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TVUH Global - Corporate Censorship With Government Approval Equals Fascism

Freedom. The most bastardized "noble" word there is. In the 21st century what does it mean to you? What does it mean to Governments? What does it mean to corporations and institutional investors like pension funds and hedge funds? The USA, with cultural dominance over much of the globe, has sold a version of freedom that implies the individual is protected from the over-reach of the State. Don't worry citizens, your rights to expression are above the State. Oh, by the way, we have also de...


Change Means Reverse Only At The Kenney/Ford Lugenrally

Your host has attended his first Trump rally in Canada. Featuring co-stars Jason Kenney and Doug Ford taking marquee billing to preach to the approximately 1500 extras from the live version of King Of The Hill. Complete with MAGA hats (both America and Alberta), Trump jerseys, Trudeau Sucks t-shirts, a damn good honkytonk band and two cash bars running full out. This was in Calgary after all, the Nurmburg of the CPC. Drawing 1500 people with national advertising provided by corporate media...


Super Smarks Preview WWE Super Showdown

Ready to be up at between 2 am (PDT) and 5 am (EDT) for the live event start on Saturday morning? That's when it will be Saturday night in Melbourne for the Super Showdown. Ten matches but only four belts on the line, three from SmackDown Live and the Cruiserweight title. Throw in all kinds of storyline silliness, legends to push new(er) characters, a sudden surge in 6-body tag matches and a "Last Chapter" (hopefully). The reasoning is clear from a marketing standpoint given that over 70,000...


A Dead Stop, A New Start And A Reset Of The Big Game

The View Up Here has a Triple Shot this week. Three events, three different results in three different environments and the same old problems in each of them. The Dead Stop - New Brunswick will carry on with an interim caretaker Government as a result of election results as the four parties in play continue to try and make a deal to be in on the new Government. Brian Gallant is still Premier until he presents a Throne Speech to see if he can carry confidence of the House. By tradition and...


Quebec Votes - Has The Playing Field Changed? Pas Tellement

On October 1st, Quebec holds its 42nd General Election and for the first time in 50 years the main issue is NOT independence. Things have changed somewhat into "Quebecois Values" being the signature theme of the campaign. As the stumbles, provocations and three televised debates have passed, what was once a seeming inevitability of a majority Coalition Avenir Quebec victory has become a real horse race with the incumbent Quebec Liberal Party. What is new in QCpoli? Immigration. Not the act...


New Brunswick Votes - Will The Irvings Win Again? Yep.

Welcome to Season 10 of The View Up Here. And here we go... New Brunswick heads to the polls on September 24th to elect a new Provincial Government. The 39th general election has five parties in contention, but only two are considered to have a chance to lead the next Legislature. At dissolution, the Liberal Party led by Premier Brian Gallant held 25 seats out of 49, the slimmest of majorities. The Progressive Conservative party led by Blaine Higgs, a former 20-plus year employee of Irving...


All-Canadian Smarks Episode On Hell In A Cell And Looking Ahead

Hell In A Cell goes Sunday, September 16 in San Antonio, TX. There are only two matches that utilize the namesake of the event, but they should be entertaining for sure. Braun Strowman cashes in the MITB to face Roman Reigns in the Cell for the Universal Championship. Seems suitable for this never ending storyline. Throw in two legendary risk-takers in the other Cell match, Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton, and the signature prop should be done justice. Every belt from RAW is on the line except...


Bill C-69 - Goodbye NEB, Hello Omnibus Rewrite With Too Many Empty Blanks

A big promise of the Trudeau Liberal campaign in 2015 was a complete rewriting of the Federal Environmental Review process. There was no question the 2012 Canadian Environmental Assessment Act was a failure. When you have panels of review agencies resigning over conflicts of interest, it's time to start over. The courts cancelled Northern Gateway, with just cause due to the flawed review process. As citizens began to impede the road for Energy East, the re-opening possibility of Keystone XL...


CPC Halifax Convention - More Questions Than Answers?

The 2019 CPC Convention in Halifax has come and gone. So has Maxime Bernier regarding the Party. Inevitable? Yes, likely, but the other inevitabilities are not remotely new in any way shape or form from the Party of Harper that insists Harper is history. But then, maybe Emperor is in the rear-view mirror considering the passed resolutions to re-open the legality of abortion and remove birth-right citizenship, issues kept closed by Harper for a decade. Make no mistake, this is not a united...


SummerSmarks predict SummerSlam & TakeOver Brooklyn 4

Have you seen enough of the promos for "The Summer's Biggest Event"? And barely a mention of TakeOver? Par for the course in Vince's world. Barclay's Center in Brooklyn will host both SummerSlam on Sunday, August 19 and TakeOver Brooklyn 4 on Saturday, August 18 for the fourth year in a row. As usual, the difference in length and promotion demonstrate more than just priorities for the company. The NXT event has five matches involving all four belts plus one to simply entertain the fans. Is...


