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Ep #45: Round Table Talk with Mezcal & Friends

On this episode of No Vacancy Colorado, we announce our newest team member, our plans to take over the internet with a new medium (Stoned Appetit TV), and then we dive into the Mezcal with our dear friend Kayla, of 1000 Things To Do In Denver. It's literally just 4-5 friends sitting around a bowl of white cheese dip, shooting the shit & talking about the great things of Colorado. It's an episode everyone can relate to... We dive into what brought Kayla to Colorado, and how she has blown up...


Ep #44: The American Catch from Mario's Ocean Club

On this week's rendition of "Stoned Appetit" brought to you by No Vacancy Colorado, the gang sit down with new restauranteur & proprietor, Mario Vera, of Mario's Ocean Club. They discuss his path to Colorado, his passion for seafood from all corners of the country & world... In addition to tasting their new menu, and hitting all the staples of seafood lore.. the guys dive in to Mario Kart discussion, Mario's favorite stops around town, last concert he caught (and music festival) and what he...


Ep #43: The Gang Dive Into Thirsty Thursday Thanks To VinoPass

NEW EPISODE SPONSORED BY FILLMORE DENVER. Don't forget to follow @FillmoreDEN on social media for concert updates, free tickets, and prizes galore! On this episode of No Vacancy Colorado, the gang sit down with Melissa Pros, founder of Vino Pass, and wine community members Tyzok Wharton of Carboy Winery, and James Blanchard of Blanchard Family Wines. In addition to being wine-geeks, the three share another commonality as well.. They all served for their country, and for that we can't thank...


Ep #42: The Gang Gets Lit with Local Rapper, Dylan Montayne

A new episode of No Vacancy Colorado has dropped! On this episode of NVC, Kip sits down with local artist, musician & internet viral rapper, Dylan Montayne. We talk about his upcoming show, and first headlining gig in Colorado, at the Syntax, on Saturday, Jan 12th. In addition to teasing his concert, we talk about all things inspiration. How he found his passion being an artists, what kinda music influenced him through the years.. and of course we go on more tangents. From Notre Dame...


Whiskey Wednesday Episode #1: Just A Taste of What's To Come

On our first ever episode of Whiskey Wednesday, we have our host The Wizard sit down with The Accountant, to talk about what to expect from our newest show/segments! After a brief shout out to our friends at The Fillmore-Denver, they talk about their new show: The gang will meet weekly, talk about the best in the business, best in town, and sleepers that folks may not about... In addition to that, they will discuss their sippin whiskeys, and the allusive ones that other folks may not be...


Ep #41: The Gang Shoot the Shiz with Chef Alon Shaya

PERFECT EPISODE FOR TRAVELING DURING THE HOLIDAYS... On this episode of "Stoned Appetit" by No Vacancy Colorado, the team sit down with James Beard Award winning Chef, Alon Shaya!!! After Kip gets through his awkward intro & being star struck... this is one of the best episodes to date. The guys ask Alon about his background, how he got into food & how he found his way to Denver. From being a transplant to many cities, to calling NOLA & now Denver home... they dissect his path to the top!...


Ep #40: The Gang Sample Beers with Steve Kurowski of Colorado Brewers Guild

This week on No Vacancy Colorado, the gang sit down with Colorado Brewer's Guild Marketing Guru, Steve Kurowski, over at Baere Brewery on Broadway. The guys talk about his back story that led him down the path of brew life. From being a native that's lived all over the state, to having one of the greatest jobs on the planet... they dive in to it all. In addition to talking about Colorado beers, we discuss how the landscape and nightlife of Denver has changed, just as the landscape of craft...


Ep #39: C-Mac Sets Off For South America

On this episode of No Vacancy Colorado, Kip sits down with NVC Foreign Ambassador Carly McCarroll to talk about her upcoming trip to spread the good word of Stoned Appetit & the Colorado gang, to the folks of South America. They dive in to her jet setting locations, foods & drinks of the local regions, and all that she plans to do with her time south of the equator. From there, we dive in to her past travel habits, jinxes, things she can not travel without (including her dancing machine...


Ep #38: The Gang Long Distance Wine n Dine with Brian McClintic, Master Sommelier & Movie Star!

This week on No Vacancy Colorado, the gang sit down (on computers) with Brian McClintic, MS of Viticole Wine Club & "Somm" movie lore. They discuss his fame from the documentary that went worldwide viral, how life has changed since getting his master sommelier certification, and what's changed since he started his own business. From traveling the world & meeting the greatest minds in wine, to living his best life on the West Coast we dive into it all. In addition to digging into his personal...


Ep #37: Tis the Season for Giving, Let's Help Those Who Are Less Fortunate

This week on NVC, Kip sat down with Alex from the Denver Active 20-30 Club, to talk about their holiday fundraising campaign. The "Christmas for Kids 2018" campaign helps provide under-privileged children with a Christmas for them & their families. In addition to their wonderful Christmas philanthropic concept, they do great work year round for the kids of Denver. Tune In, Tell a Friend, & go to to donate & help provide a wonderful Christmas for someone who may not otherwise...


