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A Secret Ritual Where Entrepreneurs Acquire Highly Classified And Confidential Business Knowledge That The Top 1% Of Income Earners Don’t Want You To Know…

A Secret Ritual Where Entrepreneurs Acquire Highly Classified And Confidential Business Knowledge That The Top 1% Of Income Earners Don’t Want You To Know…
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A Secret Ritual Where Entrepreneurs Acquire Highly Classified And Confidential Business Knowledge That The Top 1% Of Income Earners Don’t Want You To Know…




Best Email Marketing Software and Autoresponders

"Which service should I use to send marketing emails for my business?" Protip #1: DON'T USE MAILCHIMP Protip #2: Watch today's episode of The Underground Marketing Conspiracy to find out which service is best for your specific industry and niche.


How to Price Your Products So They SELL

Many business owners seem to struggle with pricing their products. They're not sure how much to charge or even how to calculate the total cost of fulfilling an order. Here's my quick and dirty strategy for pricing your products so customers and clients actually buy them.


How to Think Like a CEO

People believe that being a CEO is easy... but it's NOT. Being at the top of the totem pole in an organization is requires making lots of extremely important decisions. Today I'm going to share with you some ideas on maintaining a positive mental attitude and what to focus on when you are the head honcho in a business.


Why You MUST Take Publishing Content Seriously

Whether you are in B2C or B2B, you need to stop thinking of yourself as a "business" and start looking at yourself as a media company. Content marketing will help you attract, educate, convert, and close happy customers. When you regularly publish content, magical things happen in your business so here are some tips and tactics for creating more content.


Little Known and Underrated Business Books

More and more books about business and entrepreneurship are published every day. But there are a few books that none of the Experts and Gurus EVER talk about. To save you some time, I've chosen a few of my favorite books that should be on your bookshelf if you are serious about growing your business.


Lazyman's Guide to Using Memes, GIFs and Emojis (oh my!) on Social Media

Looking to amp up your engagement on social media? Adding memes, GIFs and emojis to your social media routine can help humanize your brand and speak more directly to your audience. In this episode of the Underground Marketing Conspiracy, I will share how to use each of these new communication formats so you can elicit strong emotions with your posts.


Should You Use Black Hat Marketing Tactics?

Buying followers and likes... Using Instagram bots... Getting fake reviews on Fiverr... These are all things entrepreneurs ask me about and if they are deceptive or legit. On today's episode of UMC, I will share my thoughts on each of the black hat tactics and if you should use them to grow your business.


Most Influential People in Small Business Marketing

If you're a busy entrepreneur, chances are you are always looking for advice, strategies and trends from "Guru's" or "Influencers". There are so many different people you can learn from but since you don't have enough time to listen to everybody, here are the entrepreneurs who taught me the most about business, sales and marketing.


How to Use Guarantees to Increase Sales and Improve Conversions

The easiest way to earn a customer's trust and get them to try your products or services by including a rock-solid guarantee. Today I will share with you several different ways you can spice up your offers with guarantees and warranties in today's episode of the Underground Marketing Conspiracy.


How To Create & Manage A Successful Product Line

Thinking about selling different product categories in your company? It's quite common for companies to have several product lines, mixes or extensions. Find out if having variations of your products is a profitable strategy for your business, on this episode of "The Underground Marketing Conspiracy".


The Perfect Closing Script For High-Ticket Sales

Traditional mainstream sales techniques have become ineffective and obsolete. The "assumptive close" or the "alternative choice close" or even the "puppy dog close" just don't have the same power as they used to. If you want to dominate your next sales conversation so you close the deal without being pushy, then you'd better not miss today's episode of The Underground Marketing Conspiracy.


FREE Lead Generation Strategy For Social Media

Want more leads...for FREE? Well, then you are not going to want to miss this episode where I share my secret social media lead generation strategy.


3 Most Important Words In Marketing

Most entrepreneurs know that saying the right thing, to the right person, at the right time is the key to growing their business When you use the right words - you will see a fountain of sales. When you use the wrong words - you'll see a slow trickle of sales. Here are the three words that every great copywriter has mastered and once you learn how to use them properly, you will never need to worry about sales ever again.


The Powerful Email Sequence EVERY Email Business Needs

Emailing marketing automation is the most effective strategy to nurture new leads, but what sort of emails should you be sending from your autoresponder? Today I'll share exactly what you need to put in each email so you create a strong bond with your new subscribers and build a relationship at every point in the customer journey.


How To Create Sticky Ideas

"Stickiness" in marketing can refer to how long someone spends on your website, or watches your video, or engages with your brand. But, developing big sticky ideas that people remember and that makes them come back requires a completely different approach than most businesses are used to. If you want to create viral marketing campaigns that are also memorable, then you are not going to want to miss today's episode of UMC.


The Future Of The Cannabis Industry

A few days ago, the Canadian government legalized cannabis edibles which opens up yet another new business opportunity for budding entrepreneurs. This means that a multi-billion dollar industry that employs thousands of people already is about to get even bigger. In today's episode, I share my two cents on some ideas for growing your weed business.


STOP Spamming Me! (do this instead to sell more)

Are you getting your prospects' consent before making them an offer? Marketing is a PRIVILEGE and not a RIGHT so when you ask permission first, the results are better engagement, conversion rates and customer loyalty. Check out this episode where I talk about how to use permission marketing to make your customers feel comfortable when you are selling them on your new opportunity.


The Untapped Power Of Vulnerability In Business

Letting down your guard and ego mask is scary, but it's an easy way to connect with others and gain their trust. Having said that, there is a very fine line between being "authentically vulnerable" and being vulnerable as a tool to make money. In this episode of UMC, I'm going to talk about how you can use vulnerability in an ethical way to grow your business.


Understanding The Power Of Email Marketing Relationships

One of the foundations of building a long term sustainable business is the ability to build a bond between you and your customers via email marketing. Yet so many entrepreneurs think short-sighted and want the quick sale, so they abuse their list with spam. With that said, here are some of my personal methods to keep in touch with your list without being sales-y, slimy or sleazy.


Interviewing Scaling Expert Peter Tarr

This afternoon I had the pleasure and privilege to interview Peter Tarr. Peter is one of the USA's most highly regarded CEOs, social media marketing experts and lead generation masters. He’s had back-to-back appearances on America's Inc. 500 and Inc. 50. Most recently he founded and operated an e-commerce brand that generated over $2MM in sales which earned him the prestigious ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club Award. In this episode of UMC, Peter reveals secrets about scaling, relationship...