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Izzy's Back Itches

Looks like we're going to a twice-monthly format for a little bit while Mark figures out some work stuff. Enjoy this late episode and look forward to one more in February!


Aluminium Crist

What the heck, why are these episodes so fucking late?! Well kids, let me tell you a story about a broken man and an even more broken Toyota Corolla...5


PAX South 2018 Special

Mark went to PAX South 2018 and recorded some interviews with random people in San Antonio. Instead of a normal episode, you get this short little thing. Hopefully we'll have a proper episode next week!


2013 Archive: Longest New Year

Hey folks, we took a week off because Jacob was all kinds of sick and now Mark is heading to San Antonio for PAX South! We'll be back in action next week with tales of college classes and videogame conventions. Hope 2018 is treating you well so far! Enjoy this episode from January 2013.


Chiptunes Roundup 2017

Happy 2018 everybody! Here's (maybe) all the chiptune songs from the end of the 2017 episodes. I hope this new year is as fruitful for the Wilhelm Scream Productions empire as the last! See ya next week.


Screamin' Best of 2017

This is the first time we've tried to do a "best of" list for an entire year. I think we did as well as any disorganized group of three nutjobs could do, given the circumstances. Perhaps we'll have our act together better in 2018? Probably not.



A new Stah Wahs film has come and gone and opinions are mixed. Critics rave, fans rant. The future belongs to the youth; today's youth is tomorrow's salty old man. You can't learn from the past by constantly looking forward. Children are literal idiots and adolescence lasts until you're 25. No one suspects the Spasian Inquisition!


Juggalo in Japan

Without Izzy to keep Mark and Jacob in check, the boys manage to cook up a amazing (terrible) concept for a hit (flop) PG-13 movie. Who wouldn't want to watch a Japanese boy get revenge on his bullies with the help of a tiny obese American man in monochromatic face paint?


Thots and Prayers

Izzy's had some work done, so Mark and Jacob try to make the best of things. Turns out the best thing we can make is a podcast. Why didn't the Jurrasic World trailer drop before we started recording? Instead of talking about how cool dinosaurs are, we share some self-reflective moments. That's what December is all about, really.


Take a Walk

Thanksgiving is past and Christmas is coming. Get outside while the getting is good, see some stuff you haven't seen before, eat some good foods and listen to this not-vintage podcast. Influential kids all over the world will thank you, maybe?


Make a Mess, Not Meth

Happy Thanksgiving 'errybody! Except you un-Americans. Y'all ain't invited to our podcast hoedown 'schmodown. We're gunna talk 'bout dat new flick "Justacular League of Latter Day Villains" and then hem and haw about some rowdy paper cartoons. Have a blessed day and don't forget to take yer meds and put on that CPAP mask before the turkey kicks in! Black Friday is for suckers.


Collab, Kolob, Whatever

We're back! Mark is four teeth lighter. Izzy's the only one that's going to get to go to space on the LDS spaceship. Jacob reads an article. Mark tries to explain one of Destiny 2's alien races, the Vex. We make a phone call and brainstorm some new podcast/video ideas. Thank you for your patience, dear listener!



Here's our entirely unspookified Halloween episode! You may notice we snipped a bit off of the middle of this episode. Don't worry, we kept it in case you want to laugh at some really morbid stuff. Next week's episode will be from the archive because Mark will be having his wisdom teeth yanked out. Whoo!


For Your Leisure

The gang invents PB&D. Lizzy is curvy for your leisure. Spooky surfing Conan the Barbarian will guide you to a paradise of beach babes. Sorry for uploading this later than usual, I was working on JaxPodCo.com this week instead of editing. Check it out!


More Bees Will Fix This

Jacob and Mark watched Bladerunner 2049 and try to make sense of it while Izzy fills in an adult coloring book and talks about sexy stuff. Flowers, trees and bees; oh my! What is this movie trying to say? Does it live up to the original? What's the best finishing move?


The Dark Sauce Saga

We have to go back, Marty! The world has lost its mind! Everyone's crazy about some stupid sauce! Is this the calamity foretold in the seven black books, written in the blood of angels? If so, we must act quickly. The seven demons cannot be allowed to rise from their slumber and throw open the gates of hell! All will be lost if Nekron is reborn to reign again in the name of cosmic chaos!


Mongolian God Lizard

It's October, and you know what that means: spooky monster movies! First in our lineup is Hideaki Anno's Shin Godzilla, the most recent Godzilla movie. We've talked about this movie before in a podcast from last year, but only Mark had seen it back then. Now Izzy and Jacob get to experience the terrifying (and disgusting) Godzilla only Anno's mind could have cooked up. We can't say for sure this monster theme will hold true for all the podcasts this month, but we're gonna try!


Anniversary Episode: STD Roulette

Can you believe it's been a whole year since we started recording these dumb things again? We probably should have stopped before getting this much momentum, but there's no turning back now! The show must go on. This is a Wilhelm Scream Podcast anniversary episode!


Badass Manly Anime Host Club of Cagliostro III

Izzy and Mark watched Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro in theater (it was a Fathom Event). They then discuss various other anime, manga and Japanese videogames for over an hour. Mark almost coughs his lungs out. Only Jacob's untimely return stops Mark from dying. Please excuse our language!


2012 Archive: Dark Willie Rises

Hurricane Irma really fucked up Florida, so here's another archive episode from 2012! This episode seems to be the second one we ever recorded. Next week we'll be back to our normal schedule. Look forward to discussion of Paprika and Lupin: Castle of Cagliostro!