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The Top Split – Episode #013 – ‘Splash and Dash’

This is the first of the new shorter form podcast that we're calling 'Splash and Dash'. Where we will discuss more topical iRacing issues of the day. The longer form episodes that I have been doing will continue with regular 'Splash and Dash' episodes mixed in. I also welcome my new co-host Alex John. You may know him already from the last Panel episode or more recently the Monday Night Lights commentary. We'll be teaming up for these shorter, more frequent episodes so feel free to reach out...


The Top Split – Episode #012 – Tammy ‘WildAnnie’ Jeffery

My guest this episode was the fabulous Tammy Jeffery often better known by her online persona as 'WildAnnie'. Tammy is a twitch streamer from the UK and she captured my imagination with her energetic and authentic approach to her streaming and her racing. She's a ton of fun and I really enjoyed our catch up. Make sure you drop by her Twitch channel at - and follow her on twitter - @PaperGoblin to see what's going on in the world of the wonderful 'WildAnnie'!


The Top Split – Episode #011 – The Panel II – #goteammilo

In this episode I revive The Panel, this time with some members of the ANZ iRacing giants in Team Milo. We caught up on a few hot topics and had a few laughs along the way. Alex John also has a crack at The Tops Split Hotlap Leaderboard, so make sure you check out the standings here - LINKY


The Top Split – Episode #010 – Brian Sheridan

Well we're back! It's been a long break, but, The Top Split podcast is back on the air. This episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Brian Sheridan. Shero is the life force behind the Friday Night Race Club, an iRacing league that promotes fun and laughs on and off the track. Shero and I spoke about the FNRC and how it came about. Along with diving into some deeper thoughts on what clubs like the FNRC can mean to people beyond the on track action.


The Top Split – Episode #009 – Benny Simonsen

This month I was fortunate enough to speak with professional racing driver Benny Simonsen. Benny was generous enough to share some of his experiences and insights into the comparisons between sim racing and racing in real life. He also gave some great impressions of his times racing some of the fantastic cars we race on the iRacing service in real life. If you'd like to follow Benny's exploits in the world of GT racing, you can find him in the following places: Instagram - @bennysimonsen22...


The Top Split – Episode #008 – Johnny Guindi

I had the great pleasure of speaking with Johnny Guindi, a young up and coming driver on the real racing tracks around the world as well as in iRacing. Johnny is a Nissan GT Academy winner and he shares his experiences from the show as well as those on the track during the program and from the 24 hour race in Dubai. It was an exciting opportunity for me to speak with him about how real life racing compares to what we get on the iRacing service. If you'd like to get in touch with Johnny for...


The Top Split – Episode #007 – The Panel

In this episode of the podcast I speak with Dennis Fiedler and Desmond Harberger in the first ever attempt at 'The Panel'. We are just three blokes talking some stuff about iRacing as we see it. Nothing like getting some information from the grass roots. Desmond also has a crack at The Tops Split Hotlap Leaderboard, so make sure you check out the standings here - LINKY


The Top Split – Episode #006 – Tyson Meier

This episode I speak with Tyson Meier aka 'Quirk' an iRacing Twitch streamer. I very much enjoyed having Tyson on the show. He was open and honest in our conversation. I'm a regular viewer of his stream and can thoroughly recommend it. He streams regularly and it's a great watch. You can check out his channel here - Make sure you check out footage of Tyson's crack at The Top Split Hotlap Leaderboard, which you can find here - LINKY


The Top Split – Episode #005 – Bernie Wiemers

In this episode I was finally able to talk to the man behind RRtv, Bernie Wiemers. Bernie has been on my list to have on the show since there was a list, so it was great to finally have him on the show. Bernie and I spoke about what is involved in broadcast streaming iRacing. All the tools of the trade and some of the thinking and work that goes on behind the scenes. It's a great starting point if you are thinking about doing some broadcasting or indeed just getting involved in your local...


The Top Split – Episode #004 – Nim Cross Jr.

IRacing Chief Steward Nim Cross Jr. was my guest this episode. Nim was able to give an excellent overview of the process drivers will go through when they lodge a protest as well as some fantastic insights into the philosophies behind the system. It's easy to tell that Nim is not only a fan of racing but is genuinely very passionate about what he does and really puts a lot of himself into his work in making the iRacing service and the experience of it better for us all. He was a wealth of...


The Top Split – Episode #003 – Matt Malone

This episode of The Top Split sees me take a look at the world of online streaming with Matt Malone, who is one of, if not the top iRacing streamer on Twitch along with his team at Grip TV. It was a fascinating insight into some of the concepts involved and it was great to have Matt on the show. He also took a spin around Okayama to take on The Top Split Leader board challenge and set the time to beat for all my future guests. If you'd like to find out more about Matt and the Grip TV team, I...


The Top Split – Episode #002 – Philippe Leybaert

In the second episode of The Top Split I take a look at the iRacing season that was for 2016 Season 4. I took a look at the upcoming Australasian Superskips and Australian Formula 1 Championships. Two new Hosted Leagues offering great racing opportunities for primarily ANZ club members, but, open to all looking for some great on track action. In the main part of the episode I had the fantastic opportunity to spend some time talking to Philippe Leybaert, who is not only the community...


The Top Split – Episode #001 – Simon Chambers

The very first episode of The Top Split! On this episode we introduce the podcast and outline some of the goals and what will be covered. Then we talk to our first ever guest, Simon Chambers, about the upcoming Australasian Superskips league and how to go about setting up a hosted league on iRacing. We then do a quick review of the Skip Barber Official championship as we move into the final week of Season 4 for 2016 and look at how the local Australia/New Zealand club drivers have fared....