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#161 The Soaring Growth of Electric Vehicles in China

A Multitude of Car Brands & Chinese Electric Vehicle Growth. As the behemoth of the automotive marketplace, China has an impressive amount of vehicles on the road, as well as vehicles sold on a yearly output basis. The population and middle class boom of recent years has set an unprecedented rate of growth and development of infrastructure to keep up with demand. The vehicle marketplace, specifically in the electric vehicle space, has exploded and China has taken the world stage with how it...


#160 The Spectacular Automotive Art of Princess Vidita Singh

From Sea to Global Shining Sea. A Worldwide Energy of Automotive Culture. Many feel that the center of the world for all things automotive and culture is right here in the good old United States. The abundance of automotive creativity and reinvention is never-ending and seems to continually progress from generation to generation, inspiring and invigorating all from coast to coast, and globally. A worldwide movement churning ideas and invention from creative builds and designs, to the color...


#159 Summer Road Trip Tips

The Timeless Family Classic, the Road Trip. We often think of road trips as a time to get away, visit relatives and friends and set off for the freedom of the road. Packing items that will keep the kiddos occupied and a few snacks while maybe having a mechanic glance at a few things like the basics of tires , oil level and condition, and a few safety items like brakes and all exterior lighting. But is this truly enough? […] The post #159 Summer Road Trip Tips appeared first on Wrench Nation.


#158 Nick Sutton The DeLorean Story

Ambition and Greed The fascinating, and at times, poorly understood life of one of the most scandalous stories in automobile manufacturing history has John DeLorean sitting perched high atop the list of tragic outcomes. The story of the General Motors rising executive who would ultimately go on to pursue his dream of creating a cutting edge car company, DMC (DeLorean Motor Company), is riddled with accounts of both ambition and greed. Who was the man behind what generations of car […] The...


#157 Fastest Female on 2-Wheels Attempts 4-Wheel World Land Speed Record

Fastest Woman on Two Wheels What drives an individual to chase incredible speeds to attain a world record or two…or eight?! The fastest woman on two wheels who has an unwavering passion for setting some serious land speed records, the talented Valerie Thompson http://bit.ly/ValerieThompsonRacing does and she will join us in studio this week. Valerie is the “World’s Fastest Female Motorcycle Racer” and an eight-time land speed record holder with membership in the Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of...


#156 Car Chix Grudge Match Racing

Sniveling Sore Loser. When some of us lose at competing head-to-head, we walk away and consider it a done deal. A few of us will down right argue up the fact that everything by way of that competition was not aligned in our favor for whatever reason(s). The heat of competitive passion ensues with a few choice words, emotions, and a serious intention to strike back for a redemption rematch. Welcome Grudge Racing. The art of winning a race competition […] The post #156 Car Chix Grudge Match...


#155 Noor Daoud: Drift Life - Breaking Global Barriers in Motorsports

Drift Racing Global Attraction. Drift racing originated in Japan in the mid ‘90’s and has taken a foothold across the globe, including the Middle East, as a popular sport competing for style, tire smoke, line and angle strategies, speed and showmanship. Think of traditional motorsports like NASCAR and NHRA similar to boxing, and drift racing very much like the transition to the more colorful UFC. Many can equip their favorite rear-wheel drive setup with an LS1 engine, grab a few […] The...


#154 Vehicle Cyber Security & Data Privacy

Safely Connect Me Please. As a society, we are truly connected to data and information. In some occasions, this connectivity can leave us open to the risk of a cybersecurity nightmare. Can our vehicles pose that very same security risk with advancements of automotive technology? We have all heard and seen the widely reported incident of a Jeep vehicle purposely hacked to prove the point of how vulnerable we can be behind the wheel. Was this a “one-off” situation to […] The post #154 Vehicle...


#153 Women in Automotive: Support For STEM Based Careers

With many younger woman struggling at times in what is a male dominated automotive industry, we team up with NASCAR driver Julia Landauer http://bit.ly/JulieLandauerNASCAR and Tina Smith, Director of National Partnerships for TechForce Foundation http://bit.ly/TechForceFdn.Together we will talk about the cutting-edge programs available by way of some pretty awesome and in-depth STEM programs, creating a movement of inspiration and change. The Sad Reality. We still live In a time where it is...


