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Wombat Radio Podcast Australia! Rigorously, playfully, interrogating ideas with guest artists who work through dance, choreography, composition, performance, music and more! Est. 2013. Please hit the subscribe button below!

Wombat Radio Podcast Australia! Rigorously, playfully, interrogating ideas with guest artists who work through dance, choreography, composition, performance, music and more! Est. 2013. Please hit the subscribe button below!






Wombat Radio Podcast Australia! Rigorously, playfully, interrogating ideas with guest artists who work through dance, choreography, composition, performance, music and more! Est. 2013. Please hit the subscribe button below!






Emily Flannery

https://www.instagram.com/p/CBnE0VWAHWD/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link "I have a problem with ...we need everything so instantly, that we're willing to compromise things that are so sacred."Emily Flannery Emily Flannery is a proud Wiradjuri woman from Forbes in the Central West of NSW. As an emerging Indigenous dancer and choreographer Emily hopes to share her culture and her spirit through movement. We also cover; her upcoming Sydney Opera House show - Bulnuruwanha which explores the...


Elle Evangelista

https://www.instagram.com/p/CP7gR8kDAGz/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link "This is a massive interrogation of concept."Elle Evangelista Elle Evangelista loves dancing. She is Filipino & Burmese, was raised on Whadjuk/Perth and currently lives on Gadigal/Sydney. Elle has a Bachelor of Arts in English from UWA and a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from WAAPA. In response to the Black Lives Matter movement she enrolled in a post graduate Law course to obtain a Juris Doctor. Thirty30 -...


Feras Shaheen

https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ-TpTlsm_M/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link "I don't know if I want a 'main' focus."Feras Shaheen Feras Shaheen is a Sydney based dancer/performer and choreographer. we discuss; making a show with your mum - https://ferasshaheen.com.au/19772986Dabkestreet dancingworking freelancetransparency when it comes to institutional agenda Klapping - https://ferasshaheen.com.au/Klappinghumourinitiationchurchgetting into installationfoundationsPalestinian heritageNick Powerhow...


Alice Weber

https://www.instagram.com/p/CHWFmkkAVqF/ "to find a shared language that doesn't rest on a shared technique or visual reference but is produced together with someone, with people, with yourself, and your environment."Alice Weber Alice Weber is a dance artist working with choreography, performance and discursive outputs. Using and misusing her various training backgrounds across ballet, somatic practice and critical dance studies, Alice’s work considers contemporary embodiments and...


Reina Takeuchi

https://www.instagram.com/p/CEZP49eBEah/ "to reconcile the disjointedness we feel as people that are within asia but are not asian"Reina Takeuchi Reina Takeuchi is an Australian-Japanese artist-researcher interested in interdisciplinary collaboration and facilitating embodied experiences of contemporary art, we cover: legacyart in institutionsnot being a "curator" or "choreographer"embarking on a phDbeing in a triadpresenting at MCA - Holding Lightness - Music by:...


Trà Mi Dinh

https://www.instagram.com/tv/CHM8trvA7Jg/ "choosing what can help"Tra Mi Dinh Trà Mi is a Green Room Award nominated dance artist based between Melbourne and Sydney. In June 2019 Trà Mi began working on a solo project ‘Holding’, initially supported by Tasdance’s TRIP program, we cover: dancingimprovisationlegacy and cultural inheritancepointsbecoming 'a boss'incensebeing vietnameseconnection to cultureirish dancingupcoming development - Holdingthe aesthetics of overwhelmdecision making on...


Jess Goodfellow

https://www.instagram.com/p/CD-B2tDBj2i "it's hard to be a beginner when you already have skills in another dance style"Jess Goodfellow Jess Goodfellow started her training at Newtown High School of the Performing arts, she trained in RAD ballet and performed as a soloist in the 2014 NSW Schools Spectacular. In the same year she was awarded first in the state of NSW for HSC Dance. In 2015, Jess joined Sydney Dance Company’s Pre Professional year, in which she understudied for the company and...


Jess Ong

"to ask those big questions... And to be a little bit more empathetic, forgiving and curious!"Jess Ong Jess Ong is a story producer at SPUN Stories, a local storytelling night in Darwin, and the host of their podcast. She also works as a Communications Manager in the private sector and moonlights in the world of freelance. We speak about: Not being an "artist"Living in DarwinStories and peopleMaking work The importance of contextSpun - https://www.spunstories.net/Imposter syndrome mentioned:...


