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Sasha Kaletsky

Sasha Kaletsky is a first year HBS student. Before his MBA, Sasha ran a nightclub while studying human sciences at Oxford, then worked for Uber in London. Now, in between HBS classes, Sasha is doing everything related to cryptocurrencies. Listening to the podcast, you can learn the basic definition of cryptocurrencies, how this market is expected to evolve, and what the cryptocurrency community does here, at HBS. Hosted by Madeline Keulen and Brett Neustadt Produced by Tim Shi, Imola...


Laura Carpenter

Laura Carpenter is a second year HBS student with a diverse background of a nuclear engineering degree, consulting and engineering work experience, and a passion for fitness and running. At HBS, Laura found her true north and created Abridge News, an online news website that helps people build a balanced perspective by showing compelling arguments on different sides of a debate. Learn about Laura’s path toward creating Abridge News, her take on the media today, and her vision for the news...


Anmol Gupta

Anmol Gupta is an MD-MBA student currently in his first year at HBS. Listening to the podcast you can learn about Anmol’s motivation and passion to pursue a medical degree and his life-changing learnings from the journey of becoming a doctor. Anmol also tells the story of how he developed two different medical devices and the challenges of the work. Hosted by Madeline Keulen and Brett Neustadt Produced by Tim Shi, Imola Pinter, and D. R. Rockwell Sponsored by the Harvard Business School...


Rebecca Feickert

Rebecca Feickert is a second year HBS student from rural North Dakota. Rebecca is the co-founder of Trey, a social enterprise dedicated to objectively advising and empowering high school athletes (as well as athletes’ families, coaches, and mentors) throughout the college athletic recruiting process. In this episode you can learn about Rebecca’s journey towards NCAA basketball, the challenges of the system, and her experience building a startup with the support of the HBS ecosystem. Learn...


Joe Moriarty

Joe Moriarty is a first year HBS student who grew up in Medina, New York. Joe is the founder of a new HBS club, BIGS (Business Ideas For Generational Shifts) that focuses on finding business opportunities around long-term demographic changes. During his chat with Madeline and Brett, Joe talks about where he grew up, the industries he worked in, and how those shaped his thinking about work and his life’s purpose today. Hosted by Madeline Keulen and Brett Neustadt Produced by Tim Shi,...


Barbara Gonzalez

Barbara Gonzalez is a second year HBS student from Mexico City and is currently one of the only two Mexican female students on campus. In this episode Barbara shares with us what motivated her growing up to apply to HBS and what drives her here to be a role model to aspiring women in Latin America. She talks about her vision of the future for Latinas in education and the workforce as well as her work with the LatAm Club of HBS to attract more Latin American women to the university. Hosted...


Henri Pierre-Jacques

Henri Pierre-Jacques is a first year HBS student and the co-founder of Harlem Capital Partners. Originally from Detroit, most recently from New York, Henri is working on increasing the number of minority founders through investing in early-stage startups. Find more about the Harlem Capital Partners on: http://harlem.capital/ Hosted by Madeline Keulen and Brett Neustadt Produced by Tim Shi, Imola Pinter, and D. R. Rockwell Sponsored by the Harvard Business School Student Association


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We Are HBS is student run podcast that gets in-depth with the most important component of the HBS community: our people. We get the real story of what our students did before they stepped foot on campus and how their experiences shaped them into what they are today.


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