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Zach Wygal Returns! All the Shows You Should Be Binge Watching! Oh, and Stamp Out Cancer 2019!

Zach returns again to update us on the upcoming Stamp Out Cancer 2019! Including a WTL Contest to win 2 Tix to the big event with special guest "The Dirty Muggs"! And then its on... Zach had a snow day, he binge watches. So I asked him to do some homework, and we break down all the big ones... #GameofThrones, #StrangerThings, #WalkingDead, #BreakingBad... and then we each reveal our own #WTLTop5 shows and hidden gems you should all check out for your binge watching pleasure this...


How Author Tom Corner found Enlightenment! WTL?

Author Tom Corner has been a friend of mine for decade. But just recently, I feel like I really got to know who he was and why. Listen to this discussion between friends, as life events shaped who Tom was, and who he would later become, and lead him to a path to enlightenment. His recent book, "Borrowed Eyes and Feet", available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, is his personal memoir of his journey thru the tough times, self doubts, and fears that held him back. Our discussion is serious,...


What are the Black Triangle UFOs over Southern Illinois? WTL? with Author David Marler

January 5, 2000... 5 days after Y2K, at around 4AM... Melvern Noll of Highland, IL spotted a large UFO. He described it as big as a two story house in the sky, just above the treeline near his business. He quickly alerted the local police dispatcher, who relayed the direction to Lebanon's police department. This is were the story begins... in all, 6 police officers, in 6 communities spotted an very large flying object over the skies near Scott Air Force base over the next 60 minutes. Was...


The Dark History of Macoupin County? WTL? with Kaylan Schardan

Kaylan is back again, and this time with a new book in hand! "Haunted Carlinville: History & Hauntings that shaped Macoupin County". It went on sale 9/15/18, and we talk about her process, why she wrote it, and of course some of the dark history of Central Illinois' Macoupin County. She also talks about upcoming tours in Carlinville and Alton - https://illinoishauntings.com/ You can buy the book here: Autographed -...


New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-12 w/Jeff Grunwald & Being a Newspaper Reporter w/ Olivia Ervin WTL?

Another two parter this week! First up is Jeff Grunwald, Director of the New Madrid Historical Museum. We talk about the largest earthquakes ever to hit North America in 1811 and 1812. Did they feel it in Boston? Did the Mississippi run backwards? We will talk about what it was like for the sparse river population over 200 years ago and also the key city of New Madrid during the Civil War. Great Stuff! http://www.newmadridmuseum.com/ https://www.facebook.com/newmadridmuseum/ Next Up......


"When I'm 64" BeatlesFest w/Paul Miller & TurnerFest w/ Randy Bersch

First Up, Paul Miller is hosting the 4th Annual "When I'm 64" Beatles Music Festival in Prarietown, IL on 9/8/18 from 12-9p. 7 Bands and all the Beatles you can handle... Lots of fun side activities and food as well! https://www.facebook.com/When-Im-64-Beatles-Festival-103995760047994/ Then, Randy Bersch rejoins the show to talk the second annual Turnerfest in Mt. Olive. 12p-12a, all original music!' Headlined by the Jeremiah Johnson Band from STL. Food Trucks, Kids Zone, and More!...


The Historic Benld Coliseum - WTL? with Jim Marcacci & John Ubben

The Coliseum Ballroom... Benld, IL... you can't mention one without the other. Built in 1924 by Dominic Tarro for an unheard of $50K, was it funded by Al Capone? Did all the greats play there? Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Elvis, the Beatles? Why was Joyce Tarro murdered in 1976? We will find out...what it was like! Jim Marcacci & John Ubben are putting together a documentary, "Memories of the Coliseum". This walk down memory lane for thousands and thousands is a must listen. We talk about the...


Cycling around America? WTL? with Brad Fiori

Brad Fiori made his money, quit his job, and decided to live life NOW, as opposed to waiting for retirement! Crazy to some... and inspiration to others. He tackles adventures as he can and he came on WTL to talk about his biggest journey to date. His circumnavigation the United States at the border... all 11,338 miles! His journey was not easy, and certainly had challenges, but he found joy, hardships, challenges, the kindness of Americans, and maybe just a bit of the quirkyness as well! You...


The 30th Tour De Donut? WTL? with Race Director Christian Hasselberg & Bobby Krug

The Tour De Donut is a southern Illinois institution. A 36 mile ride with two stops for donuts. Every donut eaten reduces your ride time by 5 minutes! It celebrated it's 30th anniversary on 7/14. 1400 cyclists & 6500 Donuts! In this episode, 4x Finisher TDD Producer Bob joins in to interview Race Director Christian Hasselberg less than 24 hours since the finish of the event. Hear all about what it goes into the production of the event, the highs, the lows, the good, the bad... and find out...


Being on House Hunters...WTL? with Jordan & Dawn Kettler

House Hunters has to be one of the most popular shows on TV. It seems like its on a constant loop! Many of you have seen it, and watch it regularly, and like me, you try to figure out which house the people on the show will pick... and why! Jordan & Dawn Kettler have appeared on the show not once, but TWICE! I thought it be a great idea to have them on to discuss what it's like to get on the show, what the commitments were, the secrets behind the production, how the the Twitter-verse beat...


