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Episode 135 - Stuart Pankin (Earl Sinclair from Dinosaurs, Sultan Pasta Al-Dente from Aladdin, Condiment King from Batman: The Animated Series, Boyd from Congo, and more...)

Join me for one last exciting journey as we spend time getting to know actor, Stuart Pankin. He is the man behind the voice of Earl Sinclair from the hit tv sitcom named Dinosaurs that is set in 60,000,003 BC Pangea. We dive into his work on Dinosaurs and learn more about what went on behind the scenes. Like did you know that he was just the voice of this funny character and that to make one dinosaur puppet come to life it actually took three people to make them completely work. We talk...


Episode 29 - Marc Graue (Owner & Operator of the Legendary Marc Graue Studios, Mr. Zurkon from Ratchet & Clank, Mario & Luigi from Hotel Mario, and many more...)

Join me as we take a journey to learn about the Legendary Marc Graue Studios and the man behind it all Marc Graue. He is a diligent worker who worked his way up through the ranks to be where he is today. He is a humble, down to earth man, and very funny at that. I know your sides will probably hurt after listening to Marc because he is beyond funny. He is full of stories, advice, and some concepts that really got me thinking. He just might open your mind to some new ways of thinking about...


Episode 28 - Uncle Roy (Owner of Antland Productions, Producer of Killer Demos, Sound Wizard Extraordinaire )

Take a Journey with me as we listen in to the advice of Uncle Roy. He has 40 plus years experience as a Sound Engineer, Sound Mixer, and more. You won't want to miss his stories and advice about how it all works behind the scenes of voiceover. He also shares with us some behind the scenes stories from his time working on shows like Babes In Toyland the animated show and All Dogs Go To Heaven 2. Uncle Roy talks about the demos he produces which he calls, Killer Demos, each demo is...