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Episode 31 - The Most Oft Quoted Line from Spiderman (On American Dirt, Tyler Perry, and Get Out)

In this episode our faithful hosts Lanre 3K and Sammus sit down to chat about some recent curfuffles in the world of literature and film in order to think about the responsibility of the artist to their audience (imagined or real). Tune in as they discuss the stress that comes with trying to either block out the noise or write with the noise in center view. Or listen in for their hot takes on the Netflix hit Love is Blind lol. Oh yeah and happy WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH. Link to the Tim & Eric...


Episode 30 - Filling Yer Cup & The Art of Re-Inspo

In this episode our faithful hosts Lanre 3K and Sammus sit down to discuss what it means to replenish after completing a massive project (no this is not the same as watching a bunch of trash...peep the last episode for that). Tune in as they discuss all the pressures that come with trying to get re-inspired to say something meaningful and real with their art. Oh and happy BLACK HISTORY MONTH.


Episode 29 - TRASH TALK

In this episode our faithful hosts Lanre 3K and Sammus sit down for some good trash literally talking about all the TV, Netflix, an Youtube trash they consume and why it's so necessary for them to function. Tune in (and feel free to judge) as they reveal just how far they'll go to tune out. Oh and happy new year!


Storytime with Lanre: #1 - Functional Strength in Cape Town

Hey friends! Here's the very first episode of a new storytime segment from me, Lanre 3K. You're favorite fiction writer, remember? That's right, gather round the campfire, or phone and tune in every month to enjoy some of my strange, funny tales. This month's storytime is about bar fights, hammer pants, and so much more. Let us know what you think!


Episode 28 - Where Are They Now (Our Decade in Review)

In this episode our faithful hosts Lanre 3K and Sammus reflect on who they were in 2009 and what they would say to their cute, frightened, naive versions of themselves from a decade go. Also check out the episode if you want to hear the dynamic duo clowning about Keynesian economics.


Episode 27 - Place is the Space

In this episode our faithful hosts Lanre 3K and Sammus talk about the role of "place" in their art ~ what does it mean to be from somewhere and how does that somewhere sound (in literature and in raps)? Also check out the episode if you want to hear the dynamic duo butcher the New England accent. Btw this episode was recorded liiiiive in Providence, RI!


Episode 26 - PROMO FOMO

In this episode our faithful hosts Lanre 3K and Sammus recount a run-in at the XOXO festival in Portland that inspired them to think about the icky world of sales -- specifically, how much energy they should be committing to the promotion side of the creation equation. They also talk about fall as a government conspiracy. Tune in. (Engineer's note: please accept my apologies on any audio issues you might pick up on. My audio interface was creating additional feedback on the mics for some...


Episode 25 - Honeymoon Landing (& How to Think Outside the Bun)

Hello Zero-Suiters! Our faithful hosts Lanre 3K & Sammus took some much needed rest after successfully planning + executing a wedding (two if you count the African ceremony they participated in before the wedding), and moving Sammus into her new place in Providence where she's starting her dream gig as a rap teacher. But they're back -- to chat about all of the fun things they learned in planning their wedding (most notably -- how to integrate Taco Bell's philosophies into their lives). If...


Episode 24 - Teaching Yer Craft

In this episode, our faithful hosts Sammus and Lanre 3K give us a much needed back-to-school conversation about what it means to teach their respective creative crafts. With Lanre's extensive resume as a creative writing instructor, can he help Sammus figure out how TF she's supposed to teach a hip hop songwriting course for the first time (which she'll be doing in like T-minus 5 weeks)? Find out the answer to this, as well as hearing about Lanre's big purchase and an incredible movie you...


Episode 23 - On Alter Egos & Pen Names

In this episode, our faithful hosts Sammus aka Enongo and Lanre 3K aka LJ Alonge discuss the wild world of the artist alias. A pen name, nom de plume, persona, stage name--why do artists take them on? What is to be gained and what might be lost when we take on an artist alias? Join our hosts as they hash it out (and also discuss stuff like ...oh I dunno, SAMMUS SUCCESSFULLY DEFENDING HER DISSERTATION!)If you'd like to share your thoughts, send us a listener letter at...


Episode 22 - How Do You Finish?

In this episode our faithful hosts Lanre 3K and Sammus talk about finishing stuff...or not finishing stuff. What it means to finish a dissertation, an album, a book especially when you've defined yourself in terms of working on those things for a very long time. They also discuss John Wick 3 and Keanu Reeves more generally.


Episode 21 - Getting Help?

In this episode our faithful hosts Lanre3K and Sammus chat about their different philosophies around improving their craft. If you think you're not good enough and might need some edification in your craft before you start a project is that just your imposter syndrome kicking in? Or is it an earnest reflection of where you might be and where you're trying to go. Listen in as these two very interesting humans chat about where they land in this discussion.


Episode 20 - Brown on a Boat

In this episode, our faithful hosts Lanre 3K and Sammus share their experience of sailing with the JOCO Cruise, a one-week cruise excursion filled with musical performances, workshops, rest, church, and all kinds of nerdery that is very hard to describe in a brief description. If you've ever wanted to go on JOCO but haven't been sure what the experience is like (or you're just super into hearing them talk) listen up! They return to their regular format next month.


Episode 19 - HATERATION [ this dancery?]

In this episode, our faithful hosts Lanre 3K and Enongo aka Sammus discuss their Xtreme hateration when it comes to artists who are doing it bigger and better. This episode finds them not necessarily at their finest, but it does feature them at their most honest and they hope that means something...! Enjoy :)


Episode 18 - DUES & DON'TS

In this episode our faithful hosts Sammus & Lanre 3000 talk about what it means to "pay your dues." We often hear about the importance of paying your dues (mostly from people who believe they have paid theirs) but what does that actually mean and how might we envision new systems within our industries? Enjoy the episode! Church announcements: 0:00 - 4:05 Episode: 4:06 - 47:25 Listener letters: 47:26 - 54:48 Affirmation: 54:49 - 55:31 Message us @


Episode 17 - DO QUIT UR DAYJOB

In this episode our faithful hosts Sammus and Lanre 3K ring in the new year by talking about the end. Specifically how much they thought about quitting last year and what kinds of things would ultimately push them to quit their day jobs as creatives. Enjoy! Feel free to drop them a line at // Church Announcements: 0:00 - 6:58 Episode: 6:59 - 39:45 //


Episode 16 - Thank U

In this episode Lanre 3000 and Sammus say goodbye to 2018 by expressing their gratitude for some of the art that's kept them going. They also talk about Lanre's major freakout and Sammus' recital with a bunch of five year-olds. Fun stuff. To support:


Episode 15 - FEAR FACTOR

In this SPOOKTACULAR episode, our faithful hosts Sammus and Lanre 3K discuss their fears -- not the super, bummer-inducing existential ones...think rubber chickens and big dogs! Enjoy ~ and we hope you've had a good and safe Halloween.


Episode 14 - The Meaning of a Thing

In this episode, our faithful hosts Sammus and Lanre 3K talk about the potential dread that fills artists souls when people want to know what their stuff means!! Enjoy ~


Episode 13 - On Aretha, On Blackness

In this episode, our faithful hosts Enongo aka Sammus and Lanre (3K)think about Aretha Franklin and their complicated relationship with Blackness! Enjoy. Things to check out: Noga Erez + Aqua Teen Hunger Force See our patreon for music credits: