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We The RapsCast, Ep. 20: We Love Thee Windswept Land

Russell and Dan return with a new format! In a newer, tighter episode of We the RapsCast, the guys discuss the big off-season moves of DeMarre Carroll and Cory Joseph (3:47), the team as it stands right now (7:00) the addition of CJ Miles (15:43), the teams potential rotation next season (17:48) and whether or not Masai Ujiri regrets using the words ‘culture reset’ (28:11). Enjoy, and please take the time to leave a review at iTunes, Podcast Addict, Stitcher or wherever you listen. We love...


We The RapsCast, Ep. 19: Free Agency and Salary Cap Update with Daniel Hackett

Basketball Fans! Russell and Dan welcome cap guru Daniel Hackett back to the show this week to discuss the Raptors signings of Kyle Lowry and Serge Ibaka (2:55). Then, Hackett takes everyone to CBA school, illustrating what position the signings put the Raptors in financially (13:50), discussing what they can do to alleviate their potential luxury tax burden and why they’d want to (20:05). The guys then talk players the Raptors could/should target with the Mid-Level Exception (44:10), and...


We The RapsCast, Ep. 18: Down with OG

Dan and Russell get back to basics after audio and scheduling snafus cost them the past two weeks of podcasts. They discuss the Raptors draft day strategy, including potential trades that fizzled (3:45) and the pick of OG Anunoby (21:08). A discussion of the Jimmy Butler trade leads into Dan’s latest Grant Rant (30:07), the longest in the history of the segment. The guys discuss the NBA’s all defensive selections, including the Raptors who received votes (42:33) and pick their all-time...


We The RapsCast, Ep. 17: Atlantic Division Breakdown (The Battle at the Brewer)

With Russell off on vacation at the Basketball Hall of Fame this week, Dan welcomes Sean Woodley of Raptors HQ and Locked On Raptors. The guys talk about the NBA Finals and the state of the league (3:50), and break down the Raptors immediate opponents, the four other teams in the Atlantic Division. They discuss what Boston will do with its horde of assets (10:04), a path for the Nets to recover (22:38), the 76ers being a little further away than people think (35:29), and the train-wreck...


We The RapsCast, Ep. 16: NBA Talk with the Captain of the Tweet of the Week Army, Mr. Woobly O’Balls

We’re Back! The boys welcome Captain Woobly O’Balls of ‘The Starters’ fame, and discuss his real name, the current NBA Finals, the origin of “Woobly O’Balls” and who he roots for (2:59), how his relationship with the Starters began (17:08), his thoughts on the Raptors as an outsider (30:00), and play a fun game about the NBA’s most unbreakable records (49:35). Finally, as with every guest, they discuss a time that Woobly fell down (1:21:40). Happy offseason, everyone!


We The RapsCast, Ep. 15: Dissecting the Salary Cap Situation with Daniel Hackett

Dan Grant was out this week due to illness, but Daniel Hackett of Raptors HQ graciously played the role of “Next Dan Up” as he joined Russell to discuss the Raptors’ salary cap situation. Russell and Substitute Dan discussed how Dan managed to become so knowledgable in all things cap (3:18), took a deep dive into the various scenarios that could play out this summer with regards to all the Raptors’ free agents (5:28), tackled some rapid-fire listener questions (1:15:45), and “capped” it...


We The RapsCast, Ep. 14: Raptors Post-Mortem with Steve Sladkowski of PUP

This week Russell and Dan are joined by huge Raptors fan Steve Sladkowski, lead guitarist of the band PUP! The three go on a philosophical basketball journey that includes eulogizing the latest Raptors season (1:47), Steve’s Raptors fandom and music career (5:25), and answer Listener Questions about what the Raptors are going to do about Kyle Lowry’s free agency (17:30), whether or not Dwane Casey should be fired (27:01), whether the Raptors should retain some/all of their key guys, or...


We The RapsCast, Ep. 13: Fool Me Once…

Dan and Russell lament the Raptors punishing Game 1 loss to the Cavaliers. Spurred on by frustrated listener questions, they discuss the Raptors reliance on Patrick Patterson and his streaky three-point shot, P.J.Tucker’s excellent play, the disappointing starting lineup, and a worrying lack of urgency from the Raptors. They also tee up Game 2, look for silver linings in Game 1, beg for more Norm Powell, and chide Jonas Valanciunas to just do what he does best. Hey, it only counts as one...


We The RapsCast, Ep. 12: Raps-Cavs Preview with Justin Rowan

Russell and Dan welcome Justin Rowan of The Chase Down Podcast and Fear the Sword to preview Raptors-Cavaliers in the conference semifinals. The guys talk about the differences between this year’s matchup and last year’s, the role that Serge Ibaka and PJ Tucker will play in the series, Dwane Casey’s strengths and weaknesses, and the most important role players for each team. Finally, Justin tells a great story about a time that he fell down.


