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Brewery Review - Oskar Blues Brewery

The guys are on the search for brewing magic and this week they take on 3 beers from Oskar Blues Brewery based in Longmont, Colorado. Dale's Pale Ale Mama's Little Yella Pils Old Chub Scotch Ale One of the beers was waaaaay better than the others, but, was it magic? Grab a cold one and let's find out...


Re-Certified and Ready to Roll with Good City Brewing

There's now a #1 beer in the world. The guys have been re-certified by the World Beer Federation and Season Three is all about going deeper into individual breweries. Tonight, the guys enjoyed three beers from Good City Brewing based in Milwaukee. Is Good City, you know, Good? Whip out your Slooijer Scale and let's get drinking!


FINALE - The #1 Beer is the World is...

After a long journey, four beers remain in contention to be called the #1 Beer in the World. Tonight, the score is settled and Bob & Doug crown a World Champion. Will it be: The Brewing Projekt - "Dare Mighty Things" Central Waters - "Mudpuppy Porter" O'so - "Night Train" Boulevard - "Tank 7" It's all come down to this...crack open a beer and let's drink until we have a champion!


Tonight Might Be The Best Beer Night of Our Lives

We are almost done with the Research Protocol and we scored a "limit 2" beer for this episode. Founders "CBS" Barrel Aged Stout comes to the tasting table with a TON of buzz Also, the protocol continues with Brewing Projekt's "Dare Might Things" vs. Toppling Goliath's "Psuedo Sue." Let's get it on!


Election Day, Big Brother and Bob Doesn't Like Wings?

In this episode, Bob & Doug take a journey through beer on the weekend prior to Election Day 2018. Penrose Brewing offers "West Coast Jake" a West Coast IPA for the guys to try. Then, in the Research Protocol Alpha X it's Surly's "Todd the Axe Man" against Central Waters "Mudpuppy Porter." Along the way Bob tells his old-lady-at-the-polls story and we find out that Bob doesn't like wings. Freak! #craftbeer, #ipa, #podcast, #beer, #beergeek, #brewing


Punk Rock Beer plus DMT vs. Pfriem!

In this week's episode we enjoy a new beer from Solemn Oath Brewery, "Snaggle Tooth Bandana." Then, we have emergency personnel standing by as Bob & Doug need to taste test Pfriem's "Cognac Barrel Aged Belgian Style Dark Ale" vs. Brewing Projekt's "Dare Mighty Things." The loser is out of the consideration to be the World's #1 Beer. Who wins? Grab a beer and let's find out!


Headbanger's Ball - Great Beer and Metallica Tuning In

In this episode, Bob & Doug try a challenging beer from Insight Brewing called "Halls of Sunken City" and continue the Research Protocol Alpha X with a deathmatch between Karben 4's "Silk Scorpion" and Central Water's "Mudpuppy Porter." Plus, Bob & Doug tell their Metallica stories, remind Tavour they need a shipment and continue the campaign to get O'so to add the show to their label for Night Train. Grab a beer and tune in!


s2156 - Danktastic Episode with Hoptronix and DMT vs. Abbey Dubbel

In this episode, Bob & Doug enjoy New Holland's Hoptronix DIPA - is there magic in the bottle? Does it REALLY smell "Dank" as they describe? The Research Protocol Alpha X gets real as tonight the loser of this match-up is OUT of the running to be the #1 beer in the world. The Brewing Projekt's "Dare Mighty Things," takes on New Belguim's "Abbey Dubbel."


s2e155 - Pfriem, Psuedo Sue and Night Train Rolling...

In this episode - Our friends at Pfriem continue to show the beer universe how to engage with the podcast. They sent a box of a few of their beers for us to taste and evaluate on the show. Up first - Pfriem "Mexican Lager." A craft Mexican Lager? We'll have Ashley check the records, but, I'm not sure we've had one of those on the show. Also in this episode, Research Protocol Alpha X continues with Toppling Goliath's "Psuedo Sue" taking on the streaking "Night Train" from O'so Brewing. Can...


s2e154 - Porter ARMAGEDDON

In this episode, S*** gets real as the World's two best porters go head to head in Research Protocol Alpha X6 - O'so's "Night Rain" takes on Central Water's "Mudpuppy Porter." It's a matchup we've been waiting for - who will prevail? Also in this episode we check out the "pillowy mouth feel" of Collective Arts' "Life in the Clouds." Cheers!


s2e153 - Dare Mighty Things vs. Night Train & new beer!

