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Bush, Biden & Crack

Ahhh, the 80s. The days of neon, Rambo movies, big suspenders, bigger hair and back when you could buy good old fashioned crack across the street from the White House. So, President George HW Bush would have you believe back in September of 1989. That was when the Prez held up a big back of crack - “as innocent as candy” - in front of a nationally televised audience to announce his version of the War on Drugs. But what they never mentioned at the time was that the dealer behind the sale was...


JFK Terminates the CIA

Something sneaky is going on in sneakytown. At least that’s what the head of the newly established Peace Corps, Sargent Shriver, informs President Kennedy in this episode’s phone call from April 2, 1963. JFK established the Peace Corps as one of his highlights of his New Frontier program. The idea was that young and idealistic Americans would travel around the world, helping out upcoming economies and cultures with good old fashioned American knowhow and - at the same time - spreading a...


Impeachment Special 2 - More Drunk Nixon

Man oh man, things just aren’t looking good for the President, are they? Impeachment is looming, his trusted legal advisors are deserting or getting fired in droves, and all he’s left with is the support of his trusted base. Trump 2019? Sure. But also, Nixon circa April1973. We’ve already briefly touched on these tapes in our First Impeachment Special, but these phones calls are the gift that keeps on giving, so we wanted to make a return visit. The background: On April 30, 1973, in light of...


Impeachment Special

April 30, 1973 was a busy day for President Nixon. First he had to fight off a looming impeachment by broadcasting a heartfelt speech to the “real” people who supported him. Then he had to take phone calls from well wishers. A lot of phone calls. Oh yea, and let’s not forget to mention the scotch. Plenty of scotch. As a matter of fact, there’s going to be so much scotch in this episode, you’re almost going to be able to taste it. In today’s call, we’ll hear President Nixon talking to future...


JFK Insults the Women and the US National Hockey Team

Oh man - JFK has been dead for a while now but he keeps bringing the hits - as least presidentially phone call wise! The date is March 13, 1963. After reading about the devastating loss of the US Hockey Team to that most neutral of countries, Sweden, JFK picks up the phone and dials his good friend David L. Hackett, who is in charge of all things sporty for the president. JFK goes off about the loss of the hockey team in a most politically incorrect and - let’s face it , “unwoke” - way as...


Racist Reagan and Nixon

We’re always happy when presidential tapes get a bit of play in the news. Unfortunately, it seems that whenever a new presidential tape is discovered, the president in question doesn’t always have the nicest things to say. Which is exactly what happened just a few days ago when a recorded phone conversation between President Nixon and then Governor of California Ronald Reagan was released by the National Archives. And it wasn’t too pretty. The story got quite a lot of play in the national...


Presidential Classical Gas

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t think we’re overstating that today we’ll be presenting you with one of he greatest presidential phone calls of all time. And believe, me, we’ve listened to a lot of them. Sure - even as we point out here on the show - they can’t all be winners. When you’re dealing with United States presidents and found audio, you never know what you’re going to get. But we think you’ll be pleasantly suprised by todays call - and it might even merit a relisten or two. Even more...


President Nixon Calls the Moon

Fifty years ago today was a glorious day for all mankind. Sure, we put some guys on the moon. That was kinda cool. But for listeners of This is the President, it’s an even more special day. Because once man had landed on the moon and walked on the surface, what was the next step? A phone call from the president, of course! Which, naturally, leads us to the most long distance presidential telephone call in history. It all happened on July 20, 1969, a few minutes before 12AM Eastern Daylight...


LBJ's False Flag

We’re quite sure what the crossover between This is the President listeners and the Alex Jones Show audience is, but it’s a pretty good bet that if you fall into one of those demographics, you probably know what a False Flag attack is. Sure, we all know how batshit crazy Alex Jones is, but sometimes - SOMETIMES - he does bring up an interesting tidbit or two. A False Flag attack, for those of you not in the know, is when a government either launches an attack on its own forces or simply...


Ronald Reagan and Jed Clampett

it’s just like Mad Men but with Roanld Reagan instead of Don Draper! Because on this episode of This is the President, we delve into an entirely new collection of presidential recordings - the Ronald Reagan Dictaphone Library. For the kids out there, a dictaphone was a device that you’d use to record letters so your secretary would type them while you were drinking highballs with the newest steno pool employee on your lap. Except not in Reagan’s case. Maybe while Emmanuel Lewis was sitting...


