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Mixing Techniques, Reverb Strategies, and Advanced Sound Design with Zen World

In this episode of The Sound.Academy Podcast we spoke with Zen World. Zen runs one of the largest music production channels on YouTube, teaching millions of producers each year. He also is the Founder of Evolution of Sound, and even teaches production at Symmetry Music Academy. Zen does feedback streams with hundreds of music producers each week, so he's very familiar with the challenges faced by new producers. In this episode, Zen talks at length about the two biggest mixing mistakes he...


Mastering the Art of Sound Design with Rocket Powered Sound

In this episode of The Sound.Academy Podcast I'm joined by Shane Gregoire who is the founder of Rocket Powered Sound. If you’ve ever watched any Serum tutorials on YouTube, you definitely know Shane. He and his team specialize in creating interesting and unique sounds for producers to use in their music, so it should be no surprise that he’s an absolute pro when it comes to sound design. We discuss the importance of sound design for new producers, how to strategically learn sound design,...


Layering, Stereo Imaging, and Sound Design with Zetta

In this episode of The Sound.Academy Podcast I spoke with Zetta. He's an outstanding bass producer hailing from Brazil and boasting releases on labels including Firepower Records, DSV Audio, and Odio records. With quite a bit of teaching experience under his belt as well, Zetta has a deep understanding of what topics are important to master early on as a producer and what topics can wait. In this episode, we discuss: - How to pick an overall theme for your song, - How to layer and process...


How to Finish More Tracks, Keep it Simple, and Break Through the Noise with Parker

In this episode of The Sound.Academy Podcast I spoke with Parker, who’s an amazingly talented producer that creates all kinds of melodic bass music. We talk all about his workflow and approach to production. One thing that really sparked my curiosity was how many amazing tracks Parker releases. His output is higher than any other artist I know of, so I had to ask him about it. When I did, I was amazed to learn Parker is able to completely finish tracks in as little as 45 minutes. Crazy...


Visualizing Your Mix, Beefing Up Your Drums, and Strategic Marketing with Thomas Anthony

This week on the podcast I speak with @itstomanthony, who is a phenomenal artist and instructor. He is a member of the duo @peepthismusic in addition to producing under the name Thomas Anthony. Here are a few of the key topics we discuss in this episode: 1. What your priorities should be when first learning production 2. The benefits of remaking tracks (and how to do it) 3. How to make your tracks more full and interesting 4. Strategies for beefing up your drums 5. How to strategically...


How to NOT Suck at Producing with Underbelly of "You Suck at Producing"

In this episode of the podcast I speak with Underbelly, who is the mind behind the hit YouTube channel “You Suck at Producing.” We discuss the biggest mistakes new producers make, music theory concepts you need to learn, how to finish more songs, overcoming writers block and much more. Connect with Underbelly: @underbellymusic


Branding, Cutting Through the Noise, and Making it in the Music Industry With David Kim

Learn how David Kim has helped artists like Axwell, Ingrosso, Alesso, AC Slater, Brasstracks, Grandtheft, KRANE, and many more cut through the noise and differentiate their brand as an artist. Here are 5 key takeaways you'll have from this episode: 1. The value of working with a publicist 2. How to cut through the noise 3. Strategies for creating a successful brand 4. The value of networking 5. What it takes to make it in the music industry Connect with David:


Remix Techniques, Sidechain Tricks, and Successful Collaborations with Crystal Knives

This week on the podcast we spoke with Crystal Knives, who is quickly becoming very well known for his incredibly melodic bass-driven tracks. Here are 5 takeaways you'll have from this episode: 1. How to create a remix that stands out 2. Strategies for making room for each sound in your mix 3. A unique way to any sound 4. How to approach mixing and mastering 5. Tips for successful collaborations For show notes, visit Connect with Crystal Knives: @crystal_knives


Surgical EQ, Creating Huge Buildups, and Putting Your Drums In Key With IYFFE

IYFFE aka Pedro Alexander is quickly becoming known as one of Brazil’s fastest-growing bass artists, boasting releases on Dim Mak, Monstercat, Circus Records, and OWSLA. We speak at depth about his songwriting process, how he processes sounds together, and even how he approaches the promotional side of things. Connect with IYFFE: @iyffemusic


Songwriting, Sound Design, and Promotion Strategies with Dack Janiels

Learn how dubstep powerhouse Dack Janiels strategically approaches songwriting, chooses sounds that fit well together, balances production and promotion, and gains support from his favorite artists and labels. Show Notes:


Vocal Processing Techniques From The Chainsmokers, San Holo, Post Malone, Lauv, Cazzette & More

Learn vocal recording, processing and arrangement techniques from The Chainsmokers, San Holo, Post Malone, Lauv, Kill Frenzy, Morgan Page, Justin Mylo, Cazzette and Catz ‘N Dogz in this episode of the Sound.Academy Podcast. To access all show notes and downloads associated with this week's episode, visit


How To Get Your Tracks As Loud As Virtual Riot, Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Oliver Heldens & More

This week we are talking all about the "loudness war" in music production, and how you get get your tracks as loud as possible. We will be discussing how these artists view loudness, the strategies they use to measure how loud their tracks are, and the techniques they implement to make their tracks so loud. Techniques in this week’s episode come from artists including Virtual Riot, Hardwell, Oliver Heldens, Nicky Romero, Tascione, Tisoki and Justin Mylo. To access this week's free download...


Workflow & Arrangement Techniques From Flume, Seven Lions, KSHMR, Martin Garrix, & More

In this episode of the Sound Academy Podcast, we talk all about workflow and arrangement. We will be going through the strategies artists use when beginning a track, how they progress an initial idea or loop they have, the order in which they compose and arrange all of their elements together, and so much more. We will also be talking about the types of arrangements these artists like to use, and some tricks they have for streamlining the arrangement phase of their productions. The...


How To Make 808s Like KRANE, QUIX, Brillz, DJ Fresh, Metro Boomin & More

In this week's episode of the Sound Academy Podcast, we discuss all things 808s. We talk a little bit about the history of 808s, as well as how process them, how to fit them into your mix, how to layer them with your kicks and so much more. Strategies and techniques in this week’s episode come from artists including KRANE, QUIX, Brillz, DJ Fresh, Hekler, Carnage, Metro Boomin, Lu Diaz, Bonnie x Clyde, Kennedy Jones & more. To view this week's show notes and access all of the resources...