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3 Floyd's Gumball Head & Pfriem vs. Surly - OMG!

A MASSIVE episode starring Three Floyd's Gumball Head and the second round of Research Protocol Alpha X with Pfriem's Cognac Barrel Aged Belgian Ale vs. Surly's Todd the Axe Man IPA. Also in this episode, Doug tells the story on how the guys became commissioners and won over the World Beer Federation Board. Finally, a huge shout out to Feavs who gave us a STAR REVIEW on iTunes. We are excited to thank him for the input and we encourage you to give us a review on iTunes.


s2e149 - Research Protocol Alpha X BEGINS

In this episode Bob & Doug take on @raisedgrain Black Walnut Stout AND we kickoff the intense Tasting Protocol "Alpha X." What the heck is that? It's the latest creation from Dr. Pilsnerstein for the guys to rank the World's Top 10 IN ORDER. Wut. The official draw and first matchup between @karben4 Silk Scorpion and @newbelgium Abbey Dubbel almost sends the guys over the edge. Cheers!


Aliens and a New Dictate from Home Office

The top 10 beers list is full and all is right with the world. Bob & Doug are back on the hunt for new magical beers. This week, they check in with Karben 4's "Simply, Dusty" and Odd13's "IPAlien." They also get a surprise new order from the team at the World Beer Federation. Crack a beer and enjoy!


ep147 - Final Countdown - We have a World's Top 10 Again!

Similar to Homer's Odyssey, but more epic, Bob & Doug have been searching to fill the World's Top 10 Beers list. In this episode, we finally add the final two beers to make the list of 10. If you've been drinking along with us since last fall to find out the list it's now complete. Grab a beer and enjoy the final Wild Card round. Sponsored by - use the promo code "Top10" at checkout and score $10 off your first shipment of BEER!


ep146 - Wildcard Round - Part ONE

This is what we've all been waiting for - the Wildcard Round where eight beers will fight to the death to make the World's Top 10. In this episode two of the beers will actually make it through and take their rightful place on the World's Top 10 list. Sponsored by Check them out and tell Philip the Beer Ninja we said hello.


ep 145- Bertrand Slooijer Scale in Action

Bob & Doug enjoy two awesome beers AND they explain the Bertrand Slooijer tasting scale for the first time. If you want to taste and evaluate beer just like the pros, take a listen and try the Bertrand Slooijer scale! The beer: Founders KBS - Holy Crap Fair State Cooperative - Mirror Universe Take a listen!


Critical Listen - Invention of the World Tasting Tree Process

Bob & Doug innovate the "World Tasting Tree Process" that has gone viral introducing a foolproof standard to taste and evaluate new beer. You HAVE to hear this. They also enjoy Pfriem's Cognac Barrel Aged Stout and Third Space's Unbridled Enthusiasm. Will the barrel aged stout or juicy IPA make the Wild Card Round? Hint: one of them DOES! Grab a beer and let's get after it.


Chocolatey and Educational Beer Show

Released on Easter Morning, this show digs into a chocolatey beer that teaches you something and an IPA that has some pine-game but balances it well. Join the International Beer Commissioners, Bob & Doug, as they do their "work" to try and find the last beer for their "Wild Card Round." Will one of these beers make the cut?


ep. 142 - 2 TB of Fans and 2 Beers

Bob & Doug dive into a "Naked Threesome" from Raised Grain Brewing. After that, they enjoy the "Kalamazoo Stout" from Bell's. Along the way, they name a few beers, talk about how frustrating "tasting" events are and they bitch about beer websites. We're all over the road while drinking a few beers. Perfect for a podcast - bad for actual driving. Download, crack a beer and let's have some fun!


ep133 - This Beer is Just Like a Naked Woman

Sponsored this week by No Bourbon Barrel Stouts this week - praise the lord! Tune in for Bob and Doug to take on two IPAs: 'Bout Damn Time from 4 Noses Brewery and Ninja vs. Unicorn from Pipeworks. The guys need to find two more beers to fill up the wild card round so they can finally fill up the World's Top 10 Beers - we're still stuck at 6! But, we'll ramble into Dr. Pilsnerstein's demanding beer specs, double spacing after periods when typing and how one of the beers is...


ep132 - Beer Czar of Belgium

After last week's tangle with the "Sloth" bourbon barrel aged Stout, Bob & Doug saddle up for another bottle of the big stuff. But, the bourbon barrel stuff is "Czar Brew" Imperial Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout from Sprecher Brewery. We also tasted beer shipped by our new bestie Edgar from Iron Mountain, MI - "Abbey" Belgian Style Dubbel from New Belgium. ONE of these beers made the Wild Card Round! Also in this episode, a jock check, our new International Beer Registry for prizes and Doug's...


