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In this podcast series, listen to first-hand experiences of people from moments that changed India for better or for worse.

In this podcast series, listen to first-hand experiences of people from moments that changed India for better or for worse.
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In this podcast series, listen to first-hand experiences of people from moments that changed India for better or for worse.




461: What Happened on The Day Babri Masjid Was Demolished?

Ayodhya, a small temple town in Uttar Pradesh is loaded with medieval history and Hindu mythology. There have been little skirmishes here and there but nothing big enough to be a national issue until the events in the run up to the sixth of December 1992 and the demolition of the Babri masjid mosque that set India in a different political course altogether. It's been more than years since the 16th century mosque was razed to the ground and the political events, the violence, the aftermath...


460: What It Felt Like to Be Queer The Day Section 377 Was Read Down

Around 157 years after Section 377 of the IPC, a law that criminalised homosexual acts between consenting adults, was introduced in British India, its discrimnating parts were finally struck down in the Supreme Court on 6 September 2018. It’s been a year since that historic judgment was passed and in this episode of Where Were You When, four members of Delhi's queer community share their stories from the day Section 377 was watered down. How much has changed since? And what is the agenda...


459: Where Were You When the Partition Happened

'Burial binds you to the place', tells oral historian Aanchal Malhotra while narrating a story from the Partition. For more stories of the people who chose to stay back in India, listen to this special episode of Where Were You When.


458: Where Were You When The Batla House Encounter Happened in 2008?

Nikhil Advani’s action thriller starring John Abraham — Batla House which is inspired by the real events from Operation Batla House is releasing on 15 August. It’s been 11 years since the encounter but many questions still remain unanswered. On 13 September, 2008 five bombs exploded in various parts of Delhi between 6-6:30 pm. Indian Mujahideen a terrorist organization took responsibility for it. And six days later a team of seven members of the Delhi police and led by Special Cell inspector...


457: Indians Share Stories from First Republic Day

India is celebrating its 70th Republic Day on 26 January 1950, but where were you when India celebrated its very first Republic Day in 1950? For the fourth episode of this podcast series, we spoke to four senior citizens to relive their memories of India's first Republic day when the Constitution had come into effect making India a fully functional independent republic.


436: 4 Journalists Recall the Violent 1990 Anti-Mandal Agitations Against Quota

Podcast | Where were you when the VP Singh's decision to provide 27% reservation for OBCs led to violent protests and self-immolations in 1990? Tune in to this podcast!


345: Ravish, the Man Who Almost Became the 1st Indian In Space

A fighter pilot and a war veteran, Air Commodore (retd.) Ravish Malhotra nearly became the first Indian in space. But fate, rather the authorities in Delhi where Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister, had other plans. Ravish Malhotra was picked as the two finalists who trained in USSR for India’s first mission to space. Listen to his story on how he trained alongside Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma and ultimately lost out on making history, to him.


286: Mangoes Before Arrest for Kuldip Nayar during Emergency

The veteran journalist passed away on 23 August 2018. Around a year earlier, The Quint had interviewed Kuldip Nayar on his arrest during the 1975 Emergency.