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Every week, host Elvis Mitchell conducts in-depth interviews with the most innovative and influential people working in entertainment, art, and pop culture.

Every week, host Elvis Mitchell conducts in-depth interviews with the most innovative and influential people working in entertainment, art, and pop culture.


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Every week, host Elvis Mitchell conducts in-depth interviews with the most innovative and influential people working in entertainment, art, and pop culture.




Dime Davis: ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’

Dime Davis: ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’


Oliver Stone: ‘Chasing the Light’

This week on The Treatment, Oscar-winning director and screenwriter Oliver Stone sits down with host Elvis Mitchell to discuss his new memoir, ‘Chasing the Light,’ which covers the first 40 years of his life and career as a filmmaker. Stone won a screenwriting Oscar for ‘Midnight Express’ and two as a director of ‘Platoon’ and ‘Born on The Fourth of July.’


Katori Hall: ‘P Valley’

Playwright and showrunner Katori Hall joins Elvis Mitchell this week on ‘The Treatment.’ Hall’s plays include ‘The Mountaintop’ and ‘Hurt Village,’ and her most recent project is the Starz series ‘P Valley,’ which is about people who work at a strip club in the Mississippi Delta. Hall and Mitchell discuss how her work can often be a “backstage into Blackness” where characters can be unapologetically themselves. She takes issue with her plays and series being called melodrama, saying they are...


Stephen Root: ‘Perry Mason’

Stephen Root: ‘Perry Mason’


Barry Avrich: 'David Foster: Off the Record'

What do Earth, Wind & Fire and Michael Bublé have in common? Mega music producer David Foster. Before he became famous for his presence on reality TV, Foster brought his soaring sensibilities and steely concentration to artists like Barbara Streisand, Whitney Houston, and Chicago. Documentary filmmaker Barry Avrich turned a camera on Foster for the Netflix film, “David Foster: Off the Record,” and tracked the difference between control in the studio and the chaos outside of it. Avirch...


Sam Wasson: 'The Big Goodbye'

In author and cultural historian Sam Wasson's new book, 'The Big Goodbye', he tells us that the 1970s ended in Hollywood in 1974, with the release of the epochal film 'Chinatown'. He takes us inside the chaotic and creative environment that brought screenwriter Robert Towne, director Roman Polanski, studio chief Robert Evans and star Jack Nicholson together -- a once in a lifetime union.


Gina Prince-Bythewood: "The Old Guard"

Director Gina Prince-Bythewood found a project that fit into many of the themes she's explored in her films going back to her debut, 2000's "Love & Basketball" in, of all places, the pages of an action-adventure graphic novel. She talks about how her upcoming Netflix feature, "The Old Guard", connected many of the dots for her on "The Treatment".


Judd Apatow: 'The King of Staten Island'

Writer/Director Judd Apatow has focused his career on making comedy – and drama – people who, when forced to make a choice between adulthood and remaining a kid, put it off. And the emotional wreckage that indecision leaves. For Pete Davidson's turn and first starring role, Apatow exposes Pete Davidson to indecision. He'll discuss that perspective taking him from '40-Year-Old Virgin' to 'The King of Staten Island' on The Treatment.


Bashir Salahuddin and Diallo Riddle: 'Sherman's Showcase Black History Month Spectacular'

The IFC comedy series 'Sherman's Showcase' uses a parody of 'Soul Train' as its launch point, because 'Soul Train' packed so much under its tent. Most importantly, the songs exist for them as music pieces first and foremost -- and then, as comedy. 'Sherman' stars and creators, Bashir Salahuddin and Diallo Riddle, talk about that and more in discussing the upcoming 'Sherman's Showcase Black History Month Spectacular' -- in June! on 'The Treatment'.


Holland Taylor: 'Hollywood'

The best actors can make words dance, and we take pleasure in their pleasure. Holland Taylor is just such an actress and in the Netflix series, 'Hollywood,' Ryan Murphy created the space for her to do her magic, which she talks about on this episode of 'The Treatment.'


Andre Leon Talley: 'The Chiffon Trenches'

Faith is what got Andre Leon Talley through decades of intrigues and betrayal in the world of high fashion. The former Vogue Magazine Creative Director -- and the first African-American to hold such a title -- details his survival strategies in his best-selling new memoir 'The Chiffon Trenches', on The Treatment.


Alan Zweibel: 'Laugh Lines: My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier'

Forty-five years ago, Alan Zweibel joined the first group of writers responsible for an unknown project called 'NBC's Saturday Night' -- later changed to 'Saturday Night Live'. Since then, he brought his meticulous perspective -- and voice -- talents from Garry Shandling to Billy Crystal. His new book, 'Laugh Lines: My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier', details his history in the workday world of television, movie and book comedy.


Kenya Barris: '#blackAF'

Kenya Barris followers may think his hit sitcom ‘Blackish’ is autobiographical, but his new netflix series ‘#blackAF’ cuts much closer to the bone. He raises the stakes by starring in this show as well — so you know exactly who to blame, or praise.


Stella Meghie: 'The Photograph'

Writer and director Stella Meghie has moved her strengths — verbal aggression, a revealing eye for wardrobe, distinctive perspectives for characters, narrative driven by women — from comedy to drama with her newest film, ‘The Photograph’.


Alice Wu: 'The Half of It'

With just two films -- 'Saving Face' and her newest, 'The Half of It', director Alice Wu has found a way to play with triangles – three-sided romantic relationships, emotional threesomes and the self splintered into trios. She talks about how aware -- and unenlightened – her characters are.


Scott Sternberg: Entireworld

When designer Scott Sternberg shut his clothing line band of outsiders to create a brand, Entireworld, that was strictly about ease and e-commerce rather than formality and brick-and-mortar stores, he had no idea that the new concept would fit so well into the world we now face. He discusses the future of fashion, and style.


Mark Romanek: 'Tales from the Loop'

To help him realize his vision for the Amazon fantasy-drama series, “Tales from the Loop," director Mark Romanek (“One Hour Photo,” “Never Let Me Go”) brought a group of feature-film behind-the-scenes artisans who’ve never worked in TV before. Listen to his take on the result.


Jason Segel: ‘Dispatches from Elsewhere'

When the documentary/performance piece they institute caught the attention of Jason Segel, he decided to turn it into a shape shifting drama series about the need for community. The result, which he wrote and stars in, is ‘Dispatches from Elsewhere’, and there’s no better time for it than now.


Max Brooks: ‘Germ Warfare: A Very Graphic History’

Author and crisis historian Max Brooks (‘World War Z’, ‘Harlem Hellfighters’) brings his affinity to translating dystopian scenarios into compelling narrative with his project, ‘Germ Warfare: A Very Graphic History’.


Dee Rees: 'The Last Thing He Wanted'

In a handful of features, including 'Mudbound,' which made her only the second African-American woman ever to get a screenwriting Oscar nomination, writer-director Dee Rees has centered on stories about family that can confound us. Even when they're trying their best. She finds elements of this perspective in Joan Didion's 'The Last Thing He Wanted,' and her adaptation brings new thematic elements to the project as a result.