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Welcome to WONDERLAND: Trailer

WONDERLAND is a “master class” in culture change. Podcast hosts Bridgit Antoinette Evans and Tracy Van Slyke apply their experience and perspective from careers spent at the intersection of social justice and entertainment to uncover the truth about the stories we’re telling as a country, on TV, in movies and throughout pop culture mediums. Each episode of WONDERLAND brings together a nationally-recognized social change leader and an acclaimed pop culture innovator for a rare meeting of...


Episode 101 “How Culture Works”

In our inaugural episode WONDERLAND co-hosts, Bridgit Antoinette Evans and Tracy Van Slyke, introduce WONDERLAND and break down the role and meaning of culture change on our society. And in a foundational conversation with Washington Post culture critic Alyssa Rosenberg, they ​explore the historical and current connection between pop culture and storytelling on race and politics, and question if the entertainment industry is capable of making better choices and better stories. Guest:...


Episode 102 “The Humanity of Storytelling”

Get ready to call on your high school biology class! Because the genesis of any culture change starts with understanding more about the impact of the little known, but critical part of our brain, the limbic system. Cognitive scientist and artist Heidi Boisvert joins labor leader and storyteller Saket Soni for a deep dive into how stories affect the human body and brain. Together, they question if we empathy should be the goal of stories, and examine how the power and use of virtual and...


Episode 103 “The American Songbook”

“Should we keep telling stories?” asks Immigrant Rights Organizer and 2017 MacArthur Genius Cristina Jiménez. Together with narrative consultant ​Ryan Senser, we explore how important stories are in shaping American culture until they become as familiar as the lyrics of an old song. Together, they take us through the process of developing narrative strategies that impact the perceptions and beliefs of mass audiences. And as the immigrant rights movement now confronts xenophobic values...


Episode 105 “Artists Fuel Change”

Midway through our season, WONDERLAND co-host B​ridgit Antoinette Evans​ sits down with writer, showrunner, and producer, Mahyad Tousi, to discuss the conflicts and connection points between culture change strategy and the creative process. Evans and Tousi share their personal artistic journeys, explore the nature of matching culture change strategy to an artistic practice, and offer insights from their experiences of being values-based artists navigating the entertainment...


Episode 106 “Anatomy of a Story”

We begin the second half of the season exploring both the inner workings of the entertainment industry and the external forces needed to create long-term shifts through pop culture storytelling. In this episode, television writer and producer Diana Son joins anti-child trafficking advocate and bestselling author Rachel Lloyd to reveal the process of creating a social justice-infused pop story world. From sharing how pop culture has influenced each of their personal storytelling approaches,...


Episode 109 “From Cultural Presence to Cultural Power”

Racial justice leader Rashad Robinson wraps up the season with hosts Bridgit Antoinette Evans and Tracy Van Slyke, exploring the question first asked by Alyssa Rosenberg, can the entertainment industry change? Together, they unpack the power structures that shape entertainment, identify the industry rules we need to break, and connect the dots between the LGBT marriage equality culture change strategy of the last decade to the racial justice culture change movements of now and...


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