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Juggernaut World Premiere with John Mark McMillan

Recorded on location at John Mark’s home studio in Charlotte, NC, this episode is full of exclusive content on his forthcoming new album, out in February! He announces the title of the record, we talk about what it meant for him to turn 40 last week, the sonic surprises of the new album, his attempt to build bridges in a polarizing age, and how he’s found such a joyful sound in such a heavy time. Oh and also—the world premiere of John Mark’s new single, “Juggernaut” featured here in its...


Beyond Deconstruction: Prayer, the Powers, and Discipleship Down Under with Jarrod McKenna

In our first installment of the Zeitcast Down Under, we join our mate Jarrod McKenna in Perth—co-founder of First Home Project, co-founder of Love Makes a Way movement, Founding CEO of Common Grace Australia, & award-winning peace activist—for a conversation on why decolonization & not just deconstruction is necessary. In a sprawling, moving dialogue, we explore the “pig powers & dog domination” in Jesus’ time & our own, & reflect on a powerful experience we had with Noongar elder Uncle Tom...


A Late, Late Night in New Orleans (God in the Center)

Jonathan decided to take his computer and microphone to St. Louis Cathedral in the heart of downtown New Orleans in the middle of night, hit record, and just see what would happen. And well…hear you go! Support us on Patreon: Visit Jonathan's Website: Watch The Zeitcast on YouTube: Please rate, review, share, and subscribe! Edited and produced by Reese...


The Exhaustion & Exhilaration of Spiritual Transformation with Anjelah Johnson

Recorded on location backstage from Anjelah Johnson’s green room at the Criterion in Oklahoma City, just before performing a brilliant stand-up set to a full house. From her professional beginning as a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of acting, where she became an internet sensation with her viral video “Nail Salon.” From there to her stint on MAD tv, to the creation of her “Bon Qui Qui” character and subsequent Bon Qui Qui albums and tours,...


Prayer on the Other Side of Deconstruction

So many of us are on a faith journey. But if your faith has shifted—what does prayer mean to you, now? What does your practice of prayer look like? Does prayer actually change anything? On today’s Zeitcast, we explore prayer on the other side of deconstruction. Support us on Patreon: Visit Jonathan's Website: Watch The Zeitcast on YouTube: Please rate,...


Remember Who You Are

A meditation from Jonathan inviting you to be who you are, and who you have always been. Support us on Patreon: Visit Jonathan's Website: Watch The Zeitcast on YouTube: Please rate, review, share, and subscribe! Edited and produced by Reese Black



The Rev. J.A. Martin makes his first appearance on the Zeitcast to talk to us about the evils of Halloween & the devilvision from Hellywood, & Jonathan talks about his top ten favorite scary movies. Support us on Patreon: Visit Jonathan's Website: Watch The Zeitcast on YouTube: Please rate, review, share, and subscribe! Edited and produced by Reese Black


Jesus and Justice in the 21st Century with Malika Cox and Cece Jones-Davis

On today’s Zeitcast, Malika, Cece, and Jonathan guest lecture for St. Stephen’s University’s Institute Religion for Peace and Justice on “Jesus and Justice in the 21st Century.” This is a foundational conversation on how Scripture shapes our understanding of justice, retributive justice vs. restorative justice, the dangers of the prosperity gospel, and the bombing of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma (as recently featured on HBO’s new Watchmen series). Support us on Patreon:...


The End of Hunger with Cathleen Falsani

On today’s Zeitcast, journalist and author Cathleen Falsani joins us to talk about her new project, The End of Hunger. Jonathan joined contributors like Brad Paisley, Amy Grant, Bill First, Mike McHargue, Jeffrey Sachs, and others in this important new book. We talk about just how possible it is to eliminate hunger in the world by 2030, and what you can do to help. Plus since Cathleen knows Bono, frequently writes for U2, and like Jonathan is a super fan, we of course make time to talk about...


Julius Jones & the Death Penalty in America: A Christian Response with Cece Jones-Davis & Shane Claiborne

Our definitive episode on all things Julius Jones, our friend who has been on death row in Oklahoma for 20 years. In this high stakes conversation, Cece Jones-Davis takes us deeply into his story from on the ground here locally, while Shane Claiborne helps us connect his story into a larger story of life and death in America. Together, they make an urgent appeal for you to get involved, and help us see how our own voices can make a difference. Support us on Patreon:...


