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Story Time 2

Have another one on us. It's your Story Time Podcast! This time with Navy Veteran Amber (@Tooterbelle) and Nate https://twitter.com/Tooterbelle


The Truth Is Out There, Just on the Other Side of the Red Tape

Nate and Francis discuss the toxicity of the military and how there really needs to be a block of instructions on how to turn off your dickishness and casual racism when you’re out in the real world. Then the pair talk about just how we’re fucking over immigrant soldiers once again by removin the immigration services from military bases, making soldiers who aren’t yet full American citizens find alternative paths. And our final talk is about UFOs and how government bureaucracy is keeping...


MRE Sommeliers

Nate and Francis discuss an article from Task and Purpose that gives step by step instructions on how to eat Army Long Term Survival rations. From the bar of compressed peas to your very own chili. https://taskandpurpose.com/army-long-term-food-survival-guide/ Then we talk about reports that the military has been mishandling working dogs post deployment and just how unsurprising it is that equipment is being mishandled. Not like they treat the vets a whole lot better....


Military News Round up: Drunk and Naked in the Woods

It's a Round Robin this week as Nate and Francis grab a few news articles and hash them out. First up: new changes to Army Basic Training. We're marching in formations again! At least you don't have to pass Land Navigation to graduate anymore. - https://www.military.com/daily-news/2018/02/09/low-discipline-new-soldiers-prompts-army-redesign-basic-training.html After that, Francis rails against the new "Deploy or Get out" policy. Not because he doesn't want to deploy again (he doesn't...


We Need to talk about Guns. Again.

In the wake of the Parkland, Florida shooings, Nate and Francis talk about guns yet again and the new crop of talking points Republicans ineffictivly throw around ever time this happens. This time, it's all about making teachers pack heat and be prepared to gun down an active shooter. Perfectly reasonable solution in the richest and most prosperous country in the world. Nate floats an interesting idea to curb Hollywood's influence on guns which everyone can agree with. Extended show notes...


Vets against Hate, and also Military Parades

This week Nate and Francis are joined by Alex McCoy, a member of Common Defense which is an organization that rallies and organizes veterans against hate. We talk about how being a veteran protects you against the doughy Trump supporters who went to business school instead of serving. Learn more about you can get involved in Common Defense - http://www.commondefensepac.org/ Follow Alex - https://twitter.com/AlexanderMcCoy4 Extended show notes -...


Book Review: Way of the Shadow Wolves (Feat. The Warax)

The Warax joins us to discuss Steven Seagal's fictional(???) book The Way of the Shadow Wolves. Through a mixture of brake cleaner and huffing glue, The Warax managed to plow through the entirety of this book to clue Francis and Nate in on just how far the Deep state goes. Lots of spoilers for those of you just just haven't gotten to this one on your stack yet. Follow the Warax here - https://twitter.com/iAmTheWarax NEW NEWSLETTER! Sign up with your email here for a twice monthly news...


We are the Warax. Except AmVets. Screw those guys

The Warax takes a break from speaking for the troops to join Francis and Nate on the podcast to talk about his dustup with the Veterans service Organization AMVETS, who tried to get an advertisement slipped into the Super Bowl, was rejected, and then fantastically shit the bed when trying to use it to drum up controversy. Then we all talk about the preacher who doesn't believe in PTSD, but for some reason got an invite to a military prayer breakfast. Probably because google is blocked on...


Clown School is Closed: Government Shutdown 2018

NEW NEWSLETTER! Sign up with your email here for a twice monthly news letter. Don't miss anything and have it delivered directly to you -eepurl.com/dhFP4n The government may have closed their doors, but we’re still here. Nate and Francis discuss the current and previous government shutdowns. Then we talk about another instance of Stolen Valor, in which a Staff Sergeant faked the entirety of his career and ended up doing an Airborne jump without actually being qualified. Extended show notes...


Taking a machine gun to blackmail charges

Nate and Francis talk local politics with Connor Southard (@connorsouthard). Connor spent time in the same educational program as Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, who is currently in the hot seat for not just an extramarital affair, but possible blackmail as well after allegedly taking a picture of the woman in the nude and threatening to use it against her. Then, we talk the president’s “shithole countries” comment and why it’s irritating to see people use an immigrant as a shining...


