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#7 Arson for Candy

Jenny Roques Glynn and Jackie Oberkrom of Arson for Candy were kind enough to come play some songs in my living room, share some laughs and talk to me about being bandmates living over 800 miles apart, their approaches to songwriting and performing, and the inspirations behind some of their songs. Did I mention that they also played song in my living room? Their harmonies seriously give me goosebumps. You can listen to some more of their music here and connect with them on Facebook...


#6 Ethan Leinwand

This episode your host Allison Wilson hangs out with pre-war blues piano buff Ethan Leinwand. The music of St. Louis brought him here, and he works to preserve, spread, and dig deeper into this somewhat obscure category of tunes. Well, it might be obscure in other parts of the country, but St. Louis has a long memory when it comes to our musical heritage. You can find Ethan tickling the ivories all over town--at Yaquis on Cherokee, The Gramophone in the Grove, at Schlafly Bottleworks (and...


#5 Second Tuesdays

There are eight amazing stories in this episode! We teamed up with storytelling group Second Tuesdays to host an event at The Stage at KDHX with the theme of music in St. Louis. These stories were told in front of an audience without notes, and range from the hilarious to the harrowing.


#4 Miss Molly Simms

Your host Allison Wilson talks with powerhouse singer/songwriter/guitarist Miss Molly Simms about her career, advice for those starting out playing music in St. Louis, and her many projects including Bible Belt Sinners, Al Holliday and the East Side Rhythm Band, and more. We had to cut some of the conversation for time. Part of it was about her involvement with STL Here & Now, which sounds like a really cool project. We encourage you to watch the trailer for it and find out more about...


#3 Interview with Mike Cracchiolo

KDHX Producer Ed Plocher talks with Mike Cracchiolo of the Firebird and the Ready Room about getting into the music industry, booking bands and comedians, and a special show at the Ready Room.


#2 Behind the Scenes of Lo-Fi Cherokee 2016

This episode of The Way We Sound we take a look a popular multimedia event in St. Louis. Lo-fi Cherokee, now in it's 5th year, is sort of a music festival...well, it's a video shoot, really, but...just listen to the episode. We talk with creator/director Bill Streeter, check in with participants Dubb Nubb, and hang out before, during, and after the big event. The official video premiere party is Thursday, May 12, and features videos from 18 area bands.


#1 Art Dwyer, KDHX DJ and Founding Member of the Soulard Blues Band

The first episode of The Way We Sound features Art Dwyer. Art is the longtime DJ of KDHX’s Blues in the Night on Fridays from 4-7 pm, founding member of the Soulard Blues Band, and an all around cool guy. I had a nagging question that I think a lot of you can relate to: How do people decide what to do with their lives? For Art, there wasn't a clear path to a career, but once he found that being a musician was a viable option, he didn't look back. Listen to find out how he discovered his...