Facebook Live 5/7/2019: Cadillac Engine Completed

Cadillac engine completed ~ woohoo 🙌 ,how to avoid this belt disaster on BMW and the fix for a right front parking light coming on when stepping on the brake ~ this week’s http://www.wrenchnation.tv/car talk show topic & guest line up Julia Green Landauer & Tina Smithof TechForce Foundation ~ join us from Inside the Garage. The post Facebook Live 5/7/2019: Cadillac Engine Completed appeared first on Wrench Nation.


Facebook Live 4/29/19: Hesitation & Misfire

Hesitation & misfire 🤔~are you forgetting these vital components of ignition …and what we use for clouded headlight lens restoration with a good amount of success ~ also Car Talk show guest lineups for the Month of May ~ share with a friend and join us live Inside the Garage . The post Facebook Live 4/29/19: Hesitation & Misfire appeared first on Wrench Nation.


Facebook Live 4/22/19: On car brake lathe helps us out tremendously

On car brake lathe helps us out tremendously ~ and this week’s show topic & guest lineup ~ The post Facebook Live 4/22/19: On car brake lathe helps us out tremendously appeared first on Wrench Nation.


#152 How a Bad Attitude in the Service Bays Can Make Car Repair Go Horribly Bad

With over 1,000,000 automotive service bays in operation across the country and over 250 million vehicles that require service, the critical technical training and investment of specialized tooling and software are important factors to servicing the public’s motoring fleet efficiently. What about garage culture? In many independent or dealership garage environments, the positive culture and attitude of technicians can mean the difference between failing miserably with productivity and...


#151 50 Year Reunion Tony Dow Corvair

Reunions are for the most part full of great surprises, and in some occasions, perhaps, what we were not expecting at all. The excitement of reconnecting with an old vehicle that had all the charisma and charm from the early years of ownership, later to be nonchalantly sold off, can create an extraordinary amount of sentiment and is probably one of the sweetest things that can happen in life when it suddenly and magically reappears back in to our life’s […] The post #151 50 Year Reunion...


When a Ratcheting Wrench Saves the Day.

When a ratcheting wrench saves a day 🙏This week’s car talk special guest line up Tony Dow ( Wally Cleaver from the classic hit TV series ‘Leave it to Beaver’) along with show contributor Ken Vela of WIKD Kustoms AND this ’68 Lincoln just towed in 🤜🏼🔧🔧 join us LIVE from Inside the Garage The post When a Ratcheting Wrench Saves the Day. appeared first on Wrench Nation.


#150 Vehicle Donations Making a Difference

Owning a vehicle is a major economic advantage and without it, hardships can certainly ensue. Most of our public transportation is not as flexible and can turn an average 30-minute commute into two hours. Vehicle ownership for low income families costs them more. According to reports from the Federal Reserve, those individuals making $30,000 or less can pay up to 59% more in vehicle finance interest than those making $90,000 and above. With longer commutes and the inability to reach higher...


Facebook Live 4/8/2019: When an alignment CAN turn tragic

When an alignment CAN turn tragic. Why we pulled the plug on this vehicle to keep it safe~ this week’s Car Talk show topic http://www.wrenchnation.tv/ announcement & special guest Martin Schwartz ~ President of ~Vehicles for Change The post Facebook Live 4/8/2019: When an alignment CAN turn tragic appeared first on Wrench Nation.


Traveling in Los Angeles & this tire sidewall issue

Traveling in Los Angeles & this tire sidewall issue along with this week’s show topic & guests Jeff Buckley Greg Buckley Buckley’s Auto Care Scott Brown Diagnostic Network announcements ~ stop-by 🤜🏼🔧🔧 Ken Vela of WIKD Kustoms joins in the Tire goodness 🧐 The post Traveling in Los Angeles & this tire sidewall issue appeared first on Wrench Nation.


#148 Street Outlaws

With one of the longest runs on the Discovery Channel, Street Outlaws has built up a cult following bringing excitement with some old school style track & street drag racing, one-on-one, driver-to-driver. From big block monster breathing turbo chargers, to nitrous injected horsepower animals, Street Outlaws has the ultimate in competition that has everyone racing for that Top 10 list, working to be America’s fastest street ride. BoostedGT has been quietly working it up in the garage and is...


Facebook live 3/25/19: One or All Injectors & This Weeks guest BOOSTEDGT from Discovery’s Street OutLaws

One fuel injector faulty ~ do em all ? What say you ? Join us from Inside the Garage ~this week’s show topic announcement & special guest BoostedGT from Discovery Street Outlaws ! The post Facebook live 3/25/19: One or All Injectors & This Weeks guest BOOSTEDGT from Discovery’s Street OutLaws appeared first on Wrench Nation.