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Show Your Horse - Advice from Kim Kelly

Show Your Horse - Advice from Kim Kelly Whoa Podcast listeners are great! I asked you to share your experiences and you come through again and again. A few weeks back, I got an email from listener Kim Kelly. Kim had always wanted to enter a horse show, but fear and insecurity held her back. She kept chipping away at her goal, however, taking little steps and this year entered her first horse show. It was a challenge she overcame, and she has some tips for those with similar...


Let's Talk Horse Vaccinations

Let's Talk Horse Vaccinations What vaccinations do you give your horse? How often do you give them? What happens if your horse has a reaction to one of his vaccinations? These are questions I put to our listeners. As part of the dialogue we, got to hear from people in many parts of the United States. Some folks prefer giving their horses the 5 and 6-way combination shots. Some people spread the vaccinations over two weeks, lessening the chance or strain of a reaction. A Source of Good...


Leg Up Your Horse with Sam Finden

Leg Up Your Horse with Sam Finden Recently I asked listeners how they get their horse in condition, or legged up, after a winter's layoff. It's been a long, cold, and wet winter in much of the country. Here in California, we had snow in the nearby mountains and, as I write this, it's Memorial Day weekend. We have only used our horses a few times in the last several months. With peak riding time around the corner, it's time to get your horse "legged up". Sam Finden lives in Townsend,...


Kellie Auld, Her Mare Little Girl, and Lameness

Kellie Auld, Her Mare, Little Girl, and Lameness I've been asking you to share your stories about making medical decisions with your horses. Kellie Auld from California sent me this email of a story she wanted to share about her mare, Little Girl. Kellie bought Little Girl as a 2-year-old. Her registered name is Skip to My Leaguer. Together they went all over California competing in little shows and eventing. The Big Scare Kellie and Little Girl had a good relationship. When Little...


Coming Back To Horses

Coming Back To Horses Women are coming back to horses after raising a family. There is a lot of life left after your children leave the nest. Many people use these "Golden Years" to follow their dreams of once again owning a horse. Long-time listener Susan Hoskins raised eight children. As they gradually left home to lead their own lives, Susan saw the writing on the wall. She would need something to fill the void - both of time and passion - that her family left behind. Coming back to...


Colic Surgery Decision with Listener Alyssa Severeid

Decision to Have Colic Surgery Hearing the words colic, navicular, founder, or strangles strike fear into every horse owner. Colic happens when a horse's intestinal tract gets blocked. In most cases a vet can open/dissolve/remove the blockage with a variety of different techniques. When those fail however, one of the few remaining solutions is colic surgery. Alyssa Severeid had to make the tough decision about whether to have the vet perform colic surgery on her horse. The surgery is...


Lameness and My Mare Jessie

Lameness and My Mare Jessie The topic is: How do YOU decide medical issues involving your horse. How much weight do you place on quality of life issues? How much do you place on usability of your horse? And, finally, how much weight do you place on the cost of evaluation and treatment? I want you to tell me about your stories and situations, so here is my story. My Foundation Quarter Horse mare Jessie means everything. I got her in 2007, when I was 53. She was 7 years old, had 90 days of...


Whoa Podcast 2.0 - Let's Change It Up

Whoa Podcast 2.0 - Let's Change It Up Yes, I miss producing the podcast. Sure, I have other things to do to fill the time (like riding my horse). But, it simply got to difficult to schedule guests, record the interview, edit the interview, put together the open and close, publish it to the Stitcher, Spotify, iTunes, I Heart Radio, Google Play, and all the other places these go, then promote it on social media. So, let's change it up. I'm calling this new version Whoa Podcast 2.0....


The Mustang, The Movie

The Mustang, The Movie [caption id="attachment_2585" align="alignright" width="300"] Matthias Schoenaerts stars as Roman Coleman in Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre’s THE MUSTANG, a Focus Features release. Credit: Tara Violet Niami / Focus Features[/caption] We talk to French filmmaker and director of the just-released movie, The Mustang, Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre. If you’re a listener to this show, we know you love horses. However, many of you have had some tough horses to deal with. It...


Self-Defense For Trail Riders

Self-Defense For Trail Riders Sadly, the world we ride in is changing. We need to take precautions to be safe when we ride. It's called self-defense for a reason. It's up to us to take responsibility. Dogs, pedestrians, automobiles, or people with problems can be a menace on the trail. Do you know how to handle a troubling situation? Many years ago at an equine expo I saw a program by Scott Hanson about safety on the trail. A 90-minute session on what to do if someone tried to attack...


