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Ep #33: The Gang wassails at the Wayback

This week on another rendition of "Stoned Appetit" produced by No Vacancy Colorado, Bryan & Kip sit down with restauranteur Jared Schwartz. They talk about the success of the new location of The Wayback & discuss the future of American Grind & the locally famous holiday pop-up bar. In addition to talking about the dank eats you can get from his new primo chef, the dive into his early love for food, the hospitality industry & Phish (Fall 97). From cooking camps to green rooms with Greensky,...


Ep #32: The Gang High Balls At The Wolf's Tailor

This week on No Vacancy Colorado's episode of "Stoned Appetit", Chris & Kip go hang out with renown (and humble) chef, Kelly Whitaker. They talk about how his different route to becoming a food gawd... from dish washer in FoCo to award winning restauranteur in hilarious fashion. The gang dives into his worldly travels that have inspired his new menu & why you should come try his new Sunnyside restaurant. Then they touch on another rendition of Rapid Fire, Hot Seat & some hilarious...


Ep #31: The Gang Joins The Denver Supper Clubb

This week on T+N/No Vacancy Colorado/Stoned Appetit, Bryan & Kip sit down with Evan from @DenverSupperClubb to talk about ...what we always talk about! DANK EATS. Evan has come up with a concept, company & app that help alleviate the headache of choosing where to eat & how to get discounts n secret menu's along the way. Between the talk about Evan's brilliant brain child, the discuss his favorite spots around town, whats changed since he left Denver 10 years ago... and then we have another...


Ep #30: The Gang Stops In Stowaway Kitchen To Hang With Amy Cohen

This week on T+N/No Vacancy CO/Stoned Appetit, the gang stops in Stowaway Kitchen & Coffee at the recommendation of a former guest, to chat with owner & chef Amy Cohen. The crew talks about Amy's path to Colorado, which takes her through multiple countries & continents. After discussing the route to Mile High City, the three of them talk about what makes Stowaway so great for breakfast & lunch, and their new project, dinner! They talk sleeper restaurants in Denver, Chef Cohen's favorite...


Ep #29: The Gang Does A Wine Tasting

This episode of T+N, No Vacancy Co, Stoned Appetit is brought to you by the good people at Joy Wine & Spirits. Not only did they invite the gang in to sample wines and learn more about what they're drinking... but they also are putting on a HUGE party this Sunday (10/21) to support a good cause! Tune in to hear the guys make fools of themselves in the wine tasting all while catching a buzz... and don't forget to get your tickets to the Chili Contest this weekend (10/21) through our website &...


Ep #28: The Gang Joins The Joy Family to Talk Chili N Wine

On this episode, Chris & Kip sit down with Carolyn & Nate of Joy Wine & Liquor. As a native, and long term transplant these two have seen the city blow up before their very eyes... We talk about their 8th year hosting the Chili Contest with neighborhood restaurants & amateurs (ON 10/21 BUY TICKETS NOW!!!). Between the chili talk, the gang talk wines, beers, hard liquors & some of the places that they enjoy to frequent! This episode is made for the booze fan in everyone, and informational as...


Ep #27: The Gang Chills with Chef to the Rockstars, Merlin Verrier

This week on No Vacancy CO, Chris & Kip sat down with award-winning chef and music aficionado, Merlin Verrier. The guys chat about anything & everything. From winning a Michelin Star with renowned Chef Graham Elliot to cooking up lobster corndogs for Eminem & The Foo Fighters. After discussing his upbringing & summer flings he had in Colorado, we dive into the nitty gritty... his favorite things about Colorado, chef's he enjoys working and eating with & what he plans to do after his long...


Ep #26 The Gang Stops off in Stanley at Annette Scratch To Table

This week Sam and CB3 venture to Stanley Marketplace to visit with Caroline Glover, Chef & Owner of Annette-Scratch To Table. They talk about her career, from schooling to working in the city. They discuss what brought her west, and how she finally called Denver home and start her own restaurant. They break down her sleeper best restaurants in Denver, Aurora and drinks to match. We touch base about her James Beard Nomination and being recognized as one of Bon Appetit Top 50 Restaurant. Tune...


Ep #25: The Gang Gets High On Knowledge With Pot Guide Executive

This week on T+N, CB3 & Kip sit down with Denver based company Pot Guide's CMO, Samantha Chin. They talk all things herb, from politics to favorite ways to get high. They rip politicians, and then rip bowls.. Easily one of the most informative episodes to date. Sam not only knows the history of the industry, but she knows the future of it as well.. Tune in to learn more about U.S. marijuana legislation, whats next for the business, and everything going on with Pot Guide! Great episode, Great...


Ep #24: The Gang Rocks with Greensky's Paul Hoffman

This week, the gang is joined by world-renowned musician and local Denverite, Paul Hoffman. As his band, Greensky Bluegrass comes to town for sold out shows at The Ogden & two nights at Red Rocks, Paul hit the studio with Kip & Bryan before hitting the stage. They shot the shit, snacked on Appaloosa Grill's fantastic appetizers and talked all things from tour life to Colorado life. Bryan & Kip ask him all about favorites around Denver, from local eateries to venues in state.... and then they...


