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To Expose The Music Underground and Bring it to the masses so people can Enjoy Real And True Musicians!!!

To Expose The Music Underground and Bring it to the masses so people can Enjoy Real And True Musicians!!!


Farmington Hills, MI




To Expose The Music Underground and Bring it to the masses so people can Enjoy Real And True Musicians!!!




Revelations Of The Damned: a Second annual 2 Part Vault Special!!

The time of the year has befallen on us!!!! Halloween!!!!!! to help me celebrate this episode a very special guest of the vaults past joined in on the fun!!! in this episode we mainly talked bout the legacy of the misfits!!! Stay tuned for tommorows nights second part!!!

Episode 22: Secrets Of The Vault Keeper: the 500 Fan Ghoulbration

Thats right fellow Vault creeps!! we have finally made it to 500 fans on the offical Fan page and to thnx all of the fans out there we are realesing this offical Episode, An interview with future upandcoming Filmmakers Michael Devore and Jason West TUNE IN VAULT CREEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Episode 21: Souls Of Sin *Interview With Toy Called God*

So Far The Third Audio Season Seems to be going well Fresh off the Gravesite After We Just got Aird on 101.9 Fox Fm-THe Internets Rock Station I was Joined By The band Toy Called God In this Episode we went over * their feelings About Censorship And Autotuning * Some of the infleunces of their music * The meaning behind their name And so much More!! Brutal tunes played in this Episode!! Enjoy wil your Soul Sins from the brutality Of the Music!! WE WARNED YA!!!

Slaughterous Season 3 opener

WE ARE BACK!! Thats Right THe Vault is back And i am not alone I was joined in this episode by my two brand new co-hosts *Kryptic Keith *Ben havis In this episode We went over mostly Current events that are going on in the world Hope everyone Enjoys This Panel Disscussion episode!!!

Monster Masoleum Movie Review # 1

Well Vault Creeps, The Vault's 3rd Audio Season Is almost Upon Us!! To hold all the fans over, We have decided TO come out with our Very first Movie Review Of the Indie Horror Film "Rage" Directed By Christopher R Witherspoon In this Episode i was Joined by my Good Friend Christopher Daisy In reviewing this Film!!

Rapture Eve 2011 Celebration Special

Well Vault Creeps Tonight is the night, the night the world ends. Have nothing else better to do?? then come celebrate it with us!! In this episode I was Joined by my Brand new co-host Freshly Dug from the Crypt Kryptic Keith Mandell!!! In this celebration we went over -What does exactly qualify as the end of the world? -Diffrent apocalyptic theory's -global warming -What do you do during a Zombie Apocalypse? Hope you all have a fun Rapture Eve 2011. See you all when the World ends!!!!


Episode 17 Undead Sports Nightmare 2

Well, well, well, Welcome Vault Ghouls and Vault Creeps to the Second Installment of the Undead Sports Nightmare Series. In this Episode I had the Oppertunity of interviewing yet another Alumi from the "In Your Head Wrestling Radio" Online world. Brandon "Specs Sun" Lyle. We went over in this episode, - His Love of sports - Crazy memories of games that inspired him -His chance to go to Wrestlemania 27 -And his shoutouts to IYH/WYH