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Episode 46: Clitty Litter

More WI! Lance explains why investing in staff MIGHT be a bad idea.... Josh gives some words of advice to make him step away from the ledge. Question 1: How should a hygienist handle an old and out of touch DDS with beard dandruff? If beards have dandruff, where ELSE hairy can shed? Question 2: How important is your name? Should you change your first name to something easy to pronounce? Reddit! this week comes from a floss hater. Can't we use an ear wax cleaner on our gums?


Episode 45: Cuz Mickey Loves Ya!

WI return with MORE uncomfortable talk about genitalia.... Only two questions this week, but they are worth it. Ever torn a frenum? Not THAT one... #incomplete Reddit! asks about the safety of denture adhesive on VANEERS for a costume party...


Episode 44: Time Cop Dental Assistant

In an almost post-coital glow, the Working Interferences are back to revel in the glory that was Michael Apa. After a brief discussion of Dr. Apa’s work attire, Josh and Lance jump into advice starting with “Methed Out In Marshall.” They wanted to know about consent and when a certain shoot from the hip dentist should get it. Lance and Josh are on the same page…agreeing that maybe we should ask our patients if its okay to do stuff before we do it. Just a thought. Second question...


Episode 43: Michael Freakin Apa Is On the SHOW!!!!!!!

Are you freaking kidding me? We have like a real life FAMOUS dentist guest on the show today. Dr. Michael Apa joins us to regale us of tales of treating the rich and powerful. Advice starts this week about a patient complaining about veneers being too white. Should he do them over again for free? What do you think Apa says about that? Second, we get in to anesthesia for cosmetic cases. Who do you think might have a tip for that? Hmmm…maybe Apa? Reddit gets a little nuts this week...


Episode 42: Dick Tucker

Are you down to clown this Sucktember? Celebrate Lance’s greatest victory as the boys chat about the euphoria of ANOTHER Seattle Storm WNBA Championship! Advice starts this week with a question about career alternatives outside of dentistry. The boys try to come up with their choicest gigs and realize they’ve wasted their lives. Second question involves around gold foils and doing them for fun. Lance and Josh are true dental nerds and the thought of this is too nerdy for even...


Episode 41: Thongs as staff uniforms

More WI. Josh and Lance start Sucktember with a bang. After the concert weekend reviews, the questions begin. First up, are shorts ok in the dental office? Hot pants going too far? Next, best exercise for a dentist to avoid back pain? Pizza night with patients going too far? Finally, reddit! How long does it take to make a flipper? Same day? Two weeks? Is $300 crazy/outrageous?


Episode 40: Birthdays Mean Nothing

WI return! After both Josh and Lance have technical issues, this week SEEMS back to normal. No gerbils were harmed this week. Question 1 is about office attire. Do YOU wear a white coat? Tie? Tassels? #2 is about birthdays in the office. Is spanking legal THEN? Finally, reddit! What do you do if you find out your dentist was arrested for PRETENDING to be a dentist?


Episode 39: Two Chicks Going At It In A McDonalds…

Josh is back with Lance this week and the Interferences are whole again. The show starts with a taste test of the hot, new Dentsply Sirona potato chips. I hope you like listening to people eat, because you are about to get about 12 minutes of it. Advice starts with a conflict between families in Hawaii that could lead to an interesting cage match. A dentist asks if he should hook a patient up with Smile Direct Club. What do you think our thoughts on that are? Eat shit, SDC. Choke on...


Episode 38: Don't Invite Married Patients Over For Pizza

Is it a bonus episode if it is simply late? Josh skips this week, so Clint is back! Lance and Clint were going to a Wheeler Walker Jr concert and decided to "drop some wisdom". Question one is less of a question and more of a commentary about a recent dumpster fire on Facebook. I will never look at pizza the same way again..... Question 2 deals with attempted suicide. Does an attempt affect you as an employer and employment termination? And Reddit! Another BJ one. Does oral sex cause...


Episode 37: Swing Low, Sweet RPD

Tag team, back again….Josh and Lance return for more advice. Lance regales us with tale of Rivers Cuomo’s cut, stone hewn body and an amazing concert experience. The Subreddit of the Week this week is r/Barkour and it is AMAZING! Advice starts this week with a question from Andy about how to deal with awkward conversations with dental assistants asking for a raise. Farts are always a way out. Look!!!! Jimmy Buffet! Next, Zach tells us a story about a denture with a gold tooth that...


Episode 36: Schrodinger’s Christenson

Back to a two man show this week as Josh and Lance open up for some hot and sexy Centric Relation talk. You don’t even wanna know how much Lance romances the mandible. Our first advice question this week absolutely stumps the interferences as they are clueless about the Shiggy Challenge…or the Kiki Challenge…or the In My Feelings Challenge….or the In My Fillings Challenge. Listening to them trying to figure it out is like listening to two monkeys trying to mount a cast on an...


Episode 35: Shark Week with Rob Ritter

WI return. Rob Ritter joins us to discus shark week and regale us with many tales of his battles with sharks. Lance shares why he no longer dives, but Josh is just being a periodontist. This week is ALL reddit! First question is regarding the brown discoloration of a night guard, every morning upon waking. What are you EATING? Question two is about a patient that didn't trust their dentist and shopped around for two months for resolution. Have you ever had a patient demand you take...


Episode 34: "Doc, you KILLED me!" LIVE in Indianapolis

WI are LIVE! Josh and Lance travel to Indianapolis for the Principles of Practice Management Summit by Dental Economics. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? Chris Salierno returns! He shares wisdom (kinda) about the Principles of Practice Management summit. Missed this year? Dumbass. Make it a plan for next year. Chris helps answer the question about asshole dentist employers that change the production and totally screw your paycheck. THEY did the implant placement. YOU only did the final...


Episode 33: S#!t Flavored Night Guard

WI return! Josh starts with another edition of “Ads Suck!”. Is chichier a word? Lance can't even spell it... First question is about limits to owner generosity. Do bigger staff members get bigger benefits? Will skinny staff demand their fair share? Question 2 is about notes from dental school. Should dentists keep them for bragging rights? Is it "Legacy Box to the rescue"? Finally, reddit! This one is about bird shit on a night guard. Does the taste EVER go away? Buy Goby.


Episode 32: I bless the rains down in Africa

More WI time. Josh opens some old wounds Lance had repressed, still missing his Sonics. The NBA is dead to him, despite the big news about free agency... Our first question is from a dental student, trying to avoid treating periodontal disease. Aren't there better things to do? Second question comes from an anonymous listener that bought a practice and the seller won't leave. Is this when murder IS the answer? And our Reddit! question. Are periodontal probes ONLY used by dentists...


Episode 31: Fruit Roll up or edible underwear?

This week’s show is a real banger as Josh opens the show with a tale of losing his wallet in Europe…everyone’s greatest dream! Advice starts with a question about how to discipline an assistant with a recurrent neck hickey problem, something neither Josh or Lance have any experience with. Our second question is an evergreen. It boils down to how to get rid of a dick of a patient. Josh has a few ideas. Our Reddit question is about “raincoats” and a very special experience with a pediatric...


Episode 30: Big Honkin' Ghost Crank

Get ready for some real hard core advice as we reach the big 3-0! Today’s show opens with a listener email from Hank who regales us with a tale of a windy mentor who farted a patient into senility. Advice starts this week with a listener question from a dental school who boo-boo’ed his AEGD interview by dissing the San Antonio Spurs. Bad move, Zach. Gina writes in with a tale of stink to rival no other. The Hobo-Meter of smell measurement reached 11! Finally, our Reddit question is really...


Episode 29: John Hall's Famous Cumbucha

Wakanda Forever, my bellisimas! Josh and Lance kibbutz about Italy and Rome as Josh gets set to jet set across the pond. Advice starts this week with Alex, the girl kind, that wants to know how to establish dominance over her little sister who is about to start dental school. She doesn’t realize being the family dentist totally sucks and she should let her sister handle that while counting her money. Mark writes in asking about how to protect his MMA fighters anterior crown. Finally our...


Episode 28: IV Hangover Treatment

WI are back! Josh pesters Lance about massage therapists on payroll. Has your staff seen you naked? Question 1: Listener plans to party hard this summer. What IV cures are best for "the day after"? Question 2: Do YOU text your patients to get them in the schedule? How obvious is desperation in the age of social media? Question 3: Reddit! question, do YOU get sticky lips when you brush your teeth? Is spunk better than Crest? Is Billy Ocean a national treasure?


Episode 27: Office Games

WI return! Josh mocks Lance from getting sore from cleaning his garage and NOT from a Murph crossfit challenge. What a loser. Question 1 is about a mistake while finishing a veneer case. At what point do you simply remake the entire case? Question 2 is about games in the work place. When do games simply become harassment? The Reddit! question is about fellatio. Again. What healing properties are in spunk ANYWAY....? Spit or swallow has never been more relevant to your health....