In this episode, Bob & Doug enjoy Firestone Walker's "Parabola" thanks to our sponsor Where does it fall on the Slooijer Scale? Also, the Research Protocol Alpha X continues with a huuuuuuge showdown between monster beers: Brewing Projekt's "Dare Mighty Things" takes on O'so's "Night Rain." Crack a cold one and tune in. While you're at it - don't forget to use the promo code "Top 10" at check out at - Bob & Doug will buy $10 for beer for you on a $25 order. Cheers!


s1e152 - Taxman, Axeman and Tank 7 TO THE DEATH!

In this episode - Bob & Doug enjoy a new beer sent to us from our friends at Tavour - Taxman Brewing's - . Plus, In their quest to sort the World's Top 10 in order, the guys enact Dr. Pilsnerstein's Research Protocol Alpha X4 - Surly's Todd the Axe Man vs. Boulevard's Tank 7. Who will prevail? Remember to use the code "Top 10" at checkout at - Bob & Doug will buy your first $10 of beer on a $25 shipment. Get Philip The Beer Ninja working for you!


The Brewing Projekt plus Magic vs. Magic

In this episode, Bob & Doug are drinking the good stuff. Well, they didn't KNOW that The Brewing Projekt's "Hazy Pale Ale" was good, but, now they do. How high up the Slooijer scale did it go? Also, the Research Protocol Alpha X continues as Bob & Doug try to put the World's Top 10 in Order. This week it's Boulevard's "Tank 7" against New Belgium's "Abbey Dubbel." Whoa. Yikes. OK. Great Beer Alert. Cheers!


3 Floyd's Gumball Head & Pfriem vs. Surly - OMG!

A MASSIVE episode starring Three Floyd's Gumball Head and the second round of Research Protocol Alpha X with Pfriem's Cognac Barrel Aged Belgian Ale vs. Surly's Todd the Axe Man IPA. Also in this episode, Doug tells the story on how the guys became commissioners and won over the World Beer Federation Board. Finally, a huge shout out to Feavs who gave us a STAR REVIEW on iTunes. We are excited to thank him for the input and we encourage you to give us a review on iTunes.


s2e149 - Research Protocol Alpha X BEGINS

In this episode Bob & Doug take on @raisedgrain Black Walnut Stout AND we kickoff the intense Tasting Protocol "Alpha X." What the heck is that? It's the latest creation from Dr. Pilsnerstein for the guys to rank the World's Top 10 IN ORDER. Wut. The official draw and first matchup between @karben4 Silk Scorpion and @newbelgium Abbey Dubbel almost sends the guys over the edge. Cheers!


Aliens and a New Dictate from Home Office

The top 10 beers list is full and all is right with the world. Bob & Doug are back on the hunt for new magical beers. This week, they check in with Karben 4's "Simply, Dusty" and Odd13's "IPAlien." They also get a surprise new order from the team at the World Beer Federation. Crack a beer and enjoy!


ep147 - Final Countdown - We have a World's Top 10 Again!

Similar to Homer's Odyssey, but more epic, Bob & Doug have been searching to fill the World's Top 10 Beers list. In this episode, we finally add the final two beers to make the list of 10. If you've been drinking along with us since last fall to find out the list it's now complete. Grab a beer and enjoy the final Wild Card round. Sponsored by - use the promo code "Top10" at checkout and score $10 off your first shipment of BEER!


ep146 - Wildcard Round - Part ONE

This is what we've all been waiting for - the Wildcard Round where eight beers will fight to the death to make the World's Top 10. In this episode two of the beers will actually make it through and take their rightful place on the World's Top 10 list. Sponsored by Check them out and tell Philip the Beer Ninja we said hello.


ep 145- Bertrand Slooijer Scale in Action

Bob & Doug enjoy two awesome beers AND they explain the Bertrand Slooijer tasting scale for the first time. If you want to taste and evaluate beer just like the pros, take a listen and try the Bertrand Slooijer scale! The beer: Founders KBS - Holy Crap Fair State Cooperative - Mirror Universe Take a listen!


Critical Listen - Invention of the World Tasting Tree Process

Bob & Doug innovate the "World Tasting Tree Process" that has gone viral introducing a foolproof standard to taste and evaluate new beer. You HAVE to hear this. They also enjoy Pfriem's Cognac Barrel Aged Stout and Third Space's Unbridled Enthusiasm. Will the barrel aged stout or juicy IPA make the Wild Card Round? Hint: one of them DOES! Grab a beer and let's get after it.