Ep 23: The Gang Launched Their Website

This week on T+N, Kip sits down with CB3 to discuss the launch of their new website ( In addition to tooting their own horn, they discuss the weekend that was, with First Friday & Crush WALL being the highlight of the weekend. After talking last week, they turn their focus to #Grandoozy & Taste of Highlands this week... Tune In, Tell A Friend, and Look for us this weekend at the festy! #NoVacancyCO #StonedAppetit #Denver #Colorado #Podcast


Ep 22: Kip & The Fat Guy Hit Hole In the Wall's

Again, we apologize for our shitty scheduling, and Kip promises to reevaluate the plan for the gang... but this week Kip & a dear friend of the program @A_Fat_Guy_In_Denver went out for HH cocktails, that turned into dinner, that turned into shots & booze galore... They discuss famous dinner guests and which president would be best to party with, jet-setting on weekends, and why Denverites should try the restaurants with no lines, rather than waiting a month to get in the newest spots in...


Ep #21: The Gang Taps Tavernetta for Stoned Appettit

After a week hiatus, the gang is back with a new guest from a new location!!! This week the guys sat down with Ian Wortham, head chef from Tavernetta restaurant in downtown Denver. They talk tops of the town, how Ian got in the food game, and then they talk homemade pasta n their east coast roots. If you like DIY meals, or good clean banter... this is the episode for you! Tune In, and Tell a friend! Cheers


Ep #20: The Gang Que's with the Jews

On this episode of T+N, Lipman & Kip venture to damn near Kansas to interview, and hang out with social media influencer, and online grillmaster @ThisJewCanQue ... Between our mutual love of beer, bourbon and barbecue, we had more than enough to fill an episode, but oddly (not odd) enough, another one of our guests was a big #Phish fan, so we talked tour-life, favorite shows, and songs he was chasing... All in all, another killer episode, with dank foods to boot. Tune In, Tell A Friend &...


Ep #19: The Gang Eats At Hi Tide

This week for locals on location, Kip jumped over to the newest and dankest poke bar in Denver. While Sam was away for a golf outing, Kip sat down with Chef Celeste Pfieffer of Hi Tide Tuna (25th & Larimer St) to talk of the new craze that has caught the attention and tastebuds of Denver. Between Poke-nachos & Frake (frozen sake), they also discuss Thailand, partying in Denver, and we have another rendition of #ChoppedBox & Uber ratings... Tune in, and tell a friend! #Denver #Colorado #Poke...


Ep #18: The Gang Gets LIT at Laws with the legend "Fat Guy in Denver"

This week the gang crash a work day over at Laws Whiskey House. Sam, Chris & Kip welcome Crystal, Taste Room Connoisseur at Laws, and social media guru @A_Fat_Guy_In_Denver for a ruckus good time. They sample whiskey's of all variety, talk about their favorite eats around town, and Sam gets picked on again for something he said 2 months ago haha... In addition to the regular segments, we introduce our new Stoned Appetit segment "The Chopped Box" which FG knocks out the park! Tune in, and...


Ep #17: The Gang Declares It Charc(uterie) Week!

This Episode Is Dedicated To Our Dear Friend Alex Kaminshine. RIP AK. We love you & you will be missed dearly. So... It's all meats n cheeses over here for CHARC WEEK!! The gang was out and about in the last week...They hit Fruition Farm & Creamery to learn about Denver-made cheeses & also Hotel Teatro for a cured meat seminar of preparing a fire appetizer... They hung out with 2018 James Beard Award winning chef Alex Seidel, the Cheese-Shepherd himself Jimmy Warren, and CB3 partied with The...


Ep #16: The Gang Hits Up Ophelia's for drinks with BlueMountainBel

This week, the gang is comprised of two transplants, and zero natives. As Sam is away for a golf tourney, Kip & Lip sit down with social media influencer, and Travel+Colorado blogger **Channing Morris (@BlueMountainBel)** to discuss a wide variety of activities. They talk her love for the outdoors, favorite Colorado mountain towns, her famous "cheeseboard" adventures, and then of course live music & #Phish... Lip & Channing chat favorite shows, fall tour, and a slew of other jazz while Kip...


Ep #15: The Gang Introduces The Team

This week on T+N, Sam & Kip introduce the two new members to the No Vacancy Colorado team. We introduce our new music-man, and podcast producer, Lipman... Then we introduce our new food aficionado & #StonedAppetit connoisseur, Chris B... so we get to know them, talk a lil prison food & then discuss #RyeSociety & the Jewish Deli scene in Denver. Tune In, Meet Our Whole Crew, & Dont forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @NOVACANCYCO


Ep #14: The Gang Dines with Jason from GQueBBQ

This week for a lil Stoned Appetit, Kip & Sam visit with the man behind the smoker at GCue BBQ, Jason Ganahl. Not only do the break down the delicious menu at GCue, but they also get to know Jason a little better. They talk how he got to this point in his career, the current state of BBQ in Colorado, and his favorite things to eat when he gets home from a long day. Also, Jason uses the greatest podcast on Earth, to break some news to the listeners about his future and the restaurant. Tune...