Katy Moir

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Katy Moir (@_katymoir_) on Jun 23, 2020 at 12:48am PDT "I keep suggesting that we should stop building things"Katy Moir Katy Moir is a Darwin based Artitect (architecture + art). We discuss her upcoming exhibition "A Hypothetical Darwin" amongst other things. We spoke at Untitled Gallery where the exhibition will take place. upcoming show - A Hypothetical Darwin https://www.darwinfestival.org.au/events/a-hypothetical-darwin/Problems and...


Charmene Yap and Cass Mortimer Eipper

Charmene Yap is a multi-award winning dancer, rehearsal director and choreographer. Cass Mortimer Eipper is an award winning director/choreographer/dancer. Together they are creating a work called "Grey Rhino". Grey Rhino is an obvious danger that are often ignored anyway. we also cover: process self funding seed developments instinct collaboration intuition and critique abstraction, metaphor, hyper-objects


Nithya Nagarajan

Nithya Nagarajan is an interdisciplinary performance maker, creative producer and cultural researcher. Having a background in Indian neo-classical dance and allied movement traditions, her live art works embody a decolonised feminism and are characterised by a strong physical vocabulary.


Nikki Heywood

"the physical, the somatic, the perceptual practise of moving switches something else on in the imagination."Nikki Heywood Nikki Heywood is a Sydney-based interdisciplinary artist working across dance, performance, writing and live art. Nikki’s practice includes devising, direction and choreography as a solo performer, in collective creation and collaboratively generated projects, running skills based workshops for students and emerging practitioners, assisting the creative process of others...


Mercedes Dassy

female body global mass culture sound drawing dancing working hope and more. Mercedes Dassy is a dancer and choreographer, active in the fields of dance, theater, performance and video.


Romain Hassinin

Romain Hassanin talks about his latest show Flea Brain, covering topics such as; clowning performing ones shadow self nihilism and the solace it offers being self obsessed decision making during improvisation training instinct and more.


Holly Durant

https://vimeo.com/373845963 "the amount of time it (the work) sits in activated states in front of other humans"Holly Durant Holly Durant is an artist who crafts sites for performance with choreography to evoke senses of pleasure and empowerment. Her works consistently gather communities and provide platforms for interrogating how bodies occupy and negotiate space. By exploring ideas of embodiment, co-presence and ‘worlding,’ her inhabited installations blur the boundaries between subject...


Natasha Sturgis

Natasha Sturgis creates feminist work that examines the ways in which patriarchal structures contribute to how girls and women define themselves. Themes explored in her work include taking up space, the researching terms feminine vs unfeminine as polar opposites and redefining strength in women and reclaiming our narrative. Natasha is interested in interdisciplinary work, collaborating with animation artists, sound artists and physical theatre makers to create her work. In this conversation...


Matt Prest

https://vimeo.com/61072731#t=133s "The performers are so occupied by their task that they're not worried about the audience. But they know the audience is watching and invested in what they're doing."Matt Prest Matthew Prest makes performance and installation that exists in the space between theatre and performance art. His practice includes some solo work, but mostly involves collaborations with other artists working across disciplines in devised processes to create original works in which...


Dean Cross 2019

"The boundaries and where they are, are just dependant on what point in history the history books were written." Dean Cross Dean Cross was born and raised on Ngunnawal/Ngambri Country and is of Worimi descent. He is a trans-disciplinary artist primarily working across installation, sculpture and photography. We cover. Indigenous heritage and familial background Disconnections with familial lineage Belonging to and feeling a disconnection to an environment Being returned to and welcomed by a...


Matt Cornell and Wendy Yu

"Look back and see the gallery that the body is"Wendy Yu Wendy Yu is a dance or movement artist based in Sydney. Her work has generally been centred around exploring dance outside of it’s theatrical context and placing it on a medium in which viewers may witness the intricacies of movement that bodies, in the space, may achieve. We cover. Matt's lineage and backgroundDesigning interactive Jitter matrix patchworksApathetic movement Binocular vision: sensing the phenomena and seeing the...


Candy Bowers

"A really hard (glass) ceiling gives you cuts and bruises" (breaking through it leaves scars)Candy Bowers Candy Bowers is an award-winning writer, actor, director, theatre maker, social-activist, comedian and producer. The artistic director of Black Honey Company, Candy has pioneered a fierce sub-genre of lyrical theatre that delves into the heart of radical feminist dreaming. We cover. Background: South African | AustralianMaking people feel tension in performance Explaining the Apartheid...