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TVUH Triple Shot - A Retirement, A Refugee And A Raid

It's another TVUH Triple Shot. Three things in the last week or so that deserve being "addressed" on the show. Well, at least I think so and since I produce the show... guess what. The Retirement - After seven Federal election wins, twice Minister with two different governments and his largest margin of victory in 2015, Scott Brison has retired effective immediately as Minister and MP. A trailblazer for the LGBTQ2 community who was part of reforming Canada's sexual orientation laws out of...


Truth in 2019 - Renew Or Redux?

A new year brings new expectations, new hopes, new priorities and... the same old disappointing circle-jerk of posturing and manouvering for power and narrative control? Can recent history give expectation of much else? One would be described as optimistic, to put it kindly, in hoping for some sort of return to a fact-based process regarding anything requiring consent from the citizenry. After all, it only makes sense from a "business" perspective that the drive to get feelings to dominate...


Stanley Cohen On The Shelf-life Of Kool-Aid

The View Up Here welcomes back attorney, activist and agent of change Stanley L. Cohen for a 2018 year-end discussion about the year that was and the trajectory going forward into 2019. In what seems to be the norm now, old phrases have taken on new meaning and new purpose. Never before has caveat emptor had more impact as it now seems the only rule is there are no rules. Our discussion will focus on a few of these weaponized catch phrases, their historical meaning and their new...


Bill C-76 - When Electoral Modernization Is Electoral Restoration And The Future

One of the biggest planks in the 2015 Liberal election platform was "Electoral Reform" which was a multi-faceted pledge. We know what happened with the part concerning electoral systems - Sweet F**k All and Canadians will remember that. But the other part of the pledge was correcting the damage done by the "Unfair Elections Act" of the Harper regime. That process started in 2016 with introduction of a bill to address the issue but went absolutely nowhere until this past spring. In April...


The Montreal First Liars Conference - Much Ado About Not Much

The First Ministers Conference. A wonderfully Canadian creation where Provincial and Territorial Premiers try to use their 13-to-1 advantage to extort/persuade/embarrass/browbeat the Federal government into delivering on aims not necessarily in the "national interest" despite all claims to the contrary. There is no real purpose to these gatherings in reality. Federal governance is determined by the House of Commons, where all voters in Canada have a say (in theory). Provincial and...


TVUH Global - Welcome To The Era of The Permanent War Complex with Jon Nichols

Dwight Eisenhower was the last career military man to hold the office of President of the United States. The 5-star General knew the business of war. On January 17, 1961 in his final Presidential address after 8 years in which the Cold War raged, a dire warning was given to the American people and by proxy to the world. "We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the Military-Industrial Complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of...


#TMX - The Spin Remains The Same with Robyn Allan

Trans-Mountain Expansion. Three words that evoke many different reactions from many different people. Despite a custom designed "approval" process meant to ignore all evidence to question it and promote easily disprovable benefit scenarios, the Federal Court of Appeal revoked the Federal Cabinet certificate of approval for the project this past summer. Which was immediately followed by the Government of Canada taking on all responsibility for it by handing Kinder Morgan an over 600% gain...


Survivor Smarks On Survivor Series & NXT War Games

It's time for the last Big Four PPV of the year as WWE moves into Staples Center in Los Angeles for four straight nights with, in order - NXT War Games, Survivor Series, RAW and SmackDown Live. Survivor Series has traditionally been marketed as Brand versus Brand, but this year with all the twists of fate leading to the event in the last couple months, perhaps it's the creative teams fighting to survive. Roman Reigns leaving for medical treatment. The poor sale of Brock Lesnar regaining...


TVUH Triple Rant - Tony, The Bunk Debate and The Furthest Thing From Resistance

It's that time again. Back by semi-popular demand, The View Up Here Triple Rant. After all...when in Rome... Tony - Despite best efforts of the CPC and corporate media, there is no denying the abrupt and complete derailment of a career politician with the highest civilian security clearance in the land. At his From releasing it on US Midterm Day after sitting on it for a week, to minimizing it, to retracting that, to being sent to the backbenches to off the bench in 48...


#MMMLiveonthe5 - Psychometrics & Human Malware - A Compromised Global System

Imagine you could influence regions across the globe, people of different cultures and languages on the same ideological issues. From one central point of execution with the masses not knowing they are part of a larger over-riding stategy far beyond their concerns. When people believe what speaks to them doesn't do that at all. But they think it does. Evidence of such operations has been known since 2011, thanks to the Anonymous raid on HB Gary Federal. The industry has had robust growth...