Going to Cuba! What's That Like? with Greg Shiveley

Cuba lies 80 miles from the U.S., but its a whole world away. In 2016, travel restrictions to this island nation were eased, but this is a hardly a vacation destination like other Caribbean islands. Recently, my friend, and yours, Greg Shiveley and his wife Leslie made the trip. We talk about eating, communist rule, going back in time, and how the average Cuban lives on about $300 per year. We also play a round of of the #WTL5 and a round of Over/Under. We also discuss Jack Bauer's abilities...


Zach Wygal return talking Summer Concerts, how Snow Days work, and play Over/Under Rated!

Of course Superfan, and almost Co-Host at this point, Zach Wygal has to stop by to talk all the Summer Concerts in Hillsboro. We preview and listen to this years bands... The Bashful Youngens, Revolution, Cary Miller Band, Petty Cash Junction, and the Good Time Engineers. Then we talk about alot more... How Snow Days happen, or Not... Rants on Society, and we play a game of OverRated/Underrated on many topics. This Podcast is brought to you by @Ageless Apparel


The Show is BACK! John & Bob Return! Talking the Queen of Hearts, Karting, and where they've been!

We’re BAAACCKKK! Finally out with a new Podcast, and previewing our upcoming season. We start off with John & Bob recapping the wild #QueenofHearts ride at @Turner Hall, what’s been going on in their lives to explain the long hiatus, and get caught up on Bob’s kart racing career! Brought to you by Ageless Apparel -https://www.facebook.com/AgelessApparel/ Visit us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhatsThatLikePodcast/ For Bobby's racing updates https://www.facebook.com/lauerkrugracing/


Kenny "The Pirate" White - Walt Disney World Challenge #WDW47

Meet the World Renowned.. (Disney World that is...) Kenny The Pirate! Recently Kenny and his daughter Jordan completed the #WDW47, riding every ride in Walt Disney World, all 47 of them, in one day! As a huge WDW fan myself, I had to know what that was like! Kenny is great guy, a great interview, and is a legend in the Disney community. He has a planning website, www.kennythepirate.com, and web based app for all devices, www.characterlocator.com. He also makes an exclusive announcement on...


The Christmas Toys You All Wanted - A Roundtable w/Emily Schneider & Alison Knowles

What was Christmas Morning Like? In this episode, we bring back fan favorite Emily Schneider and add my daughter Alison to bring you a panel on Christmas Toys from your past. The favorites, the over hyped, and those you wished for, and either got from Santa... or didn't. Plenty of classic toy commercials as well that inspired so many kids through the years! We talk Furbies, Webkins, Weebles, Tonka Trucks, Spirograph, the best Barbies, and of course, Star Wars toys. That's just the...


BONUS EP - John on WSMI Radio w/John Michael Marty 12/15/17

A Christmas present for you all. On Friday, 12/15, I had the honor of sitting in on the John Michael Marty show on WSMI radio. Truly a Christmas present to me. JMM reached out after finding the show on Facebook, and wanted to know "What's That Like?". At somepoint in the future, we will have JMM on the WTLPod! This audio is dirent from the show, and is available courtesy of John Michael Marty and WSMI, Visit John Michael Marty's Facebook page and WSMI Radio! Truly and honor for me to be on...


Zach Wygal is Back! - Stamp Out Cancer & Announcements

Zach is Back! He and his team created "Stamp Out Cancer" to honor his late father "Stamps" who passed away from a brain tumor, and his mother who beat breast cancer. The organization continues has raised over $300,000 for the Montgomery County Cancer Association. He tells us the story. He chose WTL for a special announcement to announce the Celebrity Teams for this years Lip Sync Battle, and give us all the details of the event coming up on Jan 27, 2018. We also talk TV shows and ramble on...


The Story of the What's That Like? Podcast - Bob interviews John

The show is 6 months old, and Bob the Producer had an idea, tell the story of how we got here, so Bob turned the tables, and interviewed John on how the show came to be, how it's evolved, and where it might be headed in the future! Then, in the spirit of turning tables, our past guests then come back to ask John some off the wall questions of their own! John also recaps all of the previous episodes and why you should go back and check them out. facebook.com/WhatsThatLikePodcast...


James Labonte - Photographer & Instructor

James Labonte is a photographer with a passion. His business Labonte Photograpy has taken photographs of 100s of locals for the last ten year. In the last few years, he's expanded to helping you learn the craft via classes to help you better use your own equipment. A real pro and veteran of the scene who is always improving. He's also the lead guide on the upcoming Scott Kelby's WorldWide PhotoWalk! www.labontephoto.com https://www.facebook.com/labontephoto/...


Kaylan Schardan II - The Ghost Hunter Returns....

Kaylan Schardan of American Hauntings, our #1 downloaded guest, is back and talking more local haunted history. She dives heavy into some sites in Alton, and previews a Fall slate of Haunted Tours and Investigations in Carlinville! Glad to have her as the first returning guest. If you missed her first episode... don't fear... this isnt a sequel... but go back to May and you'll find it! Thanks for listening. facebook.com/WhatsThatLikePodcast For more info: IllinoisHauntings.com...