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Episode 28: Approval-Good Enough For Me

As 2018 dawns in front of us, let's dive in together and start the year off on a strong note! Today, I dive into the concept and topic of "approval". It is a mystical topic that many of us spend our lives chasing, but often times, come up short. We spend our lives chasing the approval of others, in the end, forgetting to live for ourselves. Our constant need for validation moves us away from being our true selves. As I reflect on my life, I know this has been a topic I have always...


Episode 27: Inspiration-The People Around You

Inspiration is all around us. Often, we can find inspiration in the simplest of things. A warm sunset, a baby's laugh, even the opening of a flower can inspire us. Really, we can find inspiration in just about anything, depending upon how deep we are willing to look. However, how many of us really stop to realize that maybe the greatest inspiration in life are those around us? Do we move through life taking those around us for granted? Never recognizing how they can inspire us to achieve....


Episode 26: Transformation-Out On A Limb

Transformation-that mystical process in life where we move from one state to the other. Over and over, I talk about change as part of life, a necessary part of our existence. Change can be good, or bad, but it always happens. Today I share with you the time I made a leap and set my life on a new path. Two years ago, frustrated with being fat and tired, I got up, walked into a gym. Glad to say, I haven't stopped moving since. I still can't believe how long it took me to become active! I...


Episode 25: Questions: Life's Unending Curiosity

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself how many questions you ask in the course of the day? How many times within a day do you inquire about various ideas? Us humans are curious creatures. We want to know it all, and we want to know it all NOW. Information is gathered, processed and eventually acted upon, often without any awareness we are actually doing it! Blindly, we travel through the day, asking about what we need to know. Consequently, it becomes a routine, a habit, a mindless...


Episode 24: Failing Successfully

If there is one thing in life none of us likes to do, it would be to fail. In a perfect world, failing would never be an option, and we would all be perfect, at every given moment. However, this is not a perfect world, and failing is a part of life. Despite our best effort and our best intention, we do not always succeed. Dreams do not come true, and we don't always get the happy ending. However, really...is it our failures that define us, or is it how we handle those failures that define...


Episode 23: Me, Myself & I

Many times in life, we find ourselves trying to please others. We dedicate our time and energy to trying to be what we think somebody else expects of us. We silence our own dreams and desires, losing sight of the things that make us most happy in life. This pattern often starts early in life, and by the time we finally arrive to adulthood, it is a well established pattern. By sacrificing our own voice, we think we please others. But,in the end, do we really please them? In denying our own...


Episode 22: Soulfully Bankrupt

How many of us go through the motions of our everyday life like zombies? Each day, we feed our wallet, our family, our ego, but forget about our soul. We become so involved in being successful, consequently, we forget how to be human. We lose sight, we lose perspective and leave ourselves soulfully bankrupt. Do we ever really feel fulfilled by the life we lead, and finally, what happens when we don't? Recently, somebody I know lived through a terrible tragedy. In a single moment the life...


Episode 21: Taking Chances

Dreams! We spend a great deal of our childhood living in dreams. Make believe is our favorite local hangout. We conjure up imaginary friends and visions of the perfect life we are sure we will live. As we journey from childhood into adulthood, slowly, we tend to leave our dreams behind and join the "real world". We give up on taking chances and start to live within what is in front of us. Our dreams fade away as our life takes shape. Frequently, we are told to follow our dreams. We should...


Episode 20: Deconstruction-Starting Over

Deconstruction-the act of breaking down a larger meaning by looking at the constructs upon which that meaning is based. Commonly, this term applies to literature, but it can be used in a variety of ways. Today, I share the story of my own personal deconstruction. It was a dark time in my life, right before my 23rd birthday, when I was lost and very much alone in life. The life I had started to build for myself had fallen apart, and I was at a crossroads in life. The choices I made during...


Episode 19: Sanity-Learning to Just Say No

For the majority of us, life is never dull. We usually keep ourselves chock full of activities and obligations. We fill our days with responsibilities, be it family, work, or hobby related. As a whole, our society tends to be very much on the go. Due to the amount of "busy" in our lives, we slowly start to let go of our sanity. We take more and more on, until finally, we start to break. Together, we explore the stress we cause ourselves. We look into why we allow ourselves to get to the...