Bill C-75 - More Omnibus Legislation On Justice From The No-Omnibus Government

Remember the 2015 election campaign? Remember how Justin Trudeau said Omnibus Legislation has no place in a democracy? There were a lot of promises made about fixing Canada's justice laws and modernizing the courts. And the bills from the new Government came rolling out. Bill C-28 was aimed at the punitive and inflexible Victim Surcharge regime from Harper and the CPC. Bill C-38, meant to proclaim into force Bill C-452 from 2015 which addressed human trafficking. Bill C-39 sought to remove...


The Smarks Go 2-for-1 On Evolution And Crown Disaster

Two. Two. Two shows in one! The two WWE events The Smarks cover in this episode are becoming more like night and day by the hour. At first it seemed like a good idea to combine the two into one show considering they are only one week apart. Things aren't working out as planned, shall we say, for us or the Company. Evolution, the first all-womens event, has been gaining momentum since its announcement. All three womens belts in the company will be up for grabs, along with this year's final...


Just Transition - How Do You Change A Way Of Life For Towns, Nations & The World

Just Transition If you don't know what this two word policy of the present and foreseeable future is about, you will soon. With "once in a century" storms happening every decade or less, with the insurmountable amount of scientific evidence growing every day, with banks around the world refusing to finance new fossil fuel infrastructure, the writing is on the wall. Humanity must break the carbon energy addiction, and fast. Despite the status quo/denial gameplan from political parties on...


TVUH Global - Corporate Censorship With Government Approval Equals Fascism

Freedom. The most bastardized "noble" word there is. In the 21st century what does it mean to you? What does it mean to Governments? What does it mean to corporations and institutional investors like pension funds and hedge funds? The USA, with cultural dominance over much of the globe, has sold a version of freedom that implies the individual is protected from the over-reach of the State. Don't worry citizens, your rights to expression are above the State. Oh, by the way, we have also de...


Change Means Reverse Only At The Kenney/Ford Lugenrally

Your host has attended his first Trump rally in Canada. Featuring co-stars Jason Kenney and Doug Ford taking marquee billing to preach to the approximately 1500 extras from the live version of King Of The Hill. Complete with MAGA hats (both America and Alberta), Trump jerseys, Trudeau Sucks t-shirts, a damn good honkytonk band and two cash bars running full out. This was in Calgary after all, the Nurmburg of the CPC. Drawing 1500 people with national advertising provided by corporate media...


Super Smarks Preview WWE Super Showdown

Ready to be up at between 2 am (PDT) and 5 am (EDT) for the live event start on Saturday morning? That's when it will be Saturday night in Melbourne for the Super Showdown. Ten matches but only four belts on the line, three from SmackDown Live and the Cruiserweight title. Throw in all kinds of storyline silliness, legends to push new(er) characters, a sudden surge in 6-body tag matches and a "Last Chapter" (hopefully). The reasoning is clear from a marketing standpoint given that over 70,000...


A Dead Stop, A New Start And A Reset Of The Big Game

The View Up Here has a Triple Shot this week. Three events, three different results in three different environments and the same old problems in each of them. The Dead Stop - New Brunswick will carry on with an interim caretaker Government as a result of election results as the four parties in play continue to try and make a deal to be in on the new Government. Brian Gallant is still Premier until he presents a Throne Speech to see if he can carry confidence of the House. By tradition and...


Quebec Votes - Has The Playing Field Changed? Pas Tellement

On October 1st, Quebec holds its 42nd General Election and for the first time in 50 years the main issue is NOT independence. Things have changed somewhat into "Quebecois Values" being the signature theme of the campaign. As the stumbles, provocations and three televised debates have passed, what was once a seeming inevitability of a majority Coalition Avenir Quebec victory has become a real horse race with the incumbent Quebec Liberal Party. What is new in QCpoli? Immigration. Not the act...


New Brunswick Votes - Will The Irvings Win Again? Yep.

Welcome to Season 10 of The View Up Here. And here we go... New Brunswick heads to the polls on September 24th to elect a new Provincial Government. The 39th general election has five parties in contention, but only two are considered to have a chance to lead the next Legislature. At dissolution, the Liberal Party led by Premier Brian Gallant held 25 seats out of 49, the slimmest of majorities. The Progressive Conservative party led by Blaine Higgs, a former 20-plus year employee of Irving...


All-Canadian Smarks Episode On Hell In A Cell And Looking Ahead

Hell In A Cell goes Sunday, September 16 in San Antonio, TX. There are only two matches that utilize the namesake of the event, but they should be entertaining for sure. Braun Strowman cashes in the MITB to face Roman Reigns in the Cell for the Universal Championship. Seems suitable for this never ending storyline. Throw in two legendary risk-takers in the other Cell match, Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton, and the signature prop should be done justice. Every belt from RAW is on the line except...