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Bonus: Blue Apron IG Promo! - 028

As a way of thanking our listeners, wanting to give back, and perhaps save you some time in the kitchen this holiday season, we have four Blue Apron promo codes to give away! All you need to do is head to our Instagram page,, follow, and then leave a comment with the hashtag mentioned in the episode! We’ll leave this open for a week to give everyone enough time to listen to the episode and comment. Then after 9 pm EST on 12/13, four winners will be randomly...


Weekly Blog Roundup - 027

In an effort to save some time, for this episode, we recap some of the headlines that were added to the blog this week at This time of year can mean a time for going out to eat, and needing to pay your friends back, so make sure you don't leave them hanging by using Square's simple and easy to use Cash app. Get $5 to get started today by visiting today. Also, make sure to follow along at as we will frequently share deals and...


Be Here Now - 026

After taking a break for the holidays, we take a moment to realize the importance of "be here now," when it comes to this time of year, and the impact it can have not just on yourself, but your loved ones. Spending on gifts can also be an anxiety ridden time for everyone. But it doesn't have to be - make sure you don't let debt get the best of you with some tips on how to save money at Christmas. Link to article - YNAB Free...


It’s Time To Vote - 025

Just a PSA that if your state allows early voting, you may want to look into it, due to potential bad weather creeping across the country this week. Make sure you plan accordingly! Also, over at I put up a post with additional voting information you might find useful, including discount codes on Uber, Lyft and Lime, in case you should need transportation assistance to the polls. If you haven't voted already, there's still plenty of time to read up on candidates and proposals...


Too Much Of A Hassle? - 024

Happy Halloween! So here’s sort of a scary story to share for today… A recent article at mentioned that many college students didn’t want to vote, citing it was “too much of a hassle” to send back in their ballots mainly because they couldn’t find stamps. They can easily be had from the Post Office’s website, local locations, and more often than not, your local grocery store. Also, if you’re still unsure about where to vote, make sure to check out sites like for the...


Register To Vote! - 023

Tuesday was a major deadline in many states to register to vote. Make sure to check and confirm your voter registration at if you haven't already as more deadlines are coming up! Even if you think you're registered, it can't hurt to make sure everything is up to date. Link to deadlines: Become a supporter of this podcast:


Don't Get Shredded With The Envelope Budget and a "Hue"ge Deal - 022

You've probably heard of the envelope budgeting system, where once you get paid, you put actual cash into different categorized envelopes. However, as you may have seen from a recent viral story, make sure those envelopes aren't anywhere near a paper shredder. Story Link - Home automation is becoming quite popular, and a great way to get started is with the Philips Hue Light Bulbs. Today, Amazon is running a deal for $10 off the Color Ambiance product - click here for...


Ask The Listeners: How Do You Find More Time? - 021

I don’t have enough time. There’s not enough time in the day. Who has time for that? Do those statements and questions sound familiar to you? I recently reposted an Instagram from @garyvee at our handle @script.notes, where he said, “oh you have time, you just picked something else.” Granted, we’re all going to have different schedules and different priorities when it comes to time management. We’re all looking for life “hacks” to improve our lives. Look on Pinterest, run a Google search,...


Election Season Is In Full Swing, Stay Informed - 020

Wow! It's hard to believe that what started as a leap of faith has now blossomed into over 1,000 downloads! Also, it's our 20th episode! That said, if your TV hasn't told you already with a litany of ads, election season is upon us. While you'll mainly hear about the "hot" topics, there are many an item getting voted on in Congress that you might not even know about. Enter Countable. Get clear, concise summaries of bills going through Congress, see what others think, then take action....


Ok, Google. How To Write a Good Resume? - 019

Jobs with the search engine giant can be tough to land. But recruiters from the company share some resume writing tips that just might be able to not only help you land a job with them, but potentially score a dream job with the company you've had your eye on. Link - Good luck on your next interview! Follow along on Instagram at @script.notes, Twitter at @mtilmann and Facebook at! Get $15 off...


Acts of Kindness - 018

At the time of this recording, it’s September 11th in the U.S., and with a potentially devastating hurricane headed for the East Coast, I wanted to take this episode to reflect upon acts of kindness. This morning, I shared to my social media platforms (Instagram: @script.notes, Twitter: @mtilmann and our Facebook page: @ScriptNote), a quote I found attributed to Aesop: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” I would love to hear your favorite story about acts of kindness....


Staycation and Inspiration - 017

For this episode I cover how sometimes "stay-cations" can also be the best vacations as well! I have also taken to "re-discovering" Instagram and posting inspirational content on there as well as other life tips, food creations and more! Look up the handle, on there and be sure to follow along! What inspires you? Leave us a voice message or comment on our latest post on Instagram! Who knows, you might get featured in a future blog post or episode! Looking to order...


Should You Pursue Continuing Education? - 016

In today's episode, we cover what to consider if you're thinking of continuing your education, particularly from the financial sense. Links: Source article - National Foundation for Credit Counseling - Become a supporter of this podcast:


Side Hustle Tuesday - 015

In today's quick episode, it's all about the side hustle. Head to our site at for more! Become a supporter of this podcast:


It's Back To School Time! - 014

It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again. A big part of any parent’s (and teacher’s) budget is school supplies, so today we share a couple of techniques that will hopefully help you not have to break the bank too much! Links – Check out for a comprehensive list of how to save at many retailers and for a great selection of discounted gift cards. Finally, head to for a round up of some of the top selling back packs for the...


Declutter Your Domain - 013

In today's episode we talk about the importance of getting rid of the "clutter" in your life, especially when it comes to finances. &nbsp Get $5 today with the Cash App and at Acorns. &nbsp As always, thank you for listening, and if you'd like to become a supporter of the site and get a shoutout, check out the listener support link below. You can catch us on Twitter at @mtilmann, Facebook or at our new site. &nbsp Have a great week! Become a supporter of this podcast:...


Are You Buying Assets? Or Liabilities? - 012

In today's show, we hit upon a couple personal finance mindfulness tips that I think should help you the next time you're weighing what to buy. &nbsp For our ancestry enthusiasts out there, I highlight a great deal going on until August 20th. &nbsp Have you heard of the kombucha tea craze? Apparently Starbucks has as well. &nbsp Finally, you know how a lot of times you're listening to a great podcast that has to get interrupted for a promo read? (We all have to put food on the table...


Are You Truly Happy in Your Role - Part 2 - 011

In this week’s episode we finish our two part series on what to do and think about if you’re unhappy in your current role, and potential steps to take. &nbsp Get started in investing today with Acorns with $5 toward your account! &nbsp We also talk about our site getting a makeover, so make sure you check out the all new today! &nbsp Finally, do you own an Alexa device? Check out yesterday’s post about how you can save some serious money on smart plugs and bulbs! &nbsp...


It's All About Building Relationships - 010

This week's episode focuses on the importance of building relationships with others not just in our careers but in life as well. &nbsp As mentioned in the episode, the deal alert for Apple's AirPods is still ongoing, so check that out here! &nbsp Be sure to like our Facebook page too, so you don't miss out on additional content! &nbsp Thank you for listening! Become a supporter of this podcast:


BONUS - Deal Alert: Apple AirPods - 009

Been looking to snag Apple's AirPods at a discount? Check them out on Amazon here! Become a supporter of this podcast: