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Geoffrey Lillemon - the art of contrast

Last episode of the Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam special. The first time you meet Geoffrey you are amazed by his extravaganza style of fashion and his way of thinking about VR. First and foremost Geoffrey is a visual artist with a punk attitude towards work and life. Apocalyptic cat portraits, forests and an aqua-acoustics in his house are only a few things Geoffrey enjoys creating on the side. What does painting have to do with VR software? Why Geoffrey doesn’t create separation between his...


Cecilia Pignocchi - The Oogman

The Oogman (the one-eyed man) is a character that has attracted quite a bit of attention around Amsterdam. Who is the mysterious graffiti artist behind it? Well, we meet with Cecilia Italian born graffiti artist and we hear her story of how she created this character. We discuss where she finds inspiration and how she chooses her topics. What’s it like to be a female graffiti artist? Why it’s the best way to spend your holiday? How to get motivated if you’re just not “feeling it”? Why...


Andrew Duncan - the art of being idiotic

I remember seeing a picture of The Kennedys a few years ago with a guy in a bright red suit. That was Andrew Duncan known as Andy. He really does leave an impression once you meet him, both in his unique sense of style and personality. One day Andy told me about his side project - clowning. I had to interview him. Andy agreed if we did the interview up a tree. Yes. Up a tree! Do you need a red nose to do clowning? Why is it important to play in your own shit? What is the most embarrassing...


Hugo Boccara - analog music

I kept getting recommendations from people that I interviewed previously to talk with Hugo about his analogue music. After the 5th recommendation, I had to find out more! I didn’t know Hugo well from W+K, the only thing I knew was that he’s an Account Executive. Then I found out that he dj’s, makes analogue techno music and co-runs a music label! What do PlayStation 1 games have to do with analogue music? What happened in Montreal? Where does Hugo find his inspirations? And why he will...


Mark Bernath - The Way Up

Everyone in W+K definitely knows Mark, he’s one of the most chilled and friendly ECD’s I’ve ever had the pleasure meeting. We visit Mark in his underground music studio and have an open conversation about pure creativity and how music helped him through a difficult point in his life. Also, how a red tiny car and a confused female driver influenced the birth of the new album “Necessary Explosion - SOS”? Why are passion projects important when you run one of the biggest advertising agencies...


Francesco Zorzi - no rocket

I met Francesco in W+K Amsterdam, he was freelancing for Corona at that point. We kicked off a conversation about a very personal side project that was inspired by an unfortunate illness in his family. Later I looked up that it wasn’t the only passion project Francesco was working on. We met in Francisco’s studio in NDSM to talk about art made out of receipt paper, perceptions, vision and the brain. How to balance freelance work and passion projects? Why you always win if you have no...


David de Jong - positive gear

The first time I talked with David about NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) I have to admit, I was a bit confused. Yet, it sparked my interest and we sat down in W+K studios to have a chat about becoming an NLP trainer. Anyone who knows David can agree that he’s one of the most positive & friendly IT people you’ve ever met, apparently there is a kind of science behind it. What to do when you wake up grumpy? Why doing something your passionate about is important to your mental state? Why...