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In this podcast Greg chats with some of the interesting people that he meets along the way from many different walks of life, about their lives, what it means to achieve their goals and hopefully with a smile on their faces! #WinHappy

In this podcast Greg chats with some of the interesting people that he meets along the way from many different walks of life, about their lives, what it means to achieve their goals and hopefully with a smile on their faces! #WinHappy






In this podcast Greg chats with some of the interesting people that he meets along the way from many different walks of life, about their lives, what it means to achieve their goals and hopefully with a smile on their faces! #WinHappy






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The Leadership Mind with Director of The Keynes Centre, Connell Fanning

On today's podcast I chat with Professor Connell Fanning, Director of The Keynes Centre at UCC, about the new book that he has co-authored with colleague Dr.Assumpta O'Kane. He chats about his life and career, the work of The Keynes Centre and the huge topic of leadership, the subject of the new book "The Leadership Mind". When we use the word "leader" or the word "leadership", it's important that we actually know what the word means. Enjoy the show! This show has been brought to you by...


That incredible song on CNN, “A Better Tomorrow” with singer/songwriter Victoria Renee

On today's podcast I chat with the powerful singer/songwriter, Victoria Renee Hand from Indiana, now living in LA. Victoria, the singer and songwriter of that evocative song about the environment and our world, which you will definitely have heard on CNN, has a huge story. A traumatic incident when she was young left her unable to speak for years and eventually she found her voice through music. Victoria talks about her career, the story of her song on CNN "A Better Tomorrow" and her link...


The most beautiful city in Europe, Siena in Italy

On todays podcast I bring you my conversation with Giacomo Toscano, the co-owner of the most special hotel in Siena in Italy, where we were fortunate enough to stay recently while on holidays. Giacomo chats about the history of the Hotel Palazzo di Valli, built in the 1700's, the beautiful city of Siena in the heart of Tuscany and the magic of the Palio, community festival which we were lucky enough to experience again this year. He also talks about his love of tourism, where he has been...


Conor Cuneen, aka ‘An Irishman Speaks’, America based motivational speaker, talks culture at work and how you can change that one day at a time

On this episode I chat with Conor Cuneen, motivational speaker and work culture advisor. Corkman, Conor, otherwise known as 'An Irishman Speaks', has been living in Chicago since the late eighties. He speaks about his career in sales and marketing in Ireland, the UK and US with large FMCG companies, and his path towards motivational speaking. Humour goes a long way with Conor, and on the podcast he explains his 5 daily micro goals, CHAPS, that he says we should all practice to make our...


150 days of Putin’s brutal, pointless war, with Paul Niland from Kyiv

After 150 days of Putin's pointless, brutal war in Ukraine, Paul Niland, who has been living in Kyiv for nearly 20 years, gives us his perspectives of life in a war zone and his deep insights about what has happened and how it is likely to end. He met Taoiseach, Micheál Martin on his recent trip to Ukraine and explained how the Russian brutality witnessed in some towns is the norm and not the exception. He doesn't talk about fear. he talks about anger and resolve. He doesn't talk about...


Look for the strengths in children, not the weaknesses - Fiona Forman, author and former teacher

On today's podcast I chat with Fiona Forman, former teacher and now trainer and the author of books about well-being and positive psychology for children. After nearly 30 years of teaching young children and knowing that their anxiety levels are increasing each year (one third of students), Fiona discovered Positive Psychology, and went about applying this in her classroom and immediately saw the huge difference it made. She chats about her books, the importance of recognising the...


Philip McKinley on the changing role of the church and what he hopes to achieve

This is part two of a two part conversation with Philip McKinley, recently ordained Church of Ireland deacon. He chats about the changing role of the church in Irish society, the relationship between the Catholic and Protestant churches, and what he hopes to achieve in his new life as a priest. Listen to part one, episode 236 The song featured at the end of the podcast, 'Don't take my brother' was written by Philip and performed by the Discovery Gospel Choir. Enjoy the show!


Producer of Paul Flynn’s Food Truck Heroes show, Daniel Fleming of Aperture Media

On today's podcast I'm proud to have as my guest, Dan Fleming, the owner of Aperture Media and the producer of the new six part RTE show, Paul Flynn's Food Truck Favourites, that starts this month (6th July - 10th August). I love Dan's path to success that started in school with mini productions with friends, working as a freelance cameraman for years, and then starting his own company, which has now produced it's first show for RTE. He is a fantastic example of anyone with focus and a...


Philip McKinley on becoming a priest at 40 and racism in Ireland

On the 12th September 2021, a 40 year old, married father of four, Philip McKinley was ordained a deacon of the Church of Ireland. In part one of this two part podcast Philip talks about a life changing visit to Uganda at the age of 18, growing up the son of a priest and his work with immigrants including initiatives such as City of Sanctuary and the Discovery Gospel Choir. He also talks about racism in Ireland and what we can do to combat this serious problem. Enjoy the show! This show...


Male, Pale and not so Stale, with the co-hosts of The Other Hand podcast, Jim Power and Chris Johns

On today's podcast I have the two powerhouse economists, Jim Power and Chris Johns as my special guests. Jim and Chris are the co-hosts of The Other Hand podcast, a podcast about economics and life! We chat about many things including Tom Cruise, the importance of ESG, the economic outlook and a very real bias today towards the "Male, Pale and Stale" professionals in the workplace. Enjoy the show.. This show has been brought to you by Fuzion Communications, a Marketing, PR, Graphic...


Can you be a Democrat and a Christian?

On today's podcast I chat with a Pastor from Bayside Church in Sacramento, California, Kevin Thompson about the increasing role of politics from the pulpit in the United States. I asked Kevin about changing voices in the community and the politically motivated pressure that may have influenced him to make a move away from his beloved hometown church in Arkansas, where he had served for 19 years. He spoke about his work, a new life in California, the assault on truth since 2015 in the...


Double Life - Morgan Quaid, a Fantasy Writer or a Boring Banker?

On this episode I chat with Australian fantasy writer of novels, comics, scripts and music producer, Morgan Quaid. This conversation fascinate me because Morgan balances a double life. he is a 9 to 5 person holding down a mundane job (his words!) in a bank but he is then a very real and different creative force, who even goes by a different name! Can you Win Happy by not going all in on the thing that you love most? Let's hear what Morgan has to say.. Enjoy the show This show has been...


March 14th Lockdown - The day after we were all sent home: A conversation with Paul O’Mahony

Do you remember the shock and the confusion and trying to figure out how "the pandemic" would affect you? Just after we were all sent home at the very beginning of the very first lockdown over two years ago, I recorded a podcast with business storytelling consultant, podcaster, poet and good friend Paul O'Mahony. This "moment in time" conversation captures brilliantly the shock that we were all feeling and the utter confusion about what lay ahead, and how we were going to approach the...


Summer Holidays and the Great Self Reflection says Happiness Coach, Maggie O’Sullivan

In this episode Greg chats with Happiness Coach, Maggie O'Sullivan about the importance of finding happiness in your life. She talks about taking stock of where you are, making a plan for the future and building the right bridges to get you there. She also talks about the summer being a great opportunity for some self reflection when you get the chance to break away from your normal routines. You have the power to change.. Enjoy the show! This show has been brought to you by Fuzion...


“A White Guy Confronting Racism” - author Jared Karol

On today's podcast I chat with Jared Karol, Diversity and Inclusion expert and author of "A White Guy Confronting Racism". Jared, who is based in San Francisco has had an interesting upbringing, which led him on this path. At 14 years of age he discovered that his father was gay and over time, confusion, anger and then understanding brought him to a career that confronts difference and encourages inclusion. He chats about his upbringing, the death of his father from aids, his work...


From feeding the rich and famous to feeding 10,000 dogs with Niall Harbison

Today I chat with Niall Harbison who has already had a fantastic career and is now taking on the biggest challenge of all, looking after 10,000 street dogs in Thailand. Niall chats to me about his attention disorder, getting kicked out of many schools and falling in love with cheffing. Cheffing for the rich and famous on yachts means lots of free time on your hands and he put that to great use creating video content about cooking and sharing this on the new frontier of YouTube and social...


A War on Truth with Russian. Natasha Konstantinova

Today I chat with CEO of Reputation Science, Natasha Konstantinova, a very experienced international communications professional. Natasha is from Russia, she went to university in Kyiv in Ukraine and she now lives and works between Switzerland and the United States. We chat about the role of communications, the importance of truth and the huge difference between Breaking News and Breaking Stories. Through her own life experience and that of her family and friends who live in Russia, she...


Discovering Hidden Talent across the globe with James Galvin, CEO and Founder of Starcircle

In this episode I chat with CEO and Founder of Starcircle, James Galvin. James was born with tech in his blood and there was only ever going to be one path for him. At an early stage he saw the potential of technology to solve the huge talent challenges experienced by giants such as Google and Facebook. He developed sophisticated technology enabled solutions to discover the impossible to find talent to allow companies to grow quickly. He chats about his love of technology, the early role...


The magic of podcasting with Russell Goldsmith of Audere Communications in London

On this podcast I chat with Russell Goldsmith, CEO and founder of Audere Communications in London. After a career predominantly involved in content creation, Russell and his team produce a number of successful podcasts for clients. We talk about the special magic of podcasting, the very different opportunity to reach audiences in an intimate way and the early career lessons he learned working as an estate agent in London. Enjoy the show! This show has been brought to you by Fuzion...


Preserving you and your gold dust with Maria Walsh MEP and former Rose of Tralee

On today's podcast I had a really big conversation with my good friend, Maria Walsh, MEP and former Rose of Tralee. She is very special, one of a kind and someone who loves breaking new ground and loves making a difference even more. We had a huge chat about bias, carrying the "Rainbow" flag, Mayo football. the Defence Forces, World War III and what real leadership looks like. We also spoke about politics and your personal gold dust and how important it is to hold onto that for...