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You own a horse. Now what? The one thing for certain is your need to learn more. More about tack. More about horsemanship. More about care and feeding. More about everything horses. Follow our weekly podcast and you WILL learn more.

You own a horse. Now what? The one thing for certain is your need to learn more. More about tack. More about horsemanship. More about care and feeding. More about everything horses. Follow our weekly podcast and you WILL learn more.


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You own a horse. Now what? The one thing for certain is your need to learn more. More about tack. More about horsemanship. More about care and feeding. More about everything horses. Follow our weekly podcast and you WILL learn more.








Equine Nutrition With Will Friday

Equine Nutrition With Will Friday Equine nutrition is a complicated subject, so I went out and found someone who has been studying it for quite some time.Will Friday has been on the show before talking about the Masterson Method, a blend of massage and chiropractic. Will works on some very expensive performance horses. As part of his program, he has taught himself the ins-and-outs of equine nutrition. I've been working my horse, Scratch, pretty hard as we prep for Ranch Riding shows. I'm...


BooBoo Stewart From The Movie Let him Go

BooBoo Stewart From The Movie Let him Go [caption id="attachment_3118" align="alignright" width="300"] Diane Lane (left) stars as “Margaret Blackledge” and Kevin Costner (right) stars as “George Blackledge” in director Thomas Bezucha’s LET HIM GO, a Focus Features release. Credit : Kimberley French / Focus Features[/caption] I must admit, I hadn't heard of BooBoo Stewart before this interview. But, after spending a little time with him, I'm very impressed. With the pandemic keeping the...


What an Extension Agent Can Do For You

What an Extension Agent Can Do For You Local extension agents have many names. Some locales call them farm advisors, some cooperative extension agents. Whatever your county may title them, they are a free source of valuable knowledge. When I wanted to perform a hay analysis on a load of hay I bought for our horses, I needed a hay probe. When I looked on Amazon, hay probes were priced over $150. That made the whole exercise way too expensive. I reached out to my extension agent, Julie...


Devils Garden Mustangs with Laura Snell

Devils Garden Mustangs with Laura Snell M squared photography Laura Snell knows a lot about the Devils Garden Mustangs and their Herd Management Area. She is a Livestock and Natural Resource Advisor for Modoc County. Laura works with the US Forest Service helping with research and management of the herd. I thought the BLM managed the wild mustangs, then learned several agencies involved. The Devils Garden is on Forest Service Land and is the largest herd managed by the Forest Service....


Looking Back at the Podcast

Looking Back at the Podcast This week we are looking back at an episode I produced 8 years ago. If you listened to last week's episode, you heard my interview with Lane Selz. Lane and I met through my farrier Sean McRoberts. While still in high school, Lane qualified for a permit to ride in the PRCA. I got to follow Lane's pro Rodeo career. While I research last week's episode, I came across a recording I did when Lane was just starting out assisting Sean. I've edited the old show down...


Working Cowboy Lane Selz Ranch Life in California

Working Cowboy - Lane Selz Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a working cowboy in 2020? My friend, Lane Selz, day-works for several ranches in the area. He describes life in today's ranching world. When I first met Lane, he was still in high school. He was so good at riding bulls in high school, he earned his permit to ride in PRCA. From there, Lane spent a few years riding on the professional circuit, traveling to rodeos across the country. Lane returned to Bakersfield, CA to...


Yoga for Equestrians with Gabrielle Diakon

Yoga for Equestrians I had been practicing yoga for about 5 years when I got my first horse at age 51. The year was 2005. My goal was to ride a lot and, although I considered myself fit, my body was feeling the aches and pains of daily horseback riding. Changing my yoga routine to compensate for the muscles I was using as an equestrian really helped me get through the initial period of intense riding. Yoga helped so much, I tried talking my yoga instructor into letting me develop a class...


Feed and Nutrition with Will Friday

Feed and Nutrition with Will Friday How much do you worry about the quality of feed and nutrition of your horse? I confess, I let my horses get a little "extra" fat this last winter. It wasn't until I took Scratch in for a routine dental and vaccination and we got on the scale. He was 1,014 lbs. Now, I'm not exactly sure what his ideal weight ought to be, but I KNOW it's not 1,000 lbs. It's difficult to get a horse to lose weight. You can't just feed less. Horses need food going through...


Jason Irwin Horseman & Clinician

Jason Irwin Horseman & Clinician Jason Irwin is a horse trainer and clinician in Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. I received an email saying that I needed to interview Jason. There are a lot of very talented horse trainers out there and many of them don’t get the attention they deserve. I think Jason is one of them. Jason and I spoke on the phone and I discovered that last year they invited him to the big Equine Affaire Shows on the east coast. The Western States Horse Expo scheduled him to...