The In-Between Space: A Conversation Addressing Faith, Religious Nationalism, & Justice

From Gobin United Methodist Church at DePauw University. On today’s Zeitcast, the tables are turned & Jonathan is the one answering the questions! This is a very candid conversation on living in the in-between, & on the relationship of faith, nationalism & social justice. Jonathan talks openly about the awkwardness & possibilities of living at these tensions/intersections, & how his own journey has shaped his faith & work. Support us on Patreon:...


The Gift of Humiliation

A sermon preached at Harvest House Church in Greencastle, IN. Shame is always destructive, never accomplishes anything good, & should be given no place in your life, certainly not in your faith. But humiliation, friends...that’s the door to absolutely everything. Shame will strip your soul of things you actually do need. Humiliation will strip your ego of everything you don’t. Jesus washes Peter’s feet. This act does not shame him. It is tender, vulnerable. But it absolutely humiliates him....


Justice for Julius featuring Shane Claiborne and Madeline and Antoinette Jones

Shane Claiborne returns to the podcast for a conversation with the family of Julius Jones, who is currently on death row in Oklahoma. The last recourse in his case is clemency, which was filed for just this week! We talk with Julius’ mom, Madeline, and sister, Antoinette, about how we can all help, as well as new voices that are joining the chorus of people seeking justice for Julius—including none other than Kim Kardashian West! Support us on Patreon:...


Neuroscience & the Enneagram, Part Two: The Enneagram of God

Does God have an Enneagram number!? If so, what would it be!? What is the relationship of the Enneagram to the Trinity? We explore all of these questions in part two of our fascinating conversation with Dr. Jerome Lubbe on neurology and the Enneagram, plus reflect on how neurology can help us understand “deconstruction/reconstruction” in context of faith. Support us on Patreon: Visit Jonathan's Website: Watch...


Neuroscience & the Enneagram with Dr. Jerome Lubbe

For Dr. Jerome, neuroscience and the Enneagram are two pieces of the same puzzle, and they serve a powerful function when paired together. Today he introduces us to his unparalleled, science-based method to view our identity through a truly unique model: the brain-based Enneagram. He reshapes our understanding of the Enneagram to a Whole-Identity Profile instead of a single-number personality “type,” expanding our capacity for growth and health in a multitude of directions. This is an hour...


How to Live in Exile

People of faith right now are largely experiencing the disorientation, alienation, and isolation of a season of “exile.” What would it mean to actually live well in a time of exile—to actually flourish? What it would mean not just to survive, but to thrive, in the midst of such pain and complexity? In this sermon preached from The Table in Oklahoma City, we turn to the prophet Jeremiah for answers to these very pressing, very current questions. Support us on Patreon:...


We the People? with Mark Charles

Mark Charles is running as an Independent Candidate for President of the United States to build a nation where—for the first time—‘We the People’ truly means ALL the people. He is the author of the forthcoming book Unsettling Truths: The Ongoing, Dehumanizing Legacy of the Doctrine of Discovery. We talk about the doctrine of discovery, how the choice America faced in the presidential election of 2016 was actually between explicit racism & implicit racism, & how he, as a former pastor,...


What the Amber Guyger Case Reveals About White America with Andre Henry

When Brandt Jean, younger brother of Botham Jean, hugged his brother’s killer Amber Guyger, it became a viral sensation—and a powerful symbol for many of forgiveness. On today’s Zeitcast, we asked the brilliant writer, speaker, singer-songwriter Andre Henry to take us deeper not just into the story, but the story we tell about the story. Along the way we talk broader themes of forgiveness, justice, grace, cancel culture, Ellen and George W. Bush, and more! Support us on Patreon:...


Discovering God’s Embrace in Our Pain with Stephanie Tait

Author, speaker, disability advocate, and trauma survivor Stephanie Tait slices through the assumptions of the prosperity gospel that underwrite so many of our unhealthy ideas about faith. We talk about her gorgeous new book, The View from Rock Bottom, how she came to find God in her own pain, and ableism in the Church. Support us on Patreon: Visit Jonathan's Website: Watch The Zeitcast on YouTube:...


A Conversation with Rob Bell

In this candid, beautiful conversation, Jonathan shares two stories about how Rob altered his life. At the heart of it is this question: what do you really want? What might it mean for you to allow yourself to want…what you really want? What if it is possible that the desires you have in your deepest, truest self are not in opposition to God, but precisely where the Spirit stirs in you? If you are in a place of discernment, trying to find your own wonder or your joy—confronting these...