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Going to Cuba! What's That Like? with Greg Shiveley

Cuba lies 80 miles from the U.S., but its a whole world away. In 2016, travel restrictions to this island nation were eased, but this is a hardly a vacation destination like other Caribbean islands. Recently, my friend, and yours, Greg Shiveley and his wife Leslie made the trip. We talk about eating, communist rule, going back in time, and how the average Cuban lives on about $300 per year. We also play a round of of the #WTL5 and a round of Over/Under. We also discuss Jack Bauer's abilities...


Zach Wygal return talking Summer Concerts, how Snow Days work, and play Over/Under Rated!

Of course Superfan, and almost Co-Host at this point, Zach Wygal has to stop by to talk all the Summer Concerts in Hillsboro. We preview and listen to this years bands... The Bashful Youngens, Revolution, Cary Miller Band, Petty Cash Junction, and the Good Time Engineers. Then we talk about alot more... How Snow Days happen, or Not... Rants on Society, and we play a game of OverRated/Underrated on many topics. This Podcast is brought to you by @Ageless Apparel


The Show is BACK! John & Bob Return! Talking the Queen of Hearts, Karting, and where they've been!

We’re BAAACCKKK! Finally out with a new Podcast, and previewing our upcoming season. We start off with John & Bob recapping the wild #QueenofHearts ride at @Turner Hall, what’s been going on in their lives to explain the long hiatus, and get caught up on Bob’s kart racing career! Brought to you by Ageless Apparel -https://www.facebook.com/AgelessApparel/ Visit us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhatsThatLikePodcast/ For Bobby's racing updates https://www.facebook.com/lauerkrugracing/


Kenny "The Pirate" White - Walt Disney World Challenge #WDW47

Meet the World Renowned.. (Disney World that is...) Kenny The Pirate! Recently Kenny and his daughter Jordan completed the #WDW47, riding every ride in Walt Disney World, all 47 of them, in one day! As a huge WDW fan myself, I had to know what that was like! Kenny is great guy, a great interview, and is a legend in the Disney community. He has a planning website, www.kennythepirate.com, and web based app for all devices, www.characterlocator.com. He also makes an exclusive announcement on...


BONUS EP - John on WSMI Radio w/John Michael Marty 12/15/17

A Christmas present for you all. On Friday, 12/15, I had the honor of sitting in on the John Michael Marty show on WSMI radio. Truly a Christmas present to me. JMM reached out after finding the show on Facebook, and wanted to know "What's That Like?". At somepoint in the future, we will have JMM on the WTLPod! This audio is dirent from the show, and is available courtesy of John Michael Marty and WSMI, Visit John Michael Marty's Facebook page and WSMI Radio! Truly and honor for me to be on...


The Story of the What's That Like? Podcast - Bob interviews John

The show is 6 months old, and Bob the Producer had an idea, tell the story of how we got here, so Bob turned the tables, and interviewed John on how the show came to be, how it's evolved, and where it might be headed in the future! Then, in the spirit of turning tables, our past guests then come back to ask John some off the wall questions of their own! John also recaps all of the previous episodes and why you should go back and check them out. facebook.com/WhatsThatLikePodcast...


Kaylan Schardan II - The Ghost Hunter Returns....

Kaylan Schardan of American Hauntings, our #1 downloaded guest, is back and talking more local haunted history. She dives heavy into some sites in Alton, and previews a Fall slate of Haunted Tours and Investigations in Carlinville! Glad to have her as the first returning guest. If you missed her first episode... don't fear... this isnt a sequel... but go back to May and you'll find it! Thanks for listening. facebook.com/WhatsThatLikePodcast For more info: IllinoisHauntings.com...


Skip Talbot - Storm Chaser

Skip Talbot had a powerful tornado strike his hometown as a child, and it ignited a passion for life. We talk about the movie "Twister", his early chases, and his experiences in the Great Planes. We also talk about the day Storm Chasing lost it's innocence after the deaths of Storm Chasing Legends Tim Samaras, Carl Young, and Paul Samaras died chasing an F5 Tornado near El Reno, OK. We also have some fun, talk about how you can get started, and ways to follow him virtually into the field!...


