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Episode 135 - Stuart Pankin (Earl Sinclair from Dinosaurs, Sultan Pasta Al-Dente from Aladdin, Condiment King from Batman: The Animated Series, Boyd from Congo, and more...)

Join me for one last exciting journey as we spend time getting to know actor, Stuart Pankin. He is the man behind the voice of Earl Sinclair from the hit tv sitcom named Dinosaurs that is set in 60,000,003 BC Pangea. We dive into his work on Dinosaurs and learn more about what went on behind the scenes. Like did you know that he was just the voice of this funny character and that to make one dinosaur puppet come to life it actually took three people to make them completely work. We talk...


Episode 134 - Bryan Massey (Oolong from Dragon Ball Z Kai, Matsuri Washu from Tokyo Ghoul:re, Notorious from Ninja Slayer, and more...)

Join me for this in-depth look into the life, career, advice, and more from actor Bryan Massey. Bryan got his start in the 70s and has worked hard at becoming a full time voiceover actor. Listen to his fun behind the scenes stories, great advice, and get a glimpse at some of the behind the scenes stories of what it takes to become a VO Master. I hope you all enjoy my 134th episode with Special Guest, Bryan Massey.


Episode 133 - June Foray Tribute (Granny from Looney Tunes, Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Karen from Frosty the Snowman, Grandma Fa from Mulan, and so much more.

Today we talk about the Legendary voice actress June Foray who has voiced so many voices they are too numerous to name. June is no longer with us but we pay tribute to her VO career that started at age 12 and literally went into her mid to late 90s. She is a women who has many unique talents, has played many voices you may or may not have known she voiced. She is more a part of our lives than you may have ever realized. I hope you all enjoy my 133rd episode and tribute to the late, great,...


Episode 132 - Derek Stephen Prince (Noxic from Big Bad Beetleborgs, Auric the Conqueror from Power Rangers Zeo, Elgar from Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers In Space, Treacheron from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, and lots more...)

Join me for one action packed adventure with a man behind some of the most iconic characters the Power Rangers franchise and from the hit 2 time wonder, Big Bad Beetleborgs and Beetleborgs Metallix. Today we are talking with Derek Stephen Prince aka Steve about his work as Noxic on the Beetleborgs, Auric the Conqueror on Power Rangers Zeo, Elgar from Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers In Space, Treacheron from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and so much more. Get the inside scoop into the man...


Episode 131 - Amanda Troop (Maggie Sawyer from - The Death of Superman, Gladys Windsmere from Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts and from Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem, Jordy from Box Peek, and more...)

Join me as we talk with actress Amanda Troop the voice of Gladys Windsmere from the animated Batman Unlimited movies: Animal Instincts & Monster Mayhem. Amanda is also the voice of Maggie Sawyer in the newly released DC animated feature film: The Death of Superman. We talk about Amanda's work in some of here non-animated works as well such as: Wilfred were she played Stacey, Bobcat Goldthwait's Misfits & Monsters series where she plays a woman named Emily, and lots more. I hope you all...


Episode 130 - Robin Williams (Genie from Aladdin, Batty from FernGully: The Last Rainforest, Mork from Mork & Mindy, Professor Philip Brainard from Flubber, Dr. Know from A. I., and lots more...)

Join me today for my Tribute episode to actor Robin Williams. Many of the characters that Robin played throughout his career had an impact on my life and some had more of an impact than others like Genie from Aladdin. Robin was an actor who could make me laugh in almost everything he did just depending on the role or type of movie it was but when he was funny he was FUNNY. I hope you all enjoy this dive into his life, career, and the Legacy that he left behind for generations to come. I...


Episode 129 - Rodger Bumpass (Squidward Tentacles on SpongeBob SquarePants, The Chief on Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?, the Mosquito from Pixar's: A Bug's Life, and lots more...)

Join me for a look under the sea and deep into the depths of the internet as we get a closer look at actor Rodger Bumpass. He is best known for voicing characters like Squidward Tentacles on SpongeBob SquarePants, The Chief on Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?, the Mosquito from Pixar's: A Bug's Life, and lots more. We have lots of laughs and I am sure you will to as you listen to Rodgers fun stories, fantastic advice, and so much more. I hope you all enjoy this episode as much as I did...


Episode 128 - Vanessa Marshall (Hera Syndulla from Star Wars: Rebels, Gamora from Disney XD's: Guardians Of The Galaxy, Poison Ivy from Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and so much more...)

Join me for an exciting adventure as we get the chance to learn about actress Vanessa Marshall. Vanessa has had an extensive career in voiceover doing everything from Batman: The Brave and the Bold where she voiced Poison Ivy to Disney XD's: Guardians of the Galaxy where she voices Gamora, to Disney XD's Star Wars: Rebels where she voices the pilot Hera Syndulla, as well as countless other amazing roles of which we talk about on todays show. I hope you all enjoy this in-depth look, great...


Episode 127 - Adam McArthur (Marco Diaz from Star vs the Forces of Evil, Lee-Char from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and more...)

Join me for an exciting adventure as we take a little trip to another dimension. Today is your chance to get know the very talented young actor behind the voice of Marco Diaz from Disney's "Star vs the Forces of Evil". His name is Adam McArthur and he has had a really amazing career thus far. You will love his unique introduction story behind how he got into the world of voiceover, his solid advice, his behind the scenes stories and so much more. I hope you all enjoy my 127th episode with...


