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Relationship advice for polyamorous and kinky folks

Relationship advice for polyamorous and kinky folks


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Relationship advice for polyamorous and kinky folks






#112: Can one person change a relationship?

How many people does it take to transform a relationship? It’s one of the most common — and vital — questions we get. And if you’re arguing, or feeling alone, or have fallen out of love, it’s a question you might be asking yourself. One partner is ALWAYS more motivated to make changes. But what if it seems like you’re the only one willing to work to turn things around? Truth is, there are a lot of reasons that happens: Perhaps they’re not feeling the same pain that you are every day… Or...


#111: Dragons, Hidden Kinks, and Honeymoon Chastity

What do you do when your to-be husband’s master denies your request to unlock him on your honeymoon? How can you stop acting like a dick towards your metamour? Are couples looking to date masculine-presenting folks non-existent? In this episode, we answer these questions and more.


#110: It doesn’t take years to fix a relationship

How long does it take to fix a broken relationship? Most people will tell you to expect at least nine months of therapy before seeing big changes in your relationship. But we know from experience that drastically shortening the time frame makes it EASIER to make the big shifts that allow you to get back to a happy, loving relationship.


#109: Handling the Doubters

Building an amazing polyamorous relationship is never a walk in the park. But It’s even harder when folks are telling you that you’re doomed to fail. It may be easy to tune out that kind of gloom from a total stranger. But when it’s coming from family and friends under the guise of loving advice? It can be difficult to know what to do. What should you take to heart? What should you ignore? How should you respond? And most importantly, how can you stay positive in a world that’s trying to...


#108: What it REALLY takes to open a relationship

What does it take to open up a relationship that’s monogamous? Or to transition an open/swinging relationship to a polyamorous one? In this episode we discuss what sets the folks who create loving, fulfilling relationships apart from the ones who stay stuck and miserable.


#107 – Renee and Jerry’s Story

Renee and Jerry had been married for 23 years when she told him she was non-monogamous. Five years later they were on the verge of divorce. But now? Renee and Jerry both have other partners. They spend more time together than they have in YEARS. Their intimacy is through the roof. And they know that whatever life throws their way, they’ll tackle it together. In this episode they share how they made this incredible turnaround.


#106: Mindful sex with Luna Matatas

We’re talking with Luna Matatas about staying present so you can get the most out of your intimate experiences. We discuss the reasons people have trouble staying present, tips and tricks, setting the mood, bringing your partner back into the moment, and more.


#105: Why We Fall Out of Love

Have you fallen out of love in your relationship(s)? Do you want to know why? In this episode we discuss how to keep the love and passion as strong as it was the day you met, and how to get the love back if it’s gone. PLUS: We talk about Rigel’s testicles. A LOT.


#104: Masculinity and Relationships with GS Youngblood

We all know about toxic masculinity. But is there such a thing as healthy masculinity? In this episode we talk with author GS Youngblood about masculinity, power dynamics, and what makes a good relationship.


#103: WTF Do We Do Anyway?

The other day we were talking to a client who’s known us personally for years. He’s listened to every podcast episode. And yet a day into the program he realized he had no idea WTF we do! He had heard “it” (whatever it was) works. But he was shocked at the lengths we go to help people turn their relationships around. And he wanted to know: Why don’t we tell people? In this episode we discuss exactly how we help poly folks pull their relationships back from the breaking point and get back the...


#102: Interview With a Queerspawn – Koe Creation

We talk a lot about poly parenting on this show. And we’ve even had our teenager on to share his viewpoint. But what if you’ve wanted to hear the perspective of someone who grew up in a polycule and can look back with an adult’s experience? In this episode Cassie talks with Koe Creation, a self-described second-generation queerspawn about their book This Heart Holds Many. They discuss what it was like to grow up in a polycule, how polykids try to game the system, Koe’s outlook on polyamory...


#101: A 70-Year Promise

Before Matt and Elizabeth got married, she had him promise that they’d be married for 70 years. Just like her great-grandparents. But years later, they were in a desperate spot. They were arguing. A LOT. There was broken trust. They had put their relationship on the back burner, and the connection was suffering. Then they opened their relationship up. Matt and Elisabeth knew that when they were good, they were really fucking good. But they needed help to find that again. So they tried...


#100: One. Hundred. Episodes.

We’ve hit one hundred episodes! We’re celebrating this momentous occasion by highlighting a few of our hosts’ and listeners’ favorite moments. We discuss what’s changed in our lives and what you can expect in the next 100 episodes.


#099: Ninety-nine Problems But a Third Ain’t One

How do you tell a mono partner you want to be poly? How much should you tell your partners about each other? How can you navigate sharing a community with your ex? In this live episode of the TOF podcast, we answer 13 of your questions about polyamory and relationships.


#098: Headed in Different Directions

You and your partner don’t have the same vision of the future. It seems like you’re headed in different directions. Now what?


#097: Topping for Femmes with Shay Tiziano

In this episode, Cassie and Shay Tiziano reflect on the tribulations and rewards of topping as a femme. They discuss their stories, how femme tops are viewed in the scene, thoughts on topping larger bottoms, tips for femmes contemplating topping for the first time, and more.


#096: COVID + Your Relationships = An Amazing Opportunity

In the current situation, there’s a HUGE opportunity hidden in this crisis. A chance to make your relationships better than they’ve ever been. In this episode, we break down why this is the perfect time to build an amazing relationship, and exactly how to do it.


#095: Trans and Empowered with Cassie Brighter

In this episode, we’re talking with writer and educator Cassie Brighter about trans issues, her story, common myths, transitioning, coming out, and much more.


#094: Overcoming Impossible Relationship Challenges

Every week we talk with polyamorous folks who believe their relationship is doomed because they’re facing an insurmountable challenge. But they can’t see past the challenge to the real problem: they’ve set themselves up to fail. The result? They break up without ever giving their relationships a real chance. In this episode, we discuss how to set your relationships up to win so you can overcome those challenges and create something amazing together. #092: How to Vanquish JealousyBook a...


#093: Poly Baby: Week One

Our little one has arrived! In this episode, we sit down with Amanda to debrief our poly birthing experience. We talk about the birth itself, how the hospital staff reacted to our unique family, and what our first week raising a newborn with three parents looked like. We also discuss what we learned and what other soon-to-be poly parents should know.