Feminism & Canadian Politics Actions Matter More Than Words with Julie Lalonde

By any measurement you wish to use, Feminism and its causes have never been more prominent than they are today. Over the past few years with the utilization of social media, attention on spousal abuse, sexual assault of all kinds, open misogyny, institutional bias, consent, behavioural norms and more have been broken open with the advent of the "hashtag". #WhyIStayed highlighting spousal abuse, #YesAllWomen and #EverydaySexism revealing misogyny, #TimesUp calling for real change now,...


Parliamentary Precinct Renovations - A Decade In And At Least A Decade To Go

There is no question that Canada's seat of democracy, the Parliamentary Precinct in Ottawa, was already overdue for renovation and restoration when the official process started in the 1990's. Studies, inspections, proposals, hearings and predictions play their part in all major spending programs and this huge group of projects certainly fulfilled that norm. And like all long developed and eventually delayed public works, the pricetags keep rising. To date, almost $5 Billion has been spent or...


Comprehensive & Progressive Only Change The Name of TPP Nothing Else

Did you think the Trans-Pacific Partnership died when the US withdrew? Did you think it would stay dead? Not by a longshot. The other eleven signatory nations treated the abandonment of the deal by Drumpf to be merely a temporary circumstance. Carry on! There are plenty of industries and corporations that want their deal. Especially the ones who have a presence and something to gain all around the Pacific Rim. Enter the Comprehensive & Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership. New name. New...


Cabinet Shuffle #2 - Let All The Games Begin Heading To Election 2019

For the second time since the start of the Trudeau government, the Federal Cabinet has been shuffled. Canadians can expect this being the team that will lead the LPC into the next election. There are no such things as surprises at this level anymore, by design. After all, message control is as much a part of governing as actual execution and delivery in this day and age. Cabinet grows by five to 35 members but maintains gender parity. Message #1. Eleven Ministers were moved to new portfolios...


Bill C-58 - Access To Information & Privacy Laws That Improve Neither For Canada

There were a lot of big promises in that 2015 LPC Campaign, weren't there? Such as electoral reform. Such as eliminating the National Energy Board and having new project hearings. Such as a new "relationship" with Indigenous Peoples. Such as "fixing" C-51. See a common theme here? Well, add another one to the growing pile. After promising to renew and replace Canada's 1982 Privacy and Access to Information laws, we get Bill C-58 which amends those 35 year old laws instead of replacing them....


Extreme Smarks On Extreme Rules Without Extreme Matches

Extreme Rules, a cross-branded PPV with a bloated ELEVEN matches and every title except the Part-Time Championship up for grabs, goes this Sunday in Pittsburgh. The Smarks are here to offer their "insight" on what's gonna go down. Only one title bout has been named as an Extreme Rules match, the RAW Womens Championship. We do get a 30-minute Iron Man Match for the Intercontinental belt, a Shark Cage match for what is sure to be shenanigans and a Steel Cage match for what most hope will be...


When Does "Advantage" Bring Structural Deficits? Ask Alberta

The legendary "Alberta Advantage". This narrative pushed an Alberta that enabled the entrepreneurial, can-do image that supposedly made the province special. Where taxation was so low, so far under the average of the rest of the country, that any hiccup in world markets for carbon based energy would create a black hole in the provincial ledger. Fear not, King Ralph Klein will defend the Alberta Advantage. By firing teachers, nurses and any other provincial employees he could find. By blowing...


Canada Is Generous ... Isn't It? The Numbers Say Not So Much

Canada enjoys a reputation at home and abroad as a generous nation. The legendary acceptance and support of the red maple leaf internationally was built over decades, with a general performance from governments to match the image. Those Canadians are fair and understanding folk. They are willing to help. How long has that reputation been riding on history rather than recent actions? Globally, according to recent studies, it seems Canada is not pulling its weight at home or abroad. Despite...


Who's (Not) Afraid Of Facts On Kinder Morgan? with Robyn Allan

Facts, Kinder Morgan and the Trans-Mountain Expansion. Very rarely shall the three intersect, by extensive design. Some factors, like climate, fade from the narrative because...well, they are inconvenient facts for proponents of TMX. Others such as a multi-year failure of Kinder Morgan to finance the project have been made moot by the Federal bailout plan. Corruption and incompetence of the National Energy Board continues to be found, yet the Trudeau government breaking the promise of a new...


Smarks In The Bank go deep on MITB, TakeOver Chicago II and a NJPW super-segment

Smarks In The Bank or what? After three PPV's in less than a month, it's been 6 weeks since that spurt ended. And it's time. Money In The Bank goes Sunday, June 17 and there are 10 matches scheduled, from the SmackDown Tag Championship in the pre-show, to both womens belts up for grabs, to the Intercontinental title match, to three grudge/storyline matches of varying degree, to a Last Man Standing WWE title match, to the Mens and Womens Ladder matches for the contracts. Will 4 hours be...