Episode 126 - Bobby Driscoll (Peter Pan from Walt Disney's, Peter Pan)

Join me as we take flight to Neverland to learn about the original actor behind the voice of the boy who just wouldn't grow up. Today we pay Tribute to actor Bobby Driscoll the voice of Walt Disney's, Peter Pan. Bobby was mostly known for his film career where he starred in films such as: Song of the South, So Dear to My Heart, and Treasure Island. I hope you all enjoy my 126th episode and Tribute episode to Bobby Driscoll.


Episode 125 - David Coburn (Captain Planet and Captain Pollution from Captain Planet and the Planeteers, and lots more...)

Join me as we take flight with Captain Planet. Today we are talking with actor, David Coburn, who voiced the iconic superhero and alter ego villain Captain Pollution. This is a fun and unique chance to dive back into your toy box pull our your old Power Ring and help me summon the savior of the planet, Captain Planet. Get ready to be blasted back into your childhood self for one amazing, fun and insightful interview. I hope you all enjoy my 125th episode with Special Guest, David Coburn.


Episode 124 - Tom Mason (Television, Book, and Comic Book Writer)

Join me as we talk with writer Tom Mason on todays show. Tom has written for projects such as Avatar: The Last Airbender, Shrek, Malcolm in the Middle, Lazy Town and lots more. He has been a writer for television, books, and comics. Tom had a very unconventional career and explains that it was all luck of the draw for him as he made his career changes and advancements. Tom worked at Malibu Comics which was then later bought out by Marvel Comics. Tom has adapted show scripts into children...


Episode 123 - Chris Edgerly (Timothy Mouse for the Dumbo ride, Scuttle for The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure ride, Spider-Man & J. Jonah Jameson for, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride, Jedi Master Eeth Koth from Star Wars The Clone Wa

Join me for an inside look at the life and career of Chris Edgerly. He has been the voice of Timothy Mouse for the Dumbo ride now for about 15 years and has been the voice of Scuttle from Ariel's Undersea Adventure ride for about 8 years. Another amazing ride is Universals: The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride where Chris is both Peter Parker/Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson. This Amazing Spider-Man ride has been in operation 20 years come 2019. It is an amazing ride and I highly...


Episode 122 - Kelly Sheridan (The voice of "Barbie" from 2000 - 2015, My Little Pony as Cotton Candy, Melody, Starlight Glimmer and other Ponies., Dynasty Warriors Gundam I, II, III as Roux Louka, and so many more...)

Join me for a look at the actress behind the voice of Barbie from 2000 - 2015. Her name is Kelly Sheridan and she was fortunate enough to voice this most beloved character for a long span of time which doesn't always happen in the world of voiceover. Aside from voicing one of the biggest icons of all times, Kelly has also been on a variety of different My Little Pony renditions. She started voicing for the franchise back when she was just 13 years old. We talk about a variety of her...


Episode 121 - Robert Sciglimpaglia (Entertainment Attorney at Law, Author, Producer, Director, and more...)

Join me as we dive into the life of Robert Sciglimpaglia an Entertainment Attorney at Law. Due to numerous FAQ's Robert received he decided to write a book called, "Voice Over Legal". This would be a great way for you to discover if voiceover is the business for you. I highly recommend his book for those who are interested to learn more. Not only is Robert and attorney but he is also a director, producer, author and more. Some of you may remember the 2012 Super Bowl commercial from Chevy...


Episode 120 - Jim Hanks (Geoffrey the Giraffe from Toys-R-Us from (2001 - 2004), Woody from Toy Story in Toy Story Mania, Disney Infinity - Video Game, Pull String Toys, and so much more...)

Join me for an exciting adventure as we get the chance to know actor, Jim Hanks on a more personal level. Jim is best known for voicing Geoffrey the Giraffe from Toys-R-Us back in the early 2000's from (2001 - 2004) and for voicing Woody from Toy Story. If you were wondering why Jim's last name sounds so familiar it's because his older brother is Tom Hanks. When Tom is unavailable to voice Woody for the Toys, Video Games, Park Rides, and more this is when Jim steps up to the mic to record...


Episode 119 - Brian Volk-Weiss (Creator & Producer of the Netflix show, "The Toys That Made Us"

Join me for a different kind of interview today as we look into the life of the man behind the show on Netflix called, "The Toys That Made Us". Today we are talking with Brian Volk-Weiss the creator and producer of "The Toys That Made Us". Brian dives into why toys have always meant so much to him and how he came up with the idea that became the show we can now binge watch on Netflix. Brian grew up as an only child and feels like he bonded with his toys more than most kids because to him...


Episode 118 - Cam Clarke (Leonardo & Rocksteady from the 1980s TMNT, O-Mer from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Mr. Fantastic from Spider-Man the Animated Series (1994), and lots more...)

Join me for an in-depth look into the life of actor Cam Clarke. He was born into a family of performers and started his acting career from the young age of just 6 years old. We dive into his younger years and how his career shifted from one performance type to another until he settled primarily doing voiceover in his career. Cam is known for acting in lots of different projects for on screen, off screen, modeling and yes of course voiceover as well. Cam is probably best known for voicing...


May The 4th Be With You - 2018

From all of us here at Who Did That Voice I hope everyone has a fun filled and exciting, May The 4th. May The 4th Be With You All.


Episode 117 - Amber Nash (Pam Poovey from Archer)

Join me as we dive into the life, career and advice Amber Nash the actress behind the voice of Pam Poovey from the Emmy Award Winning animated show on FXX called, "Archer". A word of caution to parents out there who are unfamiliar with the show, "Archer". This show does have mature content and is designed for an adult audience. That being said this show is very funny and is sure to help you bust out loud laughing. Amber dives into how she started in theater and improve and how voiceover...