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Episode 59: Twitching

This week Ben and Charlotte take the reigns of the Regular Show. Together they discuss their week in Tabletop including playing Arkham Horror LCG: Paths To Carcosa, Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire and Zombie Doctor, and catching up with Tristan and Francesca of Hall or Nothing Productions whilst on a whistlestop tour of Manchester. They also discuss recent announcements from CMON and Monolith about how they will be utilising Kickstarter in the future, as well as the Unlucky Frog’s plans...


Episode 58: Independence Day - Luke Gbedemah (Muster App)

In this week’s Independence Day episode Ben is joined by Luke Gbedemah of Muster App, an app that is designed to be the Steam of Tabletop. Luke explains the need for Muster as a means of bringing together tabletop gamers in terms of locality and shared interest. Together they also discuss he game design process, interpretation of other people’s intellectual property, and borrowing concepts and ideas from existing pieces of work. We hope you enjoy listening, The Unlucky Frog...


Episode 57: Sweaty Yeti

In this week’s episode Ben, Josh and Charlotte discuss appropriate Yeti care and their post UK Games Expo cool down/melt down which has included copius amounts of gaming. Josh also shares his experience of setting up his very first twitter account, and the gang reminisce about Haba Hotel. They also discuss recent news by Fantasy Flight Games about Android: Netrunner, speculation about upcoming games from Wizards of the Coast, and Ben gets excited about the announcement of Warhammer Age of...


Episode 56: Unlucky Frog On Tour - UK Games Expo (Part 2)

Ben and Josh are joined once again by Iain McAllister of The Giant Brain for the continuation of our UK Games Expo round up! We hope enjoy listening, The Unlucky Frog Team Mentions Boardgame Console by Wizama Taiwan Boardgame Design Games Workshop Arkham Horror: Paths to Carcosa and Forgetton Age by Fantasy Flight Games Pathfinder Playtest by Paizo Holding On: Troubled Life of Billy Kerr by Hub Games Village Attacks by Grimlord


Episode 55: Independence Day - Matt Coward

In this week’s edition of Independence Day Ben is joined by Matt Coward of the University of York. Matt chats with Ben about his current piece of sociological research into the tabletop gaming community, discussing the wider issues of inclusivity and diversity. They also discuss grave robbing, cliche’d themes and games that explore death. We hope you enjoy listening! The Unlucky Frog Team


Episode 54: Unlucky Frog On Tour - UK Games Expo Review (Part 1)

Ben and Josh are joined by Iain McAllister of The Giant Brain for their UK Games Expo wrap up episode, part 1! Together they cover Thursday’s Press Preview, Friday’s Shadespire: Grand Clash, the JollyBoat comedy duo and the plethora of games that they demo’ed, listed below! We hope you enjoy listening. The Unlucky Frog Team Mentions: Sins RPG by First Falling Leaf Ruthless by Alley Cat Games & Roland’s Revenge Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions by Playfusion The Gig by Brain Crack...


Episode 53: Independence Day - Tom Pike (Escape The Dark Castle)

In this week’s Independence Day episode Ben is joined by Tom Pike of Themeborne Games to discuss his upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Escape The Dark Castle Expansion Packs, which is due to go live on Friday 1st of June! Listen in to hear about Tom’s own gaming history and what brought him to this point. Together they also the need for gateway games, how to manage critical reviews, and how to create expansions that bring new mechanics and elements to a game whilst remaining true to the...


Episode 52: UK Games Expo 2018 Preview

*This episode contains spoilers for Hunger Games and Game of Thrones* This week Ben, Josh & Charlotte chat about their upcoming trip to UK Games Expo! Following on from our preview blog post we discuss what we are looking forward to seeing most at the event. We also discuss Games Workshops’ announcement for Warhammer Adventures and the divisive nature of the books. This week’s episode also contains a shoutout to our newest Patron, Tom Mannering, and we explain some of the updates we have...


Episode: 51 - Owen Duffy (The Board Game Book)

In this week’s Independence Day Episode Ben and Josh are joined by local lad, Owen Duffy, games writer for Tabletop Magazine, The Guardian and Ars Technica. Together they discuss Owen’s day to day gaming, plans for UK Games Expo and upcoming board game annual/ guide, The Board Game Book, which is due to hit Kickstarter on Tuesday 5th of June! Shownotes The Board Game Book is a gorgeous hardback book by top gaming authors looking at more than 100 of the year’s best games, from family and...


Episode 50: Sigmar’s Balls

In this week’s episode Ben is joined by guest host Josh…wait…what?! That’s right Josh has returned from his hiatus just in time or UK Games Expo! In this week’s episode Ben & Josh discuss the games they have been playing including Gloomhaven, and Magic: The Gathering expansion, Dominaria. They also chat about recent announcements for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Asmodee’s intended sale and the Award Season in the run up to wards UK Games Expo, Origins Awards and Spiele Des Jahres. This...