Australian Squatter Coffey

Squatter Coffey Life has been a bit hectic of late. Many months ago I received an email suggesting I have an Australian by the name of Squatter Coffey on the show. As I do with all your suggestions, I try to contact the person and see if they want to be on the show. Squatter did agree to come on the show, but we couldn't find a convenient time. You see, Squatter Coffey lives way out in a "rural" area of Australia. The time difference would have one of us up in the middle of the night. We...


Adriane DeWolfe Horsewoman EXCA Racer

Adriane DeWolfe Horsewoman Extreme Cowboy Racer We first met Adriane DeWolfe at a playday with fellow Downunder Horsemanship friends. it was great getting together with like-minded people to work on our collective horsemanship skills. Adriane was there with her horse Toaster, a mustang. Ranae had brought Dusty and I was working with Scratch. It was clear that Adriane was a serious horsewoman. She worked equally hard on both technique and philosophy. Toaster responded well. Later, we...


Talking about Large Animal Emergencies

Last year we had the privilege of attending the Best Horse Practices Summit in Durango, Colorado. While we couldn’t make it this year, we wanted to see what they had in store. Maddy Butcher joins to talk about who will be presenting this year and what they will be talking about. This is a very special event that focuses on scientific evidence designed to inspire you to reach for higher levels of your horsemanship. Find out more about the Best Horse Practices Summit 2018. Are You Ready...


Cowboy Dressage Clinic with Dave Ellis

Cowboy Dressage Clinic with Dave Ellis Cowboy Dressage, Western Dressage, and Working Equitation are all just a little bit different. Their goals are very similar: have your horse negotiate a course using basic horsemanship maneuvers. The scoring is based on your smoothness and accuracy in cueing your horse. We had an opportunity to experience an "Introductory Cowboy Dressage" Clinic at a local stable here in Bakersfield, Rancho Rio Equestrian Center. The instructor is a 6-Star...


Whoa Podcast Update 2018

Whoa Podcast Update 2018 Today I’ll be talking more about podcasting than horses, so if you tune out, I’ll understand. We wanted to get you a podcast update on what is happening at Whoa Podcast for 2018. It’s our 6th year and, what started out as a conversation between Ranae and me about Downunder Horsemanship kept growing and growing. I wanted it to be a place where regular folks could share their “equine experience” thus enhancing all of our knowledge. Not knowing anything about...


Clinton Anderson Rebroadcast

Clinton Anderson of Downunder Horsemanship Rebroadcast I began following Clinton Anderson and Downunder Horsemanship before he titled his program the Method. It was 2005, I was 51 and was helping my wife get through a tough time with her horse. I had never owned a horse of my own, but the techniques I learned through the DVD programs gave me the confidence to get my first horse. Truth be told, I owned a stick and string, halter, and Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground, before I even...


FJ Thomas Returns

FJ Thomas Returns Jewel Thomas releases her 2nd children's book, Pedro's Problemo. FJ "Jewel" Thomas is an avid horsewoman, an author of both novels and children's books, and a wonderful friend of the Whoa Podcast. We spoke with FJ after the release of her first novel, Lost Betrayal, nearly two years ago. Since then she has written two children's books, a couple of more novels, and is working on a screenplay. Her latest children's book, Pedro's Problemo, is illustrated by a ten-year-old....


Vicki Wilson New Zealand Horsewoman

Vicki Wilson New Zealand Horsewoman Vicki Wilson was invited to the all-woman 2017 Road to the Horse Championship. An establish show jumper and an accomplished horsewoman in her home country, Vicki Wilson always seems to be looking for a new challenge. The RTTH competition pits horsemen and women against unbroken colts and judges how much they can accomplish in three days. Traveling from New Zealand, Vicki was determined to showcase her horsemanship skills. The horse she chose,...


Magen Warlick Horsewoman EXCA Champion

Magen Warlick Horsewoman EXCA Champion I first learned of Magen Warlick when I was a member of Clinton Anderson's Downunder Horsemanship No Worries Club (NWC). Clinton has an Academy that trains horsemen and women in his Downunder Horsemanship Method. It's a tough deal and only a few make it to the end. Magen was one of those few. After nearly 10 years as an NWC member, I dropped out and lost track of many of the Downunder folks. Earlier this year, if you've been following along the...


Wreck at Trout Creek The Story of Skeeter and Bill

Wreck at Trout Creek The Story of Skeeter and Bill The Wreck at Trout Creek with Skeeter and Bill by Bill Mooney. Bill Mooney buckaroo'd on the Spanish Ranch for 4 years, I believe, in the 1970's. The Spanish Ranch, part of the Ellison, was a big outfit, running to a million and a half acres. Being a buckaroo can be tough work. You ride many different horses and there is a wide variety of work to do. Most days are spent horseback. As a matter of fact, Bill once wrote that he mounted a...