We The RapsCast, Ep. 11: We The Norm

Dan and Russell lead off by breaking down the Raptors impressive Game 5 victory over Milwaukee, and then backtrack to discuss the rollercoaster that has been this first round series. They then discuss their choices for most interesting players for each team (17:33), before Dan goes on a fizzled out Grant Rant (53:11) that gains steam towards the end. They cap things off by taking Listener Questions (59:26) and celebrating the birth of the Raptors franchise in This Day in Raptors History...


We The RapsCast, Ep. 10: Greek Freaking Out

Dan and Russell talk things out this week, breaking down Game 1 and the Raptors reactions in the media. They then gauge their level of panic on 5 key issues (4:20) that have emerged following the Raptors Game 1 loss. They take on an extra long listener questions segment (31:53), as the fanbase is all riled up after another Raptors Game 1 loss. Don’t fear the deer, Raptors fans. Remember: Deer are meat, especially to dinosaurs.


We The RapsCast, Ep. 9: Buck Milwaukee

Russell and Dan break down the key match-ups in the Raptors-Bucks series, discussing Giannis Antetokounmpo’s rise to stardom, and how Toronto will guard him, Khris Middleton’s impact, whether or not Milwaukee’s second half improvement was real, Toronto’s Game 1 playoff curse, DeMar DeRozan’s ‘flu’, series predictions, and more!


We the RapsCast Ep. 8: Welcome Back, Kyle

The guys discuss the re-branding of the show in the opener, followed by the Lance Stephenson incident amidst a 3-1 week in Raptors Past (2:26), the return of Kyle Lowry in Raptors Present (11:30) and the showdown versus Cleveland this week and a potential first-round series against the Milwaukee Bucks in Raptors Future (19:20). They then take listener questions (33:26), followed by a rousing Grant Rant from Dan (54:54), and a potentially telling small-sample size of lineup data from...


We The Podcast, Ep. 7: From the Ashes of Pasta

This week, Russell and Dan take a look back at a 2-1 week for Toronto in Raptors Past (1:11), talk playoff seeding, PJ Tucker vs DeMarre Carroll, and Kyle Lowry’s non-injury updates in Raptors Present (6:56), and look forward to a four game week in Raptor’s Future (24:01). Then a new segment, as the guys take listener questions for the first time (28:53), talking about how Lowry’s fit will affect the current rotations, ranking potential first round playoff opponents, and more! Dan finally...


We The Podcast, Ep. 6: We The Fourth

Listen to Dan and Russ discuss an excellent past week for the streaking Raptors, including a big road win over the Miami Heat in Raptors Past (1:08), the play of Delon Wright and PJ Tucker, as well as where the guys think the Raptors will land in terms of playoff seeding in Raptors Present (9:43) and preview this weeks home games in Raptors Future (23:37). Then a fiery Grant Rant about an article suggesting the Raptors trade Kyle Lowry (36:48), as well as a look at the Raptors insane...


We The Podcast, Ep. 5: A Puncher’s Chance

Russell and Dan break down the punch heard ’round Raptors Nation, as well as the Raps furious comeback over the Chicago Bulls. They also look at games from the past week in Raptors Past (2:21), a possible starting lineup change and the improved defense in Raptors Present (16:01), share their best stories about falling down (in honour of Cory Joseph) (31:10), and talk about where the Raptors are headed this upcoming week in Raptors Future (36:35). Dan then goes on a Grant Rant about fickle...


We The Podcast, Ep. 4: Taking a Swing

Episode 4 of We the Podcast is here! Listen as Russell and Dan discuss the Raptors ho-hum past week in Raptors Past (3:00), break down the play of Serge Ibaka and Norm Powell in Raptors Present (10:52), and predict the upcoming week, the Raptors final win total and how the Eastern Conference will play out down the stretch in Raptors Future (26:46). Dan then goes on a Grant Rant (47:43) about detractors of the Ibaka/Tucker moves, while Russell uses Dinos & Digits (57:14) to compare DeMar...


We The Podcast, Ep. 3: Thank You, Terrence

In Episode 3 of We The Podcast, Russell and Dan discuss their age and Russell’s quest for greatness, talk about the past week and get emotional about the Terrence Ross tribute letter in the Players Tribune in Raptors Past (7:20), discuss the DeMarre Carroll injury and the current state of the team in Raptors Present (21:00) and break down the teams next four games in Raptors Future (29:19). Dan goes on a Grant Rant against both Valanciunas detractors AND supporters (what?) (42:19) and...


We The Podcast, Ep. 2: Life Without Lowry

Episode 2 of We the Podcast, where Russell and Dan talk about the new additions to the Toronto lineup and their immediate impact, coupled with the fantastic play of DeMar DeRozan (1:28), lament the Kyle Lowry injury, and discuss how the team will fare without him (13:51) touch on the teams upcoming schedule and try to predict how they’ll do this upcoming week (22:28). Plus new editions of the Grant Rant (41:26), Dinos and Digits (47:08), This Day in Raptors History (55:55) and much more!