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Misinformation and morality: In conversation with Daniel Effron

The Centre's Executive Director Wayne Burns speaks to Dr Daniel Effron, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School, about how encountering fake news headlines make them less unethical to share.


Best practice corporate affairs planning, strategy and reporting: In conversation with Brett Zarb

Centre Analyst Joe Bourke speaks to Brett Zarb, Head of Media and Communications at Suncorp, about how to achieve best practice planning, strategy and reporting in corporate affairs.


Big new things in internal communications: In conversation with Tarnya Dunning and Alistair Marshall

Centre Analyst Joe Bourke speaks to Tarnya Dunning, General Manager of Employee Communications at Telstra, and Alistair Marshall, Head of Internal Communications at Coles, about the benefits of having a best practice employee communications strategy for corporations.


Issues management in the age of social media: In conversation with Peter Metcalfe and Karina Keisler

Centre Analyst Joe Bourke speaks to Peter Metcalfe, General Manager Government & International Relations - Woodside, and Karina Keisler, Executive General Manager Public Affairs - Cricket Australia about how to execute a successful issues management plan in the age of social media.


Preparing for a federal election: In conversation with Wayne Burns

Joe Bourke speaks to the Centre's Executive Director Wayne Burns about how best to prepare your company for a federal election: what to do, what not to do, and the importance of getting it right.


Measuring corporate responsibility investment's impact: In conversation with Kylie Macfarlane

Following on from an interview with Allegra Spender from the Australian Business and Community Network, Centre Director Wayne Burns speaks with Commonwealth Bank's Head of Corporate Responsibility to speak about the importance of social impact from a business perspective, and the importance of being able to measure its success.


Measuring social impact: In conversation with ABCN CEO Allegra Spender

The Centre's Executive Director Wayne Burns sits down with the CEO of the Australian Business and Community Network Allegra Spender to talk about measuring and reporting on social impact, and her experience leading the ABCN.


Succeeding in corporate public affairs: In conversation with Pamela Catty SFCCPA and Matthew Percival SFCCPA

The Centre's Joe Bourke speaks to Pamela Catty SFCCPA and Matthew Percival SFCCPA about their careers in corporate public affairs. Both practitioners were formally inducted as Senior Fellows of the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs at the Centre's 2019 Annual Head of Function and Senior Practitioner Roundtable, and they talk about the characteristics of successful leaders, the biggest challenges facing corporate public affairs practitioners today, and the advice they would give their...


Is civil public discourse dead and buried? In conversation with Peter Van Onselen

Joe Bourke from the Centre speaks with Peter Van Onselen, Political Editor at Network Ten and Contributing Editor at the Australian newspaper about politics, public discourse, and what's next for the role of social media in democracies.


Getting to know China: In conversation with Mike Smith

The Centre's Executive Director Wayne Burns speaks to the Australian Financial Review's China Correspondent Mike Smith about why senior business leaders need to understand China. They talk about the ways to go about better understanding China, the benefits of doing so, and the near to mid-term outlook on China-Australia business relations.


The Centre Book Show: Start With Why and Powerful

In this episode, Joe Bourke from the Centre speaks to two senior practitioners about books they've reviewed for the Centre's Corporate Public Affairs newsletter. Sally Mackenzie from the Customer Owned Banking Association reviews 'Start With Why' by Simon Sinek, and Llew Gartrell from Stockland reviews 'Powerful' by Patty McCord.


The Centre's Public Affairs Predictions for 2019

Wayne Burns runs through his predictions for where the function is headed in 2019, and looks back on how the Centre's predictions for 2018 ended up.


Cups full of woe: what we can learn from this year’s VW and Starbucks reputation crises

The Centre's Executive Director Wayne Burns is interviewed by Joe Bourke about two case studies in issues and crisis management: the VW emissions scandal and the Starbucks racism incident. Wayne discusses the lessons corporate affairs practitioners can learn from these cases, and about how practitioners can ensure an issue doesn't turn into a full blown crisis.


What's driving left of centre activism and how it targets corporations and industry

In this week's Very Public Affairs podcast, the Centre's Executive Director Wayne Burns speaks to Mark Connelly, Director of Digital Growth and Fundraising at GetUp!, an activist advocacy entity that campaigns on issues and causes that often have industries and corporations in the firing line. Listen to find out more about why and and how GetUp! does what it does.


Media relations: trends, developments and where it is heading

In this week's episode, Joe Bourke from the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs speaks with Andrew McGinnes, Executive Manager Corporate Affairs at Qantas and Clayton Ford, General Manager Corporate Affairs at 7-Eleven Australia.They're asked about the big challenges in the media relations discipline, where they see it heading in the future, and their top tips for practitioners coming into media relations.


Ups and downs: making the move from politics to corporate public affairs

This week, the Centre's Executive Director Wayne Burns speaks to Bay Warburton. Bay, formerly Chief of Staff to NSW Premier Mike Baird, now Head of Stakeholder Relations at Mirvac, talks to Wayne about the differences between public and private sector, and gives his tips on how to successfully move between the two.


The corporate apology: how to make one, and when is it too late?

The Centre's Joe Bourke speaks with Executive Director Wayne Burns about corporate apologies: the occasions on which corporations or public entities say sorry to their stakeholders or the public. When and how should an apology be made?


Leadership in the function: In conversation with Centre Director Wayne Burns

The Centre's Joe Bourke speaks with Wayne Burns about the importance of leadership in the function, and how to go about becoming a leader in corporate public affairs.


The Grattan Institute's John Daley speaks with the Centre

The Centre speaks to John Daley, Chief Executive of the Grattan Institute, on building back public trust, the need for evidence based public policy, and all the issues facing one of the Asia Pacific's largest public policy think tanks.


Expert Insights from the Centre's 2018 Heads of Function Roundtable

Centre Director Wayne Burns wraps up the 2018 Heads of Function and Senior Practitioners Roundtable, covering the key takeaways from the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs first event of 2018. Plus, hear from Luisa Megale and Karyn Munsie on what it takes to be a successful corporate public affairs practitioner.