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Join us a we take a look at the latest happenings in the world of streaming services

Join us a we take a look at the latest happenings in the world of streaming services


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Join us a we take a look at the latest happenings in the world of streaming services




099: The Future of the Theatrical Model

The latest episode of The Streaming Wars discusses the Emmy nominations, the latest batch of licensing deals at Universal, and the future of the theatrical model. News Rundown Netflix: ‘Hard Cell’: ‘Doctor Who’ Star Catherine Tate Lands Netflix Prison Comedy Series: Adam Robitel & Gavin Heffernan Set Up Thriller Series At Netflix With Darren...


098: HBO Max Goes International

This episode is a quick one as Dustin goes solo to talk about the major news from the past two weeks. The big news includes Peacock landing a deal with Amazon and HBO Max going international. Fina all about the world of streaming on the latest episode of The Streaming Wars. News Rundown Netflix: Will...


097: HBO Max AVOD Tier Launches

The past two weeks saw HBO launch their AVOD tier, Peacock land a new carriage deal with a major electronics company, and Amazon scoop up even more sports rights. We talk about all of this and discuss which streaming service had the worst launch. The answers might surprise you. News Rundown Netflix: ‘Supercrooks’ Live-Action Millarworld...


096: Amazon Buys MGM

As the summer begins and news slows, there was one major announcement that we started talking about the rumor last episode. Amazon officially announced that they are purchasing MGM. What does this mean for the rest of the entertainment industry? There is that and more with sports and service updates from the past two weeks....


095: WarnerMedia and Discovery Merger

After weeks of little news, we are overloaded with more news than a single episode can handle. The big news and the bulk of the episode is spent discussing the news about the WarnerMedia and Discovery merger announcement. What does it mean for the future of streaming? What does this do to the other streaming...


094: Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

After weeks of slow news, the past two weeks brought new numbers from Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Peacock, and Discovery+. On top of that, there were a few new sports deals revealed that will affect streaming in the near future and what will the ad-supported version of HBO Max look like? All of that...


093: Netflix’s Latest Major Deal

The slowness of the news cycle continues with big stories that do not bring a lot of discussions up. This time around, we make the best of what there is with talk about the new plans at Plex, a study claiming Apple TV+ has the best content available, the intentions of WarernMedia and theatrical releases...


092: NBCUniversal’s New Streaming Service?

Over the past two weeks, there were a few things worth discussing from the world of streaming. Netflix made a large investment in two movie sequels. There was a slew of news based on previously theatrical only films coming to streaming. And could there be another streaming service in the future for NBCUniversal? Find out...


091: NFL Deals and the Streaming Landscape

The last two weeks saw new details for the upcoming AVOD version of HBO Max, Disney+ hit a new milestone, Netflix cracking down on password sharing, and some major sports deals that change the landscape of the streaming services. And what do we swear off covering in the future? Listen to find out on the...


090: Paramount+ First Thoughts

Paramount+ has launched and Dustin gives his first thoughts on the service. Is it worth the money? Is there enough content to make people stay using it after the trials and discounts expire? Find all about it and more from the past week’s worth of news from the world of streaming. News Rundown Netflix: Netflix...


089: Paramount+ Details

The past two weeks have brought a ton of info on the latest addition to the Streaming Wars, Paramount+. How much will it cost? What will it offer? Find out all about it and the other big news from the world of streaming. News Rundown Netflix: Wednesday Addams Live-Action Series From Tim Burton Ordered By...


088: Disney’s Latest Numbers

After a week off, there still isn’t a ton of news to discuss, but we do have the most recent numbers from Disney. In addition to that, we discuss HBO Max’s push into international markets and theorize about a major merger floating around on the net. All of that and more as Tony and Dustin...


087: HBO Max and Peacock Gains

Streaming news starts to get back into the normal groove with the latest quarterly reports which bring new subscriber numbers for HBO Max and Peacock. Other highlights from the week include ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ topping the holiday week after all, IMDb TV landing on Roku, and a new split streaming deal for a top sitcom....


086: Peacock, Sports and the WWE Network

A slow week turned into yet another major announcement relating to sports and streaming. Outside of a few quick service updates, the week is all about Peacock and the plans to add even more sports including the entirety of the WWE Network. Fina all about the latest in the Streaming Wars now. News Rundown Netflix:...


085: The Importance of Evergreen Content

It was a slow week, but Paramount+ announced their launch date and Apple TV+ announced more free trial extensions. In addition to those updates, we also hear about the most recent awards nominations and how important evergreen content is for streaming services. News Rundown Netflix: Netflix plans to remake “Sexy Beasts”: Netflix boards survival...


084: HBO Max/Amazon Deal Details

Another week and more sports deals are in place for streaming services. That news takes a backseat to the news of Roku’s new active user number along with details from the HBO Max and Amazon deal to bring the service to Fire devices. The episode rounds out with a discussion regarding the importance of movies...


083: Sports, Holidays, and Discovery+ Launch

It has been a few weeks, but there were some big things that happened over the holiday break. More deals relating to sports are popping up while the launch of Discovery+ occurred. But what was the biggest takeaway from the past three weeks? Find out as Dustin and Tony bring you a new format for...


082: It’s a Disney World

This past week was a huge week for all of the streaming offerings from Disney and with new subscriber numbers, new integration, and a massive slate of content, there is a lot to talk about. Join Tony and Dustin as they discuss everything from the Disney Investor Day and everything else from the world of...


081: HBO Max Shockwave and Discovery+

Just when Disvoery finally reveals details for their streaming service and they have the spotlight, WarnerMedia sends shockwaves through the entertainment industry with an announcement for HBO Max. Will their plan work or will it alienate everyone outside the customer? Find out as Dustin and Tony discuss the latest news from the world of streaming....


080: HBO Max Lands Two Major Deals

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last news roundup episode and there is some major news to cover. Disney+ has hit their first year anniversary and with that some major numbers. HBO Max landed a deal with Amazon to come to Fire devices. But all of that was trumped by the news that...