Episode 18: Discomfort Zone: Embracing Change

The Comfort Zone. That warm, safe, well insulated place that we retreat to out of habit, day after day. It is that place where we feel secure, we feel comfortable, where we are the master of our domain. However, in the end, this only succeeds in keeping us safe. It hampers our ability to grow, it holds us steady. Without discomfort, we become content. Even worse, without discomfort, we become complacent. Today, I dive into some of the things I have learned in the last few years about my...


Episode 17: Past Tense Perfection

The past. A collection of moments that have long since happened, an intricate network of decisions and outcomes woven together to form what becomes our lives as we know it. At any given point, we face a crossroads. A path to chose, and a path to ignore. What our life becomes hinges on these decisions. Every moment in life is brought to us by the decisions we have made before. Sometimes its within a few hours, sometimes a few weeks, and other times, its a decision we made years ago. Once...


Episode 16: Perfectly Imperfect Future Unlimited

The future: the promise of days to come, the promise of new beginnings and new dreams. The future is both our greatest gift, and our worst enemy. As kids and young adults, we see the future as our key to an perfectly unbelievable and unimaginable life. We imagine the perfect house, the perfect career, the perfect family and impeccable finances. We dream the perfect life and dedicate ourselves to achieving it. Then, life happens! The unexpected happens, and consequently, what we had once...


Episode 15: The Potential Effect

Potential: that mystical and magical word that seems to hold the promise of what life can be. It dangles in front of us, teasing and taunting us. Unfulfilled dreams waiting to be discovered, waiting to be lived. Potential gives us hope, gives us a future we have always wanted. What if, however, it actually becomes a prison? What if the very thing meant to inspire us, actually keeps us from every really living? Today, I dive into the concept of potential, and all of its implications as we...


Episode 14: The Motivation Myth

Several weeks ago, while wasting time on Facebook, I came across a video from Mel Robbins, who boldly declared that "Motivation is Garbage". I admit, I found this statement to be stunning. The boldness of the statement took me by surprise. I watched the video, while being skeptical from the beginning. I eagerly listened to every word offered during the 5 minute clip. Slowly, as a result, I realized that my own perception of motivation was starting to change. As I absorbed the thoughts, one...


Episode 13: Shame & Sadness & Letting Go

Shame: a painful emotion caused by consciousness of guilt, shortcoming, or impropriety. A simple eleven word definition of one of the most powerful emotions out there. We all know what shame feels like. We all know that sinking feeling in our gut when we have fallen short of the bar we have set for ourselves. Not a single person is immune to the feeling of shame, or the subsequent sadness and stress that accompanies it. When you are unhappy with yourself, or with your spot in life, the...


Episode 12: Time Waits For No One

Short, sweet and to the point today! Let's get out and live life! As many of you know, while on a vacation in Las Vegas last month, there was an incident that occurred. During our first night there, we came upon a lady who had become unresponsive. Despite resuscitation attempts, it became apparent that her time on earth was over. It was a very difficult and sad event to be a part of. Yet, at the same time, it was also very liberating and eye opening, almost inspirational. I was reminded of...


Episode 11: New Year's Evolution

One month ago, we closed the door on 2016 and looked forward to a new year. We embraced a new beginning, a chance to once again start anew. The annual tradition of New Year Resolutions strikes. Once again, many of us promise to be different. We promise to lose weight, hit the gym more, eat better. Smoking, swearing, being anti-social move to a former life. New Year, New Me becomes the mantra for so many. Promises are made for a bright and shiny future. Then, reality circles back. Those...


Episode 10: I Will Not Breakdown (Change Pt. 5)

Our exploration of creating change in life comes to a close today in the conclusion to the 5 part series about change. Over the last 2 months, together we have explored the early stage of change, moving all the way through to making that change into a reality. We have learned to recognize that which we don't like and finally take control of our lives. Together we have prepared for success. We have taken the steps to be the person we have always dreamed of. Today, we dive into how we...


Episode 9: Lights, Camera, ACTION! (Change Pt. 4)

After weeks of contemplation and preparation, today we dive into the ACTION stage of change! Over the last two months, we have discussed and learned about the Trastheoretical Model of Change, and today, we finally put our plan into action. We move forward into being the best version of ourselves. Finally, we see how all the preparation and planning come together and take form. At last, we take back our lives and grab our future by the horns. Change is never easy. From recognizing that we...