TurnerFest w/ Randy Bersch & Adam Gaffney + the RackAlmanac III

Randy Bersch became a music festival promoter almost by accident. He wanted to have something cool with Steve Ewing of the Urge, and is partnering with Turner Hall to bring Steve and 11 other acts to Mount Olive for the first annual Turnerfest. https://www.facebook.com/Mt.OliveIL/ One of the performers that day is Adam Gaffney. Adam has a new band, the Highway Saints, and will be appearing at TurnerFest. He tells us all about his musical background, and his upcoming shows and album....


Bronson Painter - Concealed Firearms Instructor & Police Officer

In this episode, John is joined by Bronson Painter, a Glen Carbon police officer who also operates Metro-East Firearms Training, LLC. His company teaches Concealed Carry classes for Illinois residents seeking a Concealed Carry Permit. Bronson covers what the classes are like, what you learn, the legal issues, and practical instruction with firearms. He has trained over 2000 students, and offers his insight for all of you. Bronson is also sponsoring a "Like & Share" contest in honor of his...


Kaylan Schardan - Ghost Hunter

Kaylan Schardan is a local ghost hunter dedicated to the history, preservation, and investigating local potentially haunted spots. We talk about her beginnings in the industry, many local stories, Haunted Carlinville, what a tour/investigation is like, and more. A phenomenal guest that was requested and recommended by the #WTLNation audience. For more info on Kaylan, and her tours: Contact Information for Haunted Carlinville: hauntedcville@gmail.com hauntedcarlinville.com...


Zach Wygal / Hillsboro Summer Concert Series & Imagine Hillsboro

Zach Wygal is a guy every small town would hope to have. As promised, I said this podcast was about Interesting People with a story or people talking about Interesting Events and Happenings. Zach fits both of those categories. Many know Zach from his work with #StampOutCancer, but he is also instrumental to the Montgomery County area for other things as well. We talk about just a few, his career as a special ed teacher, Imagine Hillsboro, the Hillsboro Summer Concert Series, and Music...


Emily Schneider / SNL Hopeful & Second City Player + the RackAlmanac

Emily Schneider (5:15) is a small town girl with big dreams. John asks Emily about her funny family, her theater career, her time studying at Second City in Chicago, and about her brief appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show. She's a total blast to listen to, and gets John to do some improv. Also, a new segment you will be sure to love. John's neighbor, Rack joins the podcast in a new segment titled 'The RackAlmanac' (34:40) to get you ready for spring and gardening season! If John is like Tim...


Tim Boostrom / Cubs Baseball Fantasy Camper

Tim Boostrom went after his childhood dream to play ball with his heroes. He went to baseball fantasy camp. He tells us about What's That Like! Tim describes the cost, the process, how it works, and the fun he has playing ball. Then we talk about the former players who act as coaches, his personal Ryne Sandberg moment, the celeb sightings, the crazy baseball stories you have never heard, and much more. Its a great discussion on something you have never probably heard about before. For more...


Jason Kramer / Boston Marathoner

I bring you my long time friend Jason Kramer as he trains for his 13th Boston Marathon. We talk about growing up in Staunton, IL, listening to Van Halen's 5150, the Beasties, running HS Track, and then him taking on the granddaddy of all foot races, the Boston Marathon. Jason runs for the Alzheimer's Association, and you can donate to his team in their goal for a "World Without Alzheimer's" https://www.crowdrise.com/alzheimersassociationboston2017/fundraiser/jasonkramer1


Bobby Krug - Kart Racer

Bobby Krug is a man with a plan! Many in the area may know Bob from his YouTube.com/ATANetwork channel where he vLogs and documented most of his and his classmates HS career... But today, we talk to Bob about his new passion. Kart Racing at the Gateway Kartplex in Madison, IL. He's preparing for his second season in the iDrive series, and these karts are not your amusement park types... they are 50mph racing machines. http://youtube.com/atanetwork