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Weekend from A to Z: Episode 31 - 11.26.2018

Episode 31 of The Weekend from A to Z Email: Weekend Recap: While Arthur is off celebrating Hanukkah, JT takes us back to Thanksgiving and tells us about his time spent with family and shares about his work filled weekend while out of town. Allen discusses his service filled weekend along with a short story about Dean's (Happy Birthday!) $10,000 spree in a San Jose strip club. Secondly, the infamous Susan joins us to discuss weird news and videos. Seriously... air...


Weekend from A to Z: Episode 30 - 11.19.2018

Episode 30 of The Weekend from A to Z Email: Weekend Recap: Arthur and Allen discuss their Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday shopping. Lastly, the two discuss Arthur's "Bracketology" plan. We cover a few listener emails, then talk about religion and relationships.


Weekend from A to Z: Lost Episode 3 - April 2018

Episode 3 of The Weekend, From A to Z Gym Etiquette: Farting in the sauna?? EBDB: Ever been an Eskimo brother? Do you want to? Fumble Through Bumble: Checking out the scenery


Weekend from A to Z: Episode 29 - 11.12.2018

Episode 29 of The Weekend from A to Z Email: Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope you all enjoy this little something before we all spend time with family and friends. Remember the lost episode goes up this coming Tuesday!


Weekend from A to Z: Episode 28 - 11.05.2018

Episode 28 of The Weekend from A to Z Email: Weekend Recap: Allen talks about the places visited on his bithday weekend with his younger brother. JT recaps his weekend at Friendsgiving and meeting another potential love interest. Arthur nursed himself the entire weekend. To attempt to offer some transparency into what we do for the podcast, we discuss previous scheduling conflicts but ultimately pin down a day to record. Secondly we start to talk about our respective...


Weekend from A to Z: Episode 27 - 10.29.2018

Episode 27 of The Weekend from A to Z Email: Weekend Recap: JT - Happy Hour with Leadership Frisco, brunch with the Dallas Audi club and family time watching football. Avant Garde Optometry, fashoin show, Batman showing at Studio Movie Grill. Allen - Track day weekend in Cresson, TX at Motorsports Ranch with The Drivers Edge Special Guest Javier - deer hunting in East Texas Other tidbits: Autocross, vehicle performance upgrades, JT's random nuggets of knowledge,...


Weekend from A to Z: OFFICIAL Episode 26 - 10.22.2018

Episode 25 of The Weekend from A to Z Email: Weekend Recap: Big thanks to Esmeralda who is our 2nd official guest to be on with us. She is officially a Texan so we were nice to her. The former Californian tells us what she thinks is the biggest lie people tell. Later she shares her thoughts on what makes a marriage work and tells us about a time she got into a fight during one of her first nights here in Texas. Tune in to hear all about it, plus more!...


Weekend from A to Z: Bonus from Episode 26 - 10.15.2018

Episode 26 of The Weekend from A to Z This was our original weekend recap before the technical difficulties we encountered. Enjoy it!


Weekend from A to Z: Episode 26?

Well we started off great then had technical difficulties and weren't able to continue or re-record later in the week due to scheduling conflicts. So... enjoy the week off and we'll be back at it again next week! In the mean time, we'll release the weekend recap of Episode 26 later in the week


Weekend from A to Z: Episode 25 - 10.8.2018

Episode 25 of The Weekend from A to Z Weekend Recap: Allen and Arthur call JT out on his stories... average age of 70 at the surveyors convention and JT's 50 shots. Happy Hour at Frisco Rail Yard JT: Dallas Stars Game, Frankie's Underground, Cowboys game and Chen's Dim Sum Allen: Errands, Serve Our City Frisco 2018, dinner with a pastor of the church Arthur: Gym session, Jewish dinner, Wine Fusion in Downtown Grapevine, Cowboys game watching Dirty Minds and Random Questions: The gang reads...


