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Ep. 35 - Joanna Gets a Flat

In this episode, Joanna's tire is flat, but our beers aren't! The Fellas try some Canadian beers form Muskoka Brewery - the Mad Tom IPA and the Shinnicked Stout before taking a brief intermission for the Beard to provide roadside assistance to Joanna. When we continue, the Fellas get you up to date on current news and sports. LT drops some Post Malone for your enjoyment and the Beard fills you in on why it's a good thing to get your kids out hunting. Thanks for listening! If you enjoy this...


Ep. 34 - The Beard Goes International

In this episode of Two Fellas Podcast, the Beard goes international to Canada. Hear his recap from a recent trip to Nashville. The Beard shares two craft brews with LT to review on the podcast, Scofflaw Goat's Milk and Tail Gate Beer's Peanut Butter Milk Stout. Are you getting ripped off at the Christmas tree stand. The Fellas mourn with the rest of the country as President George H.W. Bush is laid to rest. Is it offensive to watch A Christmas Story, Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer during the...


Ep. 33 - Little Rock Mommy

In this episode, the Fellas welcome a special guest, Jennifer Vaughn, with the Little Rock Mommy blog. The Fellas discuss the Thanksgiving holiday and reveal the results of the two Facebook polls. LT recaps his visit to Pecan Point Brewery in Texarkana during his trip to visit family for the holidays. The Beard talks about the Civil War watch party hosted at Flyway Brewing. The 120 Minute IPA from Dogfish head is featured this week as the "Craft Brew of the Week." The Fellas talk with...


Ep. 32 - The Fellas Trek the Mountain

In this episode, LT and the Beard both hit the road to Hot Springs, AR to attend the Spa Running Festival. Hear our recap as LT attempts his first 10K with #dedicatedjordan and the Beard. Mrs. LT and Mrs. The Beard endured the cool temperatures with the fam to support us. Of course, we had to carb up for the big race so the night before we hit up Grateful Head Pizza for some craft brews and delicious pizza. The Fellas catch you up on some current headlines and LT runs out of sports stories...


Ep. 31 - #fakenews

In this episode, LT enjoys the Jubelale from Deshutes Brewery thanks to the Beard's parents as the Craft Brew of the Week. We mourn the loss of Stan Lee, but are thankful Mr. Feeny is still with us. The Fellas discuss the wildfires in California and President Trump's tweet. Come see the Beard at Flyway Brewery on November 23rd for the 124th Civil War. You can come see the Fellas at the Spa Running Festival this weekend as LT attempts his first 10K. Some other exciting stuff on the horizon...


Ep. 30 - Rock the Vote

In this episode, the Fellas rock the vote for the 2018 midterm elections. The Beard brings a super-hybrid sticky IPA from SweetWater Brewery leaving Cody to wonder if he is going to be able to keep his job. The Fellas recently finished season 2 of "Making a Murderer" and share their thoughts on the cases. The Beard brings some solid advice for this week's "Fit Tip of the Week" brought to you by Thanks for listening. Head over to Facebook to purchase official Two Fellas...


Ep. 29 - Never Trust Anything with a Green Bun

The Fellas have a lot to catch up on this episode of Two Fellas Podcast. The Beard recaps his recent rip to San Antonio, TX. The Fellas discuss "The Gurdon Light" in honor of Halloween. Find out of The Fellas won the lottery (Hint: we did not). Cody has nightmares after eating Nightmare King at Burger King. We also talk West Memphis 3 and Making a Murderer.


Ep. 28 - Kumquats & Sasquatch

Things get weird in Episode 28 of the Two Fellas Podcast when special guest Jeff Beason joins the Fellas. The Beard has some interesting stories from his recent travels. We talk home brews and Oktoberfest beer. The Beard gives us an exclusive look into the Pint Pass app. When it comes to cheating, e-sports officials don't play and is the Sasquatch real? Jeff recaps his Arkansas Traveler 100 and tells us how you can help with the Arkansas Run for the Fallen. Make sure to check his blog out at...


Ep. 27 - Cheesin'

In this episode, the Fellas recap the Thomas Rhett concert. The Beard travels to Oregon and brings back some tasty brews from Sam Bond's Brewing Co. from Eugene, OR. The Fellas discuss how millennials are being blamed for the loss of another American commodity. Cody discusses police tactics and swine and recaps Arkansas' loss to Ole Miss at War Memorial Stadium. Find us this weekend at the World Cheese Dip Championship being judge by Geneva.


Ep. 26 - Fore!!!