Ep #36: The Gang Tour With Trout Steak Revival

This week on No Vacancy Colorado, Bryan & Kip sit down with Bevin & Travis of the bluegrass band Trout Steak Revival. They get to know the back story of the band, from how they met to how they came up with their name. They talk about their upcoming Colorado shows, their philanthropic partnerships & their traveling companion, Patty Mayonnaise. They discuss life on tour, their favorite stops around the country & their favorite places to eat outside of the square state. In addition to the tour...


Ep #35: Holiday Edition - Dining with Denise Mickelsen, 5280 Food Editor

On the holiday edition of "Stoned Appétit" presented by No Vacancy Colorado.. Chris & Kip sit down with 5280 Magazine's Food Editor, Denise Mickelsen. The guys pick the Queen Bee's brain on her Top 25, how people who don't make the cut handle the bad news... after finding out how she earned one of the greatest jobs on the planet... they ask the hard hitting questions... like her favorite places to eat (both sleepers and top notch locations), her late night snack of choice.. and if she was a...


Ep #34: The Gang Got a Girl Friend!

BREAKING NEWS!!!! The gang has added a new team member!! NVC introduces their newest team member, Carly McCarroll, aka C-Mac. Carly joins the team from a long term travel sesh, operating her own blog & becoming a yogi instructor. She brings a knowledge of Colorado in her 12 years here, teaching yoga, modeling for local boutiques & spending most of her time abroad. We're stoked to have her bring a new angle & aspect to the NVC family, and we wish her well on her travels through South America!...


Ep #33: The Gang wassails at the Wayback

This week on another rendition of "Stoned Appetit" produced by No Vacancy Colorado, Bryan & Kip sit down with restauranteur Jared Schwartz. They talk about the success of the new location of The Wayback & discuss the future of American Grind & the locally famous holiday pop-up bar. In addition to talking about the dank eats you can get from his new primo chef, the dive into his early love for food, the hospitality industry & Phish (Fall 97). From cooking camps to green rooms with Greensky,...


Ep #32: The Gang High Balls At The Wolf's Tailor

This week on No Vacancy Colorado's episode of "Stoned Appetit", Chris & Kip go hang out with renown (and humble) chef, Kelly Whitaker. They talk about how his different route to becoming a food gawd... from dish washer in FoCo to award winning restauranteur in hilarious fashion. The gang dives into his worldly travels that have inspired his new menu & why you should come try his new Sunnyside restaurant. Then they touch on another rendition of Rapid Fire, Hot Seat & some hilarious...


Ep #31: The Gang Joins The Denver Supper Clubb

This week on T+N/No Vacancy Colorado/Stoned Appetit, Bryan & Kip sit down with Evan from @DenverSupperClubb to talk about ...what we always talk about! DANK EATS. Evan has come up with a concept, company & app that help alleviate the headache of choosing where to eat & how to get discounts n secret menu's along the way. Between the talk about Evan's brilliant brain child, the discuss his favorite spots around town, whats changed since he left Denver 10 years ago... and then we have another...


Ep #30: The Gang Stops In Stowaway Kitchen To Hang With Amy Cohen

This week on T+N/No Vacancy CO/Stoned Appetit, the gang stops in Stowaway Kitchen & Coffee at the recommendation of a former guest, to chat with owner & chef Amy Cohen. The crew talks about Amy's path to Colorado, which takes her through multiple countries & continents. After discussing the route to Mile High City, the three of them talk about what makes Stowaway so great for breakfast & lunch, and their new project, dinner! They talk sleeper restaurants in Denver, Chef Cohen's favorite...


Ep #29: The Gang Does A Wine Tasting

This episode of T+N, No Vacancy Co, Stoned Appetit is brought to you by the good people at Joy Wine & Spirits. Not only did they invite the gang in to sample wines and learn more about what they're drinking... but they also are putting on a HUGE party this Sunday (10/21) to support a good cause! Tune in to hear the guys make fools of themselves in the wine tasting all while catching a buzz... and don't forget to get your tickets to the Chili Contest this weekend (10/21) through our website &...


Ep #28: The Gang Joins The Joy Family to Talk Chili N Wine

On this episode, Chris & Kip sit down with Carolyn & Nate of Joy Wine & Liquor. As a native, and long term transplant these two have seen the city blow up before their very eyes... We talk about their 8th year hosting the Chili Contest with neighborhood restaurants & amateurs (ON 10/21 BUY TICKETS NOW!!!). Between the chili talk, the gang talk wines, beers, hard liquors & some of the places that they enjoy to frequent! This episode is made for the booze fan in everyone, and informational as...


Ep #27: The Gang Chills with Chef to the Rockstars, Merlin Verrier

This week on No Vacancy CO, Chris & Kip sat down with award-winning chef and music aficionado, Merlin Verrier. The guys chat about anything & everything. From winning a Michelin Star with renowned Chef Graham Elliot to cooking up lobster corndogs for Eminem & The Foo Fighters. After discussing his upbringing & summer flings he had in Colorado, we dive into the nitty gritty... his favorite things about Colorado, chef's he enjoys working and eating with & what he plans to do after his long...