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Waxing Lyrical with Mainz and Dutts


Two lads from Liverpool talking NFL, and enough random stuff to keep everyone entertained

Two lads from Liverpool talking NFL, and enough random stuff to keep everyone entertained


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Two lads from Liverpool talking NFL, and enough random stuff to keep everyone entertained




Waxing Lyrical 2022 Draft recap

It is the final pod before the offseason starts and Mainz and Dutts review the Draft and its impact on fantasy drafts both Dynasty and redraft. They look at some in-draft trades and finally review the International series slate. Give it a listen


Waxing Lyrical 2022 Mock Draft Part 2

The 2nd Part of WLMD Mock draft is here! Mainz and Dutts go from pick 17 to 32 discussing what the better teams in the league need and it looks like it is WR. Give it a listen and don't forget Part 1 earlier in the Feed!


Waxing Lyrical 2022 Mock Draft Part 1

Mainz and Dutts jump headlong into Draft SZN with their mock draft. On this show, they give who they would pick from 1-16, no trades but lots of fun and interesting picks. How many QBs? not many..... Give it a listen!


Waxing Lyrical TE Draft with Thor Nystrom

The boys are back and they have a new guest! Thor Nystrom joins Neil to discuss Tight Ends and more specifically the ones entering the draft this year. Mainz and Dutts then chat through Free Agency with a Fantasy lense and give us the top 5 fantasy winners and losers of Free Agency so far. Give it a listen!


Waxing Lyrical QB Draft chat with Mark Schofield

The boys are back reacting to a crazt few days in the NFL talking Calvin Ridley, Rodgers, Wilson & Wentz. The Mark Schofield joins the show to talk all about the 2022 QB propects, indy and his beloved Newcastle United. Give it a listen


Waxing Lyrical SBLVI Review and Offseason primer

The final show of the 2021 season is here and the boys discuss the Super Bowl. Who will follow the Rams plan? Can the Bengals restock and get back? They then start looking at the offseason by reviewing stories they know they will be bored by. The offseason starts now!!


Waxing Lyrical Super Bowl LVI

Mainz and Dutts are ready for the Super Bowl! They start with a quiz then move onto a deep dive of the game followed by some classic SB prop picks. It's a SB primer and you should listen!


Waxing Lyrical 2021 Awards Week

With a 2 week gap between games Mainz and Dutts took the time to hand out their awards for the year. They also talk Chiefs and 49ers after their losses, the class action lawsuit, Tom Brady and the Commies!! Give it a listen, you will not regret it!


Waxing Lyrical 2021 Championship Weekend

A review of where the divisional round losers go next. Thoughts on Payton and Big Ben retiring. What we think of the new hires in Denver and Chicago, and then picks for the Conference title games. It's a packed show but it's a good one!


Waxing Lyrical 2021 Divisional Weekend

The boys are back reviewing the seasons for the losers on Wildcard Weekend and then they look forward to the best NFL weekend of the season adn give their picks on who they expect to make the title games. It's Waxing Lyrical baby!


Waxing Lyrical 2021 Wild Card Weekend

It's playoff time and the boys look at every single game and give their picks. They also look back on Week 18 and discuss all the firings this week in the NFL. It's Waxing Lyrical Baby!!


Waxing Lyrical 2021 Week 18

It's the final week of the regular season and Mainz tells you which teams have surprised and disappointed him the most. In fantasy corner Dutts highlights the top 5 Darlings and Losers of the season and then picks who makes the playoffs and who will play the Nickelodeon game (it's the Saints!)


Waxing Lyrical 2021 Week 17

The Boys pay tribute to the great John Madden to start the show and highlight why he is probably the most influential NFL personality of the past 50 years. They then try and help you win your Fantasy championship although if you have Dalvin Cook Dutton has concerns. Give us a listen before 2022 starts in earnest!!


Waxing Lyrical 2021 Week 16

Its Christmas time and the boys are handing out Christmas presents to NFL Teams. The boys then discus big weeks for QB's, bad times for Kamara and then give us Fantasy predictions bound to go wrong which they hope will not.


Waxing Lyrical 2021 Week 15

Which coaches and players are glad of others stealing the spotlight? Which QB does Neil love in Primetime? Which Green Bay RB does he hate? And what does Mainz think Mac Jone will do? All these questions and many more will be answered in this weeks show!


Waxing Lyrical 2021 Week 14

Should you drop Patrick Mahomes? Should weather be banned? Can the WFT win the NFC East? All these questions and many fantasy nuggets are answered on this weeks WLMD. Give it a listen!!


Waxing Lyrical 2021 Week 13

The boys are back and this week their favi=ourite guest Charles Dagnall joins the show to talk about things he is pleasantly surprised by this season. In the fantasy section Neil tries to bounce back from a bad Fantasy Darling week and Mainz believes OBJ might go back to his Giants form! Give it a listen!!


Waxing Lyrical 2021 Week 12

It's an early Pod due to Thanksgiving and Mainz and Dutts tell you what they are thankful (and not thankful for) and then they talk fantasy and are both big fans of the Eagles!!


Waxing Lyrical 2021 Week 11

After a techincal mishap a later than usual pod is with you!! They talk Newcastle 95/96, the non-death of the Pats. In Fantasy they talked Cam, Russ, Dolphins and a full Chubb...... Give it a listen


Waxing Lyrical 2021 Week 10

It's Week 10 and the boys look back at a truly crazy Week 9 of the NFL. They give their midseason report cards for the 32 teams then focus on Fantasy bigging up Pat Frieirmuth and hating on Adam Thielen. It's a great episode, give it a listen!