Learn our Names First: Politicizing Fallen Soldiers

This week, the team takes on the politicizing of those who have fallen in war, especially by complete asshole politicians like the president and noted felon and conservative troll. Dinesh D'Souza. Both decided to tweet picture of widows mourning their husbands for no reason other than scoring points with other massive assholes. Then, we talk the lifting of the transgender ban, and how it seems trans people are still being turned away. Not because of bigotry, but because of that thing we...


Please finish your mandatory OPSEC training before close of business

Nate and Francis talk aboutThe curious case of George Papadopoulos and his amazingly loud mouth after a few drinks. George managed to start the whole Russia investigation into Trump's campaign by getting shitty at the bar and shooting his mouth off. You can can read more of our thoughts here in the show notes. https://www.hellofawaytodie.com/single-post/2018/01/02/Please-finish-your-mandatory-OPSEC-training-before-close-of-business We also talk about the state of Massachusetts giving...


Stolen Valor and Challenge coins

Nate and Francis discuss Stolen Valor, as explained by Alex Nichols in his latest piece for The Outline. In the last decade or two of war, it seems Conservatives think there is no greater disrespect once can do than to dress up as a troop. Even though troops steal the most valor of all. Then, we talk about the President's insane new Challenge coin, and why at a certain point in your career, you just don't care about getting them anymore. Real Alex's piece here -...


No one actually cares about Alabama (Feat: @juanyfbaby)

Nate and Francis are joined by Juan (twitter.com/juanyfbaby) to discuss the Alabama senate race and how quickly everyone is going to forget about black women after they turned out in droves to defeat the accused pedophile by almost a whole percent. Extended Shownotes - https://www.hellofawaytodie.com/single-post/2017/12/19/No-one-actually-cares-about-Alabama We want your Christmas stories! We're planning a Christmas episode, so please call in and leave a voicemail about your military...


A Message from Marine Todd

Francis got an email regarding his Everyday Carry piece about Sebastian Gorka that was somehow longer than the actual article. After having just recorded their most current mailbag episode after some beers, the two tear into the letter You can listen to that mailbag episode here for for the low price of five dollars a month, as well as get in on a year of bonus content. https://www.patreon.com/Hellofawaytodie/ Have questions for our upcoming mailbag? DM us or post to curiouscat.me/16666014...


Birthday Cake and Iran Hate (Feat. Madrian Bonenburger)

This week, Nate and Francis are joined by Adrian's evil twin brother Madrian to discuss Tom Cotton's love of birthday cake and hatred of Iranians. Not a subscriber? You're missing out on bonus content! Check out the latest bonus episode. Five bucks a month gives you access to mailbag episodes, interviews, and much more. Francis and Matt Christman talk about the fascist themes and weird science in Southland Tales - www.patreon.com/posts/southland-tales-15587514 Have questions for our...


Sebastian Dorka EDC and the future of Emergency Medicine

this week, Francis spends some time ranting about Sebastian Gorka's tryhard everyday carry list that appeals only to other tryhard douchbags. Then Francis talks with Dan Burke, an old friend and 3D artist who is working to create the most advanced medical mannequin ever for the DoD. The Advanced Modular Manikin system is meant to create standardization for a medical mannequin. Need a leg that simulates a break? Just snap it on. Or replace it with one filled with fake blood for the chest...


Southland Tales with Matt Christman (promo)

Matt Christman (@Cushbomb)joins Francis to talk about the 2006 Richard Kelly movie Southland Tales, which sets itself in the backdrop of a fascist America where Sean Wallace and the guy who played Booger from Revenge of the Nerds are scientists, and Jon Lovitz plays a racist cop. Get the full episode for $5 a month on the Patreon right here https://www.patreon.com/posts/southland-tales-15587514


What We've Got Here is Failure to Communicate

Francis and Nate discuss the Texas shooter and how he managed to get a hold of guns, even though he was a convicted domestic abuser. Turns out, Federal agencies are absolutely terrible at telling each other things like that. Then, they talk about Gen. Hyten stating that he would refuse an illegal order to shoot a nuke, and what exactly an illegal order mean (and that we have never ever ever broken one and will deny it forever if accused) Federal agencies not reporting data -...


Enlisted vs Officer: The Great Divide

Nate and Francis discuss the difference between the supreme Officers and the dirtbag Enlisted corp, and where each one matters most in the military. Then, we talk about a Washington Post article about how we're erasing the current wars through deletion and disorganized recordkeeping, with no fix in sight. Read the article here -...