. You need to email either your Skype name or the phone number you will be calling in on. Our Skype name is VITalkPodcast or you can call in on 0161 298 8255 Our next metope...


EP32 SVOPA November 2014

Welcome to episode 32 of the SVOPA podcast I am joined this week by Danielle as part of our new Podcast team. This month Lauren & I chat to Joe Robinson about school but mainly about how he has managed his Kidney Disease, from the aspect of a visually impaired person. We take a music break and feature a track from Danielle's new EP Sing. Followed by lesson 9 of the popular around the school in 10 lessons. Hope you enjoy and please get in...


EP31 SVOPA September 2013

Welcome to the latest Episode of the SVOPA podcast. We have to start this month with the very sad news of 3 people close to the school have have passed away over the last month. Sister Kathleen who was known as Sister Claire, who was the head of the school passed away on the 12th of September Sister Rosalie, who was the deputy head at the school passed away on the 26th of August Peter Gavin Passed away on the 18th of August, he was a former student at the school. Our thoughts and...


EP30 SVOPA July 2014

Wow! We have reached 30 Episodes of the SVOPA podcast, and looking back we have been doing this now for 2 years with the first Episode being released on 26th of July 2012. Why not Go back and have a listen. So what have we got in store for you this month. Apart from us rambling on about events and things, we have a group of us talking about our recent meetup and break in Blackpool and something we have been looking forward to doing for a long time, we had the opportunity to speak to Sr....


EP29 SVOPA June 2014

Yes we are back with another June episode of the popular SVOPA podcast. We had things we needed to share especially the upcoming Blackpool meetup, and we had some other great content to share. So what have we got for you this time 2 Interviews with Joe Senior and George Ferguson. A report from the reunion by Jenny Neuman. Around the School in 10 lessons part 8 And of course the events, including some initial details of our upcoming singing workshop in August. So hope you enjoy and we...


EP 28 SVOPA June 2014 Live from the School

Wow just 2 weeks since the 2014 Reunion and here is the podcast that we recorded live in the Chapel. There is none of the usual events and things, the whole thing was done at school. So what have we got for you this month? To start with we have a new guest presenter of Jane Readfern-Gray as Jo was unable to make this years event. We feature some of the Current students at the school, performing 2 songs along with Ukebox who are working with the school to form the worlds first Visually...


EP 27 SVOPA MAY 2014

Hi and welcome to episode 27 of the podcast, This time its a little shorter but we wanted to give you some last minute info for the upcoming reunion on the 17th So what have we got for you this time. We had a great chat with Leah about school and what she has done since, We were also joined by Leah Again, Danielle and Dave to continue our walk around the school. Look forward to seeing you at the school on the 17th. so until next time bye for now MIchael &...


EP26 SVOPA April 2014

Well the clocks have gone forward and the nights are getting shorter, and its great to be back with you all for the April Podcast. We are just one month away from the main reunion on the 17th of May and there is still room to book. So what is on this months podcast? First we have Around the school in 10 lessons, lesson 6. the main corridor, from the chapel to eh wooden building at the end. We then feature an interview with Emily Davison from on fashion. This is...


EP25 SVOPA March 2014

It's good to be back with you all with episode 25 of the podcast. This month we have the following for you to enjoy Interview with Maria Evans who a lot of you will remember teaching French and RE at the school from 1975 to 1995. Around the school in 10 lessons reaches lesson 5. In this lesson we look at the chapel again with Maria Evans and also with Brian Winter. Along with the usual event updates on the upcoming reunion and the next meetups in Chester and Blackpool we also let you know...


EP24 SVOPA February 2014

Well here we go with the first podcast of 2014, hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year, This episode is also the same as the CD newsletter sent out to all our contacts.. So what on this time; Firstly all the information for the upcoming reunion on the 17th of May, plus all the upcoming events too. Our main feature this time is an interview with Jenny Armstrong and Mary Kennan. We also have Josie Lynch back for our around the school in ten lessons section to talk about...


EP23 SVOPA Christmas Special Bus Stop 23

Welcome to our special Christmas podcast. Bus Stop 23 We are very greatful to the school for allowing to to release this audio from the St Vincents School concert 2013, Performed on the 17th of December at 7pm. We really hope you enjoy listening to this. we have also given an introduction to the SVOPA for first time listeners. Listen right to the end for all the Christmas wishes from Children, Staff and past pupils. Please get in touch Check out old episodes...



This is the First Christmas Episode from the SVOPA team and this time we have Ian Beverley joining us to co host, and talk about his memories of christmas. So what on this month We start with our Christmas discussion with Georgie, Marie and John where we find out about their school memories. We then move on to a Recording from the carol service in 1988, and finish with some Merry Moment Memories. Plus other people pop up through out with messages and thoughts. Listen out for a special...