Weekend from A to Z: Episode 24 - 10.1.2018

Episode 24 of The Weekend from A to Z Weekend Recap: Listener emails! When do you discuss kids in a relationship? A listener also shares their view on the downfall of marriage. What about the friend that disappears when they're in a relationship? JT: Surveyors Happy Hour weekend. JT got sunburned with Javier. Family time with chimichonga. Allen: Serving the Ladies up ;-) Louie Louie's Piano Bar in Deep Ellum. See Scott Haze in the new Venom movie! Arthur: Beers at The Hub in Addison. Time...


Weekend from A to Z: Episode 23 - 9.23.2018

Episode 23 of The Weekend from A to Z Weekend Recap: JT: Frisco Young Professional Happy Hour at Eight 11 in Frisco. Football. Beto O'Rourke. Allen: Church. Serve them fools up. Arthur: 4-Hour hair appointment and a night out with "Amazon", Lucille and her paramour. Make-out sesh. The three of us discuss our first public happy hour at the Irishman. Met Javier and his wife (the one JT threw up on) and "Helena" joined us later that night. We close out and read a listener email from Richie...


Weekend from A to Z: Episode 23 Trailer

Apparently JT wanted to give us his rendition of the Canadian National Anthem but we cut him off before things got out of hand...


Weekend from A to Z: Episode 22 (Week of 9.16.2018)

Shoutout to Javier, who ALSO noticed the incessant tapping that Arthur does. Thank you!! JT: Co-happy hours at Matchbox off I-75. Should JT get a food segment reciew?? Lots of family time. 10th annual and final Fashion for a Passion. Feed the homeless through Source of Hope Dallas every 4th Friday. Standing room only at Sidebar. Make-out sesh at S4 and NFL football games. Arthur: Football at the Irishman. Bruce Wayne's brother at The Irishman. Yardhouse in Irving with Amazon. Allen:...


Weekend from A to Z: Episode 22 Trailer

Latest upcoming trailer of The Weekend From A to Z: JT had a PDA session with a special someone, but he makes us guess... Who would have thought we'd guess wrong!? ;-)


Weekend from A to Z: Episode 21 - 9.9.2018

Episode 21 of The Weekend, From A to Z Weekend Recap: Email recap, Eminem and other rappers in the news. Mura Kami exhibit, Joe T Garcia's, Neo joins us. JT makes plans again with Arthur and goes to sleep instead. Roots Chicken Shack at Legacy Hall wasn't up to JT's standards. Trick play performed by UNT during the Arkansas game. Apparently Suit Supply is lax in the timing of their work. Relationship class, Ultimate Warrior Conference over the weekend and new car part arrival. Come see us on...


Weekend from A to Z: Episode 21 Trailer

Apparently Arthur REALLY loves the people over at Suit Supply. . .


Weekend from A to Z: Episode 20 - 9.2.2018

Episode 20 of The Weekend, From A to Z Weekend Recap: Rain, Super Nintendo, networking events, 7-hour exams, UNT football, Social House darkness, and dinner at Zenna's. JT gives us a a meeting spot for anyone in the area: The Irishman at the corner of Preston & Frankford so come and meet us on Friday, September 28th for Happy Hour. We talk about some tech news: Samsung and their Note. Apple has unveiled thier new iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, Apple Watch, and Air Power on 9.12.2018. Google is...


Weekend from A to Z: Episode 20 Trailer

Bad drivers and puking? It only take one time people, now you're the dude that pukes on people's wives...


Weekend from A to Z: Episode 19 - 8.26.2018

Episode 19 of The Weekend, From A to Z Just 2 segments this time instead of trying to make a 3rd segment that is lacking substance, let us know what you think! Weekend Recap: Cover bands, IPAs from California, JT checks out some Deep Ellum spots and Addison point while Arthur gets blown off by JT. Later we hear about Arthur getting yelled at at 3am by a woman who was invited to his place after the bar. Secondly and lastly, we discuss the Nike ads that went out recently and the controversy...