Ronald Reagan Bombs the Soviet Union (JK)

Remember that time when President Reagan joked about bombing the Soviet Union and almost started a global thermonuclear war? Well, if you don’t, you will after you listen to our first remote edition of TITP, broadcasting at you all the way from the land of the Twin Cities - Minnesota! That’s right, Harmon was on vacation, but was so excited to do a TITP episode that we called on the TITP tech team to put their heads together to figure out how we could make this work. And they did it! On this...


President Trump Calls Space

“Station, this is your President, do you hear me?” Thus begins one of the most historic telephone calls to space (as trumpeted by the Trump White House) as President Trump (still painful to say that) has a teleconference with US astronauts in April 2017 to congradulate them on their record setting space stay. But that’s not all Trump has to say in this phone call, oh no. He also uses the opportunity to talk about great American made products, dealing with politicisna and, of course, the role...


Michael Jackson and Ronald Reagan

You wanna be starting something? Then get this Thriller - it’s the Gipper and Michael Jackson appearing together for the very first time on stage. The date: May 14, 1984 The cause: President Reagan awarded The Gloved One an award for his work on a national campaign against drunk driving If the thought of President Reagan making a bunch of Michael Jackson references is your bag, then this episode of This is the President is going to be right up your alley. Of course, there’s a lot of Reagan’s...


The Other Smothers Brother

Happy President’s Day everyone! I know what you’re thinking - isn’t EVERY DAY President’s Day? I mean, they get to be the leader of the Free World, they can sign all sorts of bills, they can even declare national emergencies if they don’t get their way. It might seem great, what with all that free Executive Time, but being the President of the United States is tough work. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Let’s take meet and greets, for example. Most Presidents have a meet and greet...


Ich bin ein Jelly Donut?

Walls. Seems like people can’t get enough of them. So in this weeks episode, we’re going to talk about them. This time, however, we’re going to be talking about a wall that’s no longer around - the Berlin Wall. Well, parts of it are still around and covered with colorful drawings that make it much less frightening than when it was first erected in 1961. Two years later, President John F. Kennedy made a visit to Berlin and delivered his famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech. But, since then,...


Fake News 1968 Style

Don’t think that “Fake News” is solely President Trump’s domain. Oh no…. As we listen in to this weeks phone call, you’ll hear TITP fave President Lyndon B. Johnson bitching about news coverage - even suggesting that a reporter be taken out and shot at one point. Granted, Johnson was having a pretty tough week. This phone call, taken from February 5, 1968, was recorded during a time when Johnson was under a bit of stress. Just a few weeks prior, the USS Pueblo, and all it’s crew, were...


George HW Bush Has a Crack Attack

June 12, 1985 was vice presidents George H.W. Bush’s special day. He was turning 61 years young, so the White House staff decided to suprise him with a cake and a couple of special presents. Which unfortunately didn’t include the bag of crack that President Bush would so proudly hold up to American’s TV screens just a few short years later. Those are just a couple of the memories that Harmon and I unleash when we talk about our newest dead president, George Herbert Walker Bush. But that’s...


Ronald Reagan, Johnny Cash and Trumpy Bear

It was a fine spring day in May of 1988 when country music (and just plain music in general) legend stopped by the White House to pay his respects to President Ronald Reagan - on their agenda: drugs. Not the taking, as Johnny points out in this conversation, but rather the stopping thereof. And that’s only one of the few small conversation nuggets you’ll find in our presidential appearance this week. Johnny didn’t come alone - no, he brought June Carter Cash with him as well. But what’s...


Election 2018 Special: Ronald Reagan meets Mr. T

Did you vote? No? Then what the hell is wrong with you! Go now! Then, once you’re done voting you can settle back and listen in to the glorious sounds of our Election 2018 special! Harmon did an excellent job of piloting the Presidential Time Portal (tm) to take us back to December of 1983 when two great titans of statesmanship met for the first time - President Ronald Reagan and Rocky III/The A Team star, Mr. T! Yes, this really happened! Mr. T was at the White House playing - believe it or...


The October Surprise Redux

It’s that time of year, everyone - there’s a brisk wind in the air, the leaves are changing colors, pumpkins sprout on every porch and something batshit crazy happens during the elections. I’m talking, of course, about the dreaded October Surprise! The odd thing is that we had cut this episode together BEFORE the recent events in the United States - so we’re going to have to talk about that insanity in the next episode. This time, however, Harmon sets the Presidential Time Portal (tm) for...