Episode 49: Independence Day - Erin Dean (For The Love Of Board Games)

In this week’s episode we are joined by Erin Dean, videographer and author. Together Erin & Ben discuss her upcoming book, for The Love of Board Games, a collection of interviews with board game designers including: -Matt Leacock -Jonathon Gilmour -Wolfgang Kramer -Richard Garfield -Phil Walker-Harding They also discuss instances of being star struck including an awkward encounter with Rodney Smith of Watch It Played in a bathroom at AireCon 2018! Happy listening! The Unlucky...


Episode 48: Silent Majority

In this week’s episode, Ben is joined again by Scot Milne. Together they discuss what games they have been playing over the past week or so including Scot’s recent Pathfinder campaign, Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire and Arkham Horror. They also discuss the reemergence of claims about the authenticity of Jakub Rozalsk artwork for Scythe and the fine line between plagiarism and homage, and discuss the online tabletop gaming community. Link to reddit claim regarding Jakub Rozalski’s...


Episode 47: Independence Day - Frank West (City of Games)

In this week’s episode Ben is joined by Frank West creator of City of Kings. Together they discuss Frank’s first introduction to tabletop gaming, his desire to create an experience similiar to a MMORPG in a tabletop format, and his current kickstarter campaigns City of Kings: Anicent Allies and Vedoran Gardens. Frank will also be attending UK Games Expo, and GenCon so be sure to look out for him there! We hope you enjoy listening! The Unlucky Frog Team


Episode 46: Dun-Con

In this week’s episode Ben is joined by guest co-host Duncan Cowan of Tabletop Scotland. Together they disucss recent gaming exploits inlcuding Secret Hitler, Battlestar Galatica, Escape the Dark Castle & Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. They also discuss the somewhat duplicitive practices of Space Goat Productions, and share tips on how to teach games to new players, or indeed, people with no prior experience of gaming. We hope you enjoy! The Unlucky Frog Team


Episode 45: Independence Day - Dobbers: The Quest for the Key

In this week’s Independence Day episode Ben is joined by Darryl Jones of Splattered Ink Games to discuss his current project that has been a long time in the making! Dobbers: The Quest for the Key is a game for all the family, but that doesn’t mean it can’t challenge the veteran gamers amongst us. Darryl also shares his own history of tabletop gaming, passing that passion down to the next generation, and his visions for the Dobbers universe! Dobbers: The Quest for the Key Kickstarter is...


Episode 44: Bottle of Buckfast (+5 Insanity)

This week Ben is joined by guest co-host Mark Mckinnon, of Wreck and Ruin fame! Together they chat about: We hope you enjoy listening! The Unlucky Frog Team


Episode 43: Independence Day - Bermooda’s End

In this Independence Day episode Ben is joined by the gang at Bermooda’s End Games. Together Ben, April, Lauren, Daryk & Michael talk about their own gaming experience, legal wrangles of running your own business, and of course, their upcoming Kickstarter Launch, Are you Going to Eat That? Listen in to find out more! We hope you enjoy listening! The Unlucky Frog Team


Episode 42: Check Yoself Before You Wreck Yoself

This week Ben is joined by co-host Tom Mannering for the weekly round up, and upcoming events. Together they discuss the need for entry level gaming, International Tabletop Day, Arkham Horror LCG, as well as Tom’s first foray into Lords of Waterdeep! Also listen out for Ben & Charlotte’s upstairs neighbour who makes a guest appearance around the 15min mark. Gold stars all round if anyone can guess what he’s singing! We hope you enjoy listening, The Unlucky Frog Team


Episode 41: Independence Day On Tour - Richard Denning

Whilst at Conpulsion 2018 Ben caught up with Richard Denning of Medusa Games. Together they talk about the convention scene, the ins and outs of organising UK Games Expo, and his upcoming release Magnificent Flying Machines which Ben, Josh and Charlotte had the chance to play at Glasgow Games Fest. **Please note that there is a lot of background noise in this episode as it was recorded live at Conpulsion** We hope you enjoy listening! The Unlucky Frog Team


Episode 40: Hot Off The Press - Boarders Tabletop Cafe Kickstarter Scandal

In the first ever Hot Of The Press feature of the Unlucky Frog Gaming Podcast, Ben is joined by Calvin Wong of the Ding and Dent Podcast and BoardGamePrices.com. Together they discuss the ongoing Boarders Tabletop Cafe Kickstarter scandal which is now potentially the largest case of defraudment in Kickstarter Boardgame history. As both a journalist and patron of the cafe, Calvin shares with us his account of the ongoing situation and the impact it is having on the Tabletop gaming...