We're Taking a COVID Hiatus

We're Taking a COVID Hiatus Hi everyone. I hope you are doing well. This COVID pandemic has really turned everyone's world upside down. Somehow, I think horse people take these things a little better. When you sit on a 1,000 lb animal, sometimes things go wrong. It's you and the horse and you learn to deal with them. We get manure under our fingernails and horse slobber on our shirts. We clean water troughs brimming with algae. We know the smell of Numotizine, Furacin, and that purple...


Tiffany McLaury Colt Starter

Tiffany McLaury Colt Starter Tiffany McLaury's name might sound familiar. She is the daughter of Buster and Sheryl McLaury. Buster and Sheryl spent many years working on and managing ranches. In 1984, they met Ray and Carolyn Hunt and their view of horsemanship changed. Tiffany grew up learning about training horses and starting colts from not only her parents, but many other well-known trainers. About a month ago listener Jeanie Marie Andreatta wrote m. Jeanie is deep into horses. Her...


Barefoot Horse Trimming with Craig Morley

Barefoot Horse Trimming with Craig Morley I heard some people call barefoot horse trimming natural hoof care. A quick search on Wikipedia says there is early evidence of mule shoes in Rome as far back as 400 BC. Now you would think in 2,000 years of equine husbandry, we would have figured out what is best for the horse's foot. I'm not sure we have. If you ask two different farriers and a veterinarian the best way to trim a hoof, I would not be surprised if they came up with four different...


Equine Transportation with EquiJet

Equine Transportation with EquiJet In my world, equine transportation means loading up my horse in the trailer and driving for a few hours. But I've often wondered what it was like for a horse being transported across the country or even around the world. What is equine transportation mean to them? What is it like for horses that qualify to get to the Olympics to compete, racehorses, or perhaps even a prize bull who moves from one ranch to another country? I remembered the first time I flew...


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Carmalee Scarpitti Overcomes Difficult Challenges

Carmalee Scarpitti Overcomes Difficult Challenges Carmalee Scarpitti loves learning. In 2003, it turned her world upside down when she was in an accident with a drunk driver. Badly injured, Carmalee was in a wheelchair for months. Therapy worked to a point, but she need more help. She found a therapeutic riding center, Horses for Hope, and began with one therapeutic riding session a week. Her legs got stronger, her core strength improved too. Her progress was so impressive, she took the...


April Hardeman from the Rein In Your Herd Podcast

April Hardeman from the Rein In Your Herd Podcast April Hardeman is a horsewoman that has lived as a military wife in Germany for the last three years. Wanting a job in the horse industry, April she started Make It Rein, a consulting company helping equine businesses negotiate the quagmire of online technology. In today's' podcast, April offers advice to someone in or thinking about starting an equine business. She explains the different types of social media. What is an SEO media.? What...


Inspiration with John Toli

Inspiration with John Toli Something completely unexpected happened to John Toli. John is a regular listener of the podcast and his story involves respected horseman Buster McLaury. The whole story began with a vacation/horse clinic trip John took with his wife Lisa. John didn't want to tell the story because he met a horseman and wanted to brag about. He wants to tell his story to inspire others to say "yes" to opportunity. John took a chance and reached out to Buster to help him train his...


TJ Clibborn Horseman, Trainer

TJ Clibborn Horseman, All-Around Trainer, Mustang Makeover Competitor I received an email from listener Mercedes Tucker who told me how much TJ Clibborn helped her with her mustang Bud. She said he was a good guy, knew his stuff, and thought he would make a great guest. She was right. TJ Clibborn has been working with horses for 40 years. He lives in Wisconsin and operating his business called A True Partnership. In 2009, he teamed up with the Mustang Heritage Foundation and since then has...


Setting Goals for 2020

Setting Goals for 2020 Here it is 2020 and since it’s January, let’s talk about goals. As I look over the outline of what I want to talk about, it sounds like I’m complaining. That’s the thing with goals. There are stumbling blocks one has to get over completing them. I’m simply letting you know what mine were. Now I wasn’t going to even set horsemanship goals this year. had set no horsemanship goals until I got an email from a listener, “Hey John, what projects are you working on?” And it...


Equestrian Adventuresses with Krystal Kelly

Equestrian Adventuresses with Krystal Kelly Krystal Kelly knows how to live a global life with horses. She has been to many countries teaching horsemanship. She's been to rich countries and poor countries. She's traveled to places where horses are popular. She has traveled to places teaching first-time riders. But, her true passion is connecting women with horses and adventures. It's why she created Equestrian Adventuresses. Her mission is, "To empower women around the world to pursue their...