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Ute Talk Podcast: Providing unbiased opinions on all things Utah Football and Basketball. Join us weekly as we breakdown games and discuss what lies ahead.

Ute Talk Podcast: Providing unbiased opinions on all things Utah Football and Basketball. Join us weekly as we breakdown games and discuss what lies ahead.
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Ute Talk Podcast: Providing unbiased opinions on all things Utah Football and Basketball. Join us weekly as we breakdown games and discuss what lies ahead.






W, W, Ws All Around

Grant and Jeff are talking Utah Utes with wins to talk about in football and basketball. They discuss the college football playoff. What game are you going to buy tickets to? Then it is basketball time talk Larry K, expectations, and youthful exuberence.


Total Dominance. Rinse and Repeat?

Jeff rides solo in this weeks episode. Just how dominant was Utah against Arizona State? Was Arizona State dirty? Utah definitely has a new rival. Jeff previews this weeks Cal game. Cal has no offense, will Utah dominate again this week?


Sun Devils and Utes Get Set for a Battle

Grant, Carra, Jeff and Joseph are back at talking Utes. Get ready for some Utah Utes kool aid at the end. They cover the week that was and the week to come.


Bye Week Haikus and Beavers Previews

Carra, Jeff, and Grant are back having survived the torturous bye week. They review the Utes athletics schedule. Then the show gets rolling with haiku submissions, game times/tv coverage, and more. Finally, they wrap up the show looking at the Utah Utes match-up with the Oregon State Beavers.


Utes with Rifle > Cougar, Apparently

Carr, Grant, and Jeff review the game with a little word play. They also discuss the PAC-12 schedule and SB 206. Are the Olympic sports doomed? Listen in to find out. Joseph also drops by with his divisional odds. Anyone want some kool-aid?


Do the Utes have a rifle or bow and arrow?

Grant and Carra are back at it talking Utah sports. The touch on the quick hitters and the PAC-12 in review. The talk pros and cons with the USC loss and play a game of would you rather in talking about the Washington State game coming up.


Sam Maxfield - "Utah Country"

Song heard in Wednesday's episode recapping the first few games and getting you hyped for the game against USC. This song is by Sam Maxfield. You can find more of Sam Maxfield's music on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, iTunes, YouTube & more! Find him on social media: Instagram: @ sammax97 Twitter: @ maxfieldmusic Facebook: @ SamMaxfieldMusic


Welcome to Utah Country and PAC-12 Play

This episode is all about PAC-12 play. Grant, Jeff, and Carra (the newest member of the show) review the Saturday that was in the PAC-12 and look forward to the start of conference play against USC. Of course, we talk quick hitters and take our weekly ride on the hype train too.


Interview with Scott Felix (Former USC Trojan)

Welcome to a special edition of the Ute Talk Podcast. Grant was able to interview former USC player, Scott Felix. They discuss the status of the USC program, analyze the upcoming game, and Scott shares his favorite memory from playing Utah (This memory may surprise you).


Expectations and Sounders

Another episode of the Ute Talk Podcast is out. Jeff, the newest member on the Ute Talk team, joins the show for the first time. With the quick hitters, Grant and Jeff review the schedule, the uniform combo for this week, and game times. Then it is all aboard the hype train! Choo Choo! After some hype, Jeff and Grant talk to actual football.


#BHiaku and NIU, On goes the hype train

Joseph and Grant mix things up with a hiaku review of the BYU game. Don't poo poo our rhyming. Then it is time to talk NIU and leadership.


Immediate Reactions to The Rivalry Game

Grant and Joseph jump on the phone to give a first reaction to the game. The drop their main take away and their stat of the game. More to come next week.


Holy War and Shocking Predictions (Not Really)

Without Joseph this week, Grant called in Aaron Kartchner from the Sports Bros podcast. He claims to be a realist of a BYU fan. We cover the quick hitters, the hype train and then get into the rivalry. We discuss the importance of the game, favorite memories, position battles, and more.


Predicting games, projecting the divisions: Game Week minus 1

First, a few quick hitters as the guys discuss the hype train and Grant tries to knock it off the rails. Is there a difference between a playoff caliber team and a championship caliber team? Then, the fellas go game by game through the season, picking Ws and Ls and seeing where they wind up. Finally, Joseph unveils his new Division Odds model and predicts the chance of each team winning their division.


Joe and Grant Talk The Potentially Special Offense

Grant and Joe have a fun, packed show for you today. First, they discuss the quick hitters, including olympic sports, some football notes, and the hype train continuing to build up steam. Next, they spend the rest of the show talking about the offense- who are the leaders, who are the ones to watch, and where are the question marks that could bring this potentially historic season back down to earth?


The month-of-game has arrived! Are we all ready for FOOTBALL?

This week, we're devoted to getting ready for the rapidly approaching first game of the season. First, we celebrate the news that the Zack Moss injury rumors were overblown, and then we check in on the Hype Train, chugging merrily along with the Utes continuing to pop up on numerous national radars. Then we dive into the position previews for the defense, addressing the talent and depth at every position on the field. It's an embarassment of riches on that side of the ball so there's no...


All Aboard the Hype Train?!

Grant is spending the holiday with his family, so Joe gets the microphone to himself (who had THAT idea) and talks about the hype building around Utah's upcoming season. First, we go into the award watchlist, which is a heck of a rundown. Then we discuss the props Utah has been getting from PAC 12 media, including five Utes on the all-conference team and prevailing in the divisional (by a mile) and conference wide (by a whisker) media votes. Finally we turn to the national buzz- Phil...


Tracking the Utes' National Buzz

First, we do our quick hitters, including a shoutout to UtahUtes.com, who is doing a great series that tells you a lot about their players. Next, we talk about the Sports Illustrated top 100 players list and the four Utes who made the cut. Then we talk about the Utes schedule, and Grant tries to find a loss somewhere- ANYWHERE. Finally, we chat about the big national buzz around the Ludwig hire and the disconnect with fan perception of the move, which has been pretty negative.


It's a great day to be a Ute: the Ute Talk Podcast is BACK!

Joe and Grant return for their first full length episode of the summer, and there's plenty to talk about. First, the guys will dig into the never-ending game of musical chairs being played with Larry's roster, and what it means for the Utes now and moving forward. Second, they touch on Utah's strong returns in June on the recruiting trail for 2020, including multiple defensive back commitments and another exciting Florida QB. Finally, Joe reveals his win projections for the 2019 season-...


Ute Talk Podcast is BACK June 26th!

The Ute Talk Podcast is thrilled to be back in action! The hiatus is over and we'll be bringing you the weekly podcasts you crave every week from here on out. When our first episode drops on Wednesday, June 26, there will be just 64 days until Utah football is back in action, so we'll have plenty to talk about. Listen in to hear what we'll be talking about this week.