In this episode, the Beard is back from his travels. Hear about where he has been and what craft brews on the road he tried. The Fellas reveal the results from their online candy corn poll. Hear us talk about what "Friends" would be like if one of our other TV crushes was cast as Rachel. A horse walks into a bar... no really, it's not a joke, it happened. Our buddy Jeff with finishes the Arkansas Traveler 100 and Tupac is alive!


Ep. 25 - What the Puck

It's October and the Fellas talk Halloween, scary movies, candy corn and Mister Rogers. When the Beard travels, sometimes he brings back beer samplers. Hear the Fellas' reviews of their favorites during the Craft Brew of the Week segment. Catch up on the news and sports stories that caught the attention of the Fellas. The Beard talks balance in the Fit Tip of the Week brought to you by


Ep. 24 - Push It In and Scoop

In this episode, the Fellas head out on date night with the wives for dinner at Samatha's then head over to Brewski's Pub & Grub. Ozark Beer Company's American Pale Ale and Stone's Throw Brewing's Amadeus Vienna Lager is reviewed. We talk deer, tigers and crocs and drop subtle hints on Christmas gifts. The Fellas discuss home gyms and meal prep for this week's Fit Tip of the Week.


Ep. 23 - Sunday Brunch

In this episode, the Fellas discuss the final pub run of the season at Lost Forty Brewing hosted by Fleet Feet Little Rock. Also, the Two Fellas Podcast family enjoys a Sunday Brunch at Flyway Brewing. Get an update on sports and news - we talk the release of new Apple products, the tough Razorbacks and Beavers losses in college football and how one beer company is helping with Hurricane Florence relief efforts. The Beard updates us on his fantasy sports leagues and gives the "Fit Tip of the...


Ep. 22 - Please Remove Shoes Before Burning

In this episode, the Beard updates us on his travels. The Fellas talk Aretha Franklin, Mac Miller, Smokey and the Bandit and whether or not it is acceptable to dunk chicken tenders in soda. The Fellas also talk controversy with Serena Williams and Nike's controversial "Just Do It" ad featuring Colin Kaepernick. Lost Forty's small batch projects Teeny Tiny Umbrella - Tropical Pineapple Ale and Month of Sundays Amarillo Pale Ale are featured during the "Craft Brew of the Week" segment.


Ep. 21 - Fantasy Sports

The Beard hits the road again for this episode and tries some craft brews at Jim 'N Nick's BBQ in Birmingham before hitting up Badger State Brewing in Green Bay. The fellas get you caught up on some current sports and news. As college football kicks off this weekend and the NFL the week after, fantasy sports are discussed.


Ep. 20 - School Daze

In this episode, Cody takes over the "Where is the Beard?" and "Craft Brew of the Week" segments and recaps the Miller beach vacation. The Fellas try a Jalapeño-mango beer and talk about the Beard's first trail run. Get updated on current news and sports events and reminisce with the Fellas as they talk about some of their back to school memories.


Ep. 19 - Q&A with thebourbonbarber_

In this special edition of the Two Fellas Podcast, the Fellas do a Q&A with Drew AKA thebourbonbarber_ during a power outage while recording Episode 15. Get some great insight into the barber shop culture.


Ep. 18 - Running in the Bardo

The Fellas welcome Jeff Beason with Fleet Feet Little Rock to the podcast. Urban Chestnut Brewing Company's Big Shark Lemon Radler is featured as this week's "Craft Brew of the Week." Get an update on current news and sports and Fellas talk about Lebron James, his I Promise School and the controversial comments made afterward. Jeff tells us what it means to "Run in the Bardo" and highlights several projects and organizations he is involved with.


Ep. 17 - The Wives Return

This is a special episode as the beard is traveling and takes everyone with him. Everyone's favorite Two Fellas Podcast guests return in this episode! The wives join the Fellas for this episode and tell us who their first celebrity crush was and we all play a game of Two Truths & A Lie. They also offer their commentary on some of the news and sports stories. Stiegl Brewery's Grapefruit Radler is featured as the "Craft Brew of the Week." Steve discusses running during the "Fit Tip of the...


Ep. 16 - Favorite TV sitcoms

In this episode, the Fellas discuss their favorite TV sitcoms growing up. The Beard is traveling once again to Goldsboro, NC. The Terrapin Beer Co. in Athens, GA is featured and their Hopsecutioner IPA is the "Craft Brew of the Week." The Fellas give you some updates on the current events and sports news. The Beard discusses Advocare's Rehydrate during the "Fit Tip of the Week." The upcoming Pub Run at Lost Forty Brewing hosted by Fleet Feet Little Rock is discussed. A new free t-shirt...