ep131 - Dare Mighty Things - or Don't

Bob & Doug are desperately seeking beers for the Wild Card Round so they can once again have a full top 10 list. This week, shipped us "Sloth" Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout from Midnight Sun Brewing. We also sampled "Dare Mighty Things" IPA from The Brewing Projekt. One of the beers received this ringing endorsement from Doug: "It's a beer you can drink." Grab a cold one and let's have some fun! This week's episode is sponsored by - Get highly rated and hard to find...


ep130 - Sprecher, Cigar City and Tavour - Oh My!

Bob & Doug are back to judge the crap out of Sprecher's "Pipers Scotch Ale," Cigar City Brewing's "Jai Alai IPA" and we meet Philip the Beer Ninja from Hint #1 - The episode is more fun if you drink a beer with us. Hint #2 - One of the beers this week makes it through to the Wild Card Round! Hint #3 - check @sendusbeers on twitter for your chance to win swag from Sprecher Brewing. This week's episode is sponsored by Sprecher Brewing - They rule!


ep129 - New Beer Resolution

It's 2018 and Bob & Doug return with two breweries that have never been on the podcast: "Tank 7 Farm House Ale" from Boulevard Brewing and "Dubious Ruffian Stout" from Badger State Brewing. Both beers are complex and interesting - ONE of them makes the wild card playoff round. Also in this episode: The Ice Planet Hoth, Cider isn't beer and Bob's admission that he has never seen an episode of Seinfeld. Grab a Tank 7 and Dubious Ruffian and taste along with us as we drink our way to the...


ep 128 - Big Beer Holiday Special

Traveling to see Dad this holiday season and want to bring him something he would like? Odds are your Dad doesn't like that "craft beer crap." So, which one of the "big beers" sucks the least? In this episode: Bob, Doug and Doug's Dad do a blind taste test of Bud, Miller High Life, Coors, Schlitz, Leinie's and PBR to determine the least awful "Big Beer." Crack open a cold one and enjoy! Merry Christmas!


ep. 127- Surly Showdown!

Surly Brewing, the Almighty Beer Gods of the North, has given us two beers on the World's Top 10 - Furious and Abrasive. But, an observant listener pointed out that we needed to settle the score between those two and their killer IPA Todd the Axe Man. In this episode, we pit all three head to head to see which one stays on the World's Top 10. The other two are banished from the list. Of course, this week's episode is sponsored by Surly Brewing - check them out at


ep.126 - Taming the Dark Beer Beast Inside You

This week, Bob & Doug add a beer to the World's Top 10 wildcard round - that means one of these beers is REALLY good. Will it be Allagash Black from Allagash Brewing in Portland, ME or Night Call Porter from Karben 4 in Madison, WI? We also get an inspired episode suggestion from Mike in Eden Prairie, MN that blows our mind - we're mos def doing it. Crack open a cold one and enjoy! This week's episode is sponsored by Karben 4 Brewing in Madison, WI. Check out the makers of the World's...


ep. 125 - Officer Bob Grammar Police

3 spots remain in the World's Top 10 and this week, Bob and Doug enjoy two solid dark beers: Gandy Dancer - Potosi and Rover Truck - Toppling Goliath. Along the way, Bob whips out his dangling participle and they salute this week's sponsor KARBEN 4 Brewery. Hit our twitter account @sendusbeers and RT the pinned tweet for your chance to win a swag pack from K4. Thanks guys! Cheers!


ep. 124 - Wild Card Playoff Established

3 holes remain in the World's Top 10 and Bob & Doug keep on drinking looking for MAGIC. During this episode, they innovate a new way for beers to make the top 10 which results in drinking even MORE BEER! Appearing this week, two good beers: Double Daisy Cutter IPA from Half Acre Brewing and Banjo Cat from One Barrel Brewing. Crack a beer and let's get drinking!


ep123 - Bob & Doug Learn to Love Again

Following the carnage of the "ep122: IPA SHOWDOWN," Bob & Doug ponder life without three of their favorite beers in the top 10. They soldier on to find new, worthy beers by tasting Untitled Art's "Florida Weiss" and Sierra Nevada's "Narwhal." Also in this episode they debate if each style of beer is required to have it's own slot in the top 10. One of the beers was not that